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    Garmin etrex 10

    Cheers! Chris and Wendy.
  2. goose157

    Garmin etrex 10

    Update.... just sent an email to garmin and thought i will give it anaother go - baring in mind it has 500 chache's on it now plus some tracks etc...(about 2.5 megs) and bugger me it updated without any problems!! weird.... oh well you just never can tell lol! Cheers, Chris.
  3. goose157

    Garmin etrex 10

    Cheers for the comments.... i will get in touch with the Garmin guys to see what they have to say about it. Thanks, Chris.
  4. goose157

    Garmin etrex 10

    Hi can anyone help. I own one or two gps devices but i am completely stuck with this problem!! I have recently perchased an etrex 10 for the wife (she is really pleased with it) but on plugging into basecamp i am informed it can be upraded to latest firmware 2.70 (yes i know 2.73 is out but anyway) on agreeing to upgrade i am then informed 'not enough memory please free up memory on your device' - this was straight out the box!! Am i doing somwthing wrong? I have though maybe you have to plug it into the pc and wipe all the garmin operating system files, but i really did not want to until i had been on the forum... Any help greatly appriciated. P.s to be honest the device works great but it is bugging me that it will not go from stock 2.50 to 2.70 .... Cheers, Chris.
  5. lol.... its weird really when you think about it...adults wandering around with expensive toys getting excited about finding a plastic box full of plastic toys.... lol... love it!! can't wait till tomorrow... me n' Mrs will get out hands on yet another expensive toy.... me thinks - is this a second childhood, or is it just an extension of the first? Anyway will get around eventually to posting some pics of the 20 and 10 (when i get it).... Cheers, Chris.
  6. Just ordered an etrex 10 for mrs - she loves the paperless aspect of the 20 but is not so bothered about colour screens/maps.. so saved a few quid. Halfords again £89.99... yes i know with the money i have spent on the 10 and the 20 i could have gone a bit up-market, we like the idea of our own devices as she is forever asking about 'how far?' and 'what was that clue again?' So as we liked the 20 so much it seemed like a good idea!! Chris
  7. Update after i got home from work today me and the wifey popped out for a quick cache!! 7.5 miles later, 6 finds and 3 hours of testing lol! in the feckin' rain! i can say its brilliant, love it, with the maps and the paperless functions it has added another dimension to the game...so much so the Mrs has said she wants another one for herself...(might get her a 10 to play with if she is a good girlie) he he. Seriously though well pleased - battery life is great and it seems a little bit more accurate than the fortrex 301...screen very readable and i am finding my way around the menu... Cheers, Chris.
  8. Got it!.... first inpressions.... errrmm well ok but not as good as hoped....menu is a bit fiddly - i will get used to it.Buttons very hard to press , perhaps they will loosen up? Screen good in bright light, but it reminds me of an old phone!. These things aside i think i will get to like it once out and about. I have downloaded talkytoaster GB maps and put on my micro sd card - great improvement on basic base maps. cannot comment on accuracy yet as not had chance to use in anger. One thing that look great is the geo info - hints/description/logs at yourfingertips... Will post further when i hve used for a while to get a better feel for this new gps. P.s also upgraded firmware from 2.5 to 2.73. Cheers, Chris.
  9. lol had me shaking in my boots........thought oh no been took up the garden path the swines! (only joking,joking,joking) he he..... Yep i will post as soon as i have a had a good play. My wife is off all week and i have booked friday off with a view for a bit of caching/hiking. So i intend to get to grips with it a may be post a few pics. i will be taking the trusty old fortrex 301 too!!...just in case i have bought a lemon. Cheers.
  10. oh well... i will give it a try....lol if it is pants its goes back....!!
  11. Like a kid in a sweet shop!! must be a mid life crisis....
  12. The deed is done ordered an etrex 20.... fingers crossed... should be here tomorrow....halfords £149 online order....whoopeee!! lol... i will post as soon as i can what i think of it... A big thanks to all for your insider knowledge... Cheers, Chris.
