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  1. Our local reviewer posted a comment on this very topic in our local facebook group. He said, generally reviewing MIA caches is the last thing on his to do list and it will often take a few weeks and sometimes a little longer if he is away or he is inundated with caches to review or work is busy.......
  2. I think it would also depend on the difficulty attributed to the cache. When we have done EC's the CO's have been a happier to accept our attempts when it has been a D1 even if we have been a bit off the mark but expect much more detailed answers when the difficulty is D3.
  3. Your cache is rated as a difficulty 2 and therefore, as Keystone said, will not show up on the intro app. The difficulty needs to be 1 or 1.5 for it to show.
  4. On the main screen Go to Setup Go to Map Go to Data Fields Select 4 small fields COME OUT OF THE SET UP MENU Go to the main map page Hit the menu button Choose Change Data field You can then choose what you want. We have GPS ACCURACY, POINTER, DIST TO NEXT AND DESTINATION
  5. I am 99.9% certain that talky toaster maps are too big to go on to the Etrex 10. We had one for 3 months when we started caching, it was good as a first GPS but when we found ourselves 20m from the cache but on the other side of the river/railway track we soon upgraded. I agree with Bear and Ragged, use pocket queries to upload caches to the GPS