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  1. OK! I have solved my problem...using IE I retain the convenience that I had when I was using Google. Thanks for all of your help. Cheers, Roy
  2. Hi! I've been using Google Chrome as my Browser. And, I've been using a compatible plug in communicator that allowed me to download geocaches. Now I get a message that says Google Chrome won't support the Garmin Communicator plug in any longer for security reasons. So, what do I do now so that I can continue to "hunt" for the geocaches that I want to search for? Do I get another communicator?...or do I have to change my default browser? My hand held GPS is a Garmin map 62s
  3. Hi! We are going on a vacation & thought that it would be nice to drop off some travel bugs along the way. Where can I buy same? We live in Aldergrove & would like to go to the nearest location for the purchase.
  4. Hi! Thanks for the suggestion. I've been planning on going to that event with my caching buddy, Fryertuck, of some 10 months ...but, unfortunately, he's suffered a stroke and is now in the Royal Columbian Hospital...he's been there for almost 4 weeks now. He's getting lots of care & attention but has some ways to go yet. I'm praying that he's going to pull through with a significant recovery eventually. Maybe i'll e-mail Grafinator to see if he has any ideas as to how to go about how I can, most effectively, search out a new buddy. I know that Tom, my mentor, who has Geocached for some 8 years, wants me to continue on with the sport. He knows how much I love it. Cheers, goldwing.88
  5. Hi! I live in Aldergrove, BC and Id like to meet someone that I can Geo Cache with on a regular one day a week basis. I've been Caching since May of last year. What's the best way to go about finding a partner?
  6. I've been geocaching for 7 months ...so far I've solved 7 puzzle caches...now I'm working on GC_____. I did the so called "credit check" but I must not have done it properly as "no light came on"! As for "It's all in the cards" hint I'm wondering if it's referring to playing cards as opposed to the credit cards...then there's the hint: "This should get the gears going...21" whatever that means & finally, there's the hint: "How about checking some thing else like 4253" which, evidently, is the defining clue to really solidify as to whether or not you're on the right track. Does this make any sense to any of you expert puzzle solvers? Can any of you help me? Obviously, there's some kind of abstract reasoning that I've never been exposed to before...so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Goldwing.88
  7. Is there any free map software for geocachers to download that covers the southern part of British Columbia thats reasonably up to date?
  8. I liked the way I was downloading GPX files onto my GPS...it was paperless, user friendly...click on "send to my GPS" then wait for "write" to switch to bold type & read the note of confirmation that the file had been transfered successfully giving me the Cache description, the Cache Hints & the last 10 Cache Logs...all available at the press of a button or 2 on my GPS. I'm looking for the solution that will return me to what I had. I'm not looking for a new method at this point in time. Perhaps later I can get into Pocket Queries.
  9. I have a Garmin GPSmap 62s unit that I was downloading Caches to from my computer which had Internet Explorer, Firefox & Opera loaded on it. Recently I uninstalled Internet Explorer & Firefox but have kept Opera/Google. Now, I can't download my selected Caches anymore! Then I noticed that Garmin dosen't support Opera or Google but does support Internet Explorer & Firefox. So, I loaded Internet Explorer again. Then I tried to download the selected Caches again but without success. What do I need to do in order to be able to successfully download the Caches that I've selected again?
  10. Thank you, I've been able to do that which you describe. However, I was hoping that I could transfer the Waypoint file so that it is becomes a Geocaching (GPX) file ...keeping all of my Geocahing files together on the same list. Cheers, Goldwing
  11. Can some GPS "wizard" please advise as to how I can enter GeoCache co-ord's into my GPS map 62s machine. I'm thinking that it's done through Waypoint manager...but I can't find where it tells the user how to in the manual. There are some times when it's handy to enter co-ord's when you're in the field...away from a computer. Thanks, it would be nice to have clear, concise easy to follow instructions. Goldwing
  12. Thanks for the response...TFTR!!!
  13. Phone a friend Thanks...I should have realized it was related to a million dollar question!!!
  14. Can someone tell me what paf stands for?
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