  13. Thanks for the info... on consideration i really am coming around to the etrex 20....it is nosing ahead of the pack in my price range... The idea of sunlight readable.. and maps in colour.... Me and the Mrs have been browsing and it is available from halfords (web order) for £149... i like he idea i can pick up from the shop...and if it goes wrong pop back with it, instead of the pain of returning to some non-de-script web site... yes definitely gone to top of the list (for now) I will be ordering before the end of the week (something)....me thinks... Cheers, Chris.
  14. Lol yeah! quack!.... omg! too much choice....i started out thinking i just want a basic paperless unit and now i want paperless big screen full maps non black and white accurate to with in a inch love machine....should have bought an etrex 10 and not come on here to see what i was missing... P.s thanks for the offer sussamb,(If you were closer you could come and try mine ... I'll be in Debyshire on 31 May though, as I start my Pennine Way walk on 1 June) but i have absolutely no doubt i will have decided by then he he!
  15. Lol yes thats just it i am bursting at the seams !! (one note i am tight as a ducks A***!) so when i buy something i have done as much digging as possible. I want to make sure it is going to do what i intend...and with help from 'real' user's i hope to get the best item i can. Wish i could go somewhere to have a play first really...i have seen a switched off etrex 10 (lol) and about 42 million youtube video's of everything else...!! Cheers, Chris.
  16. Lol back to where i started now.....dakota or etrex 10 and also the 20!! Does anyone have experiance of the etrex 10 grey screen....as not many comments.... i have seen the etrex 10 for £90 and the 20 for £149 at halfords. On the net i have seen the dakota 10 for £120. Therse are in my budget but after looking and reading i am going bonkers trying to decide... cheers. chris.
  17. Your tipping the balance toward '20' ... the one that i had discounted... oh bloody ell' decisions, decisions!.... i had sort of convinced myself i only wanted basic... but nice colour maps though not needed sound very tempting... Cheers. Chris.
  18. Thanks.... i did like the look of the '20'....and i have read it is sunlight readable? Not sure about the etrex 'joystick' but i have got used to the '301's buttons so i am sure i would get used to a '20'. Still i am tempted to got for the cheaper etrex 10 for one thing because i like a clear display - i dont like the colour tft wiggle to get the angle right for viewing. And for another thing i was in maplins this afternoon and saw an etrex 10 - i was tempted!! lol.... Thought they had a price of £109... i have seen it for £89 online. The problem is i only need a basic unit but i love gadgets.. Do you know apart from the screens is there any difference between the etrex 10 and 20 ? Also what is the difference between the Dakota 10 and eTrex 20 screens?? (apart from touch and non-touch) ?? Thanks for the help. Chris.
  19. Thanks for the quick reply... I did not include the '20' because i have been put off by the ongoing 'sticky' problem...?? As we all know scrabbling around in the bracken is not a speedy process lol! I would be not too happy if the gps froze on me.. Have you had any experience/knowledge of this problem?? Cheers. Chris.
  20. Hi all, At the moment i own a fortrex 301 (great little device)....used for mountain biking and some geocaching.... I love how the screen is easy to read in bright sun, but i want to be able to see the extra info - tips/hints etc.. you get with premium membership. I am interested in a basic etrex 10 or perhaps a dakota 10. I like the idea of a touch screen but i am not sure that the readability from posts i have read is up to much? I am really torn between good readability and getting a colour screen basic gps with geocaching. My priority is easy on the eye text info and obviously accurate positioning. What options have i got here in the uk?? My budget will stretch £200 uk pounds... Cheers. Chris Scott, Derbyshire, UK.
  21. Lol.... and thanks for the longer and funnier reply!!
  22. thanks for your short, to the point reply!
  23. Hi all, Quick question - if i plug my foretrex 301 into my laptop and have rechargeable batteries in the foretrex will it charge up via the usb cable?? Cheers Chris Scott, Derbyshire, UK.
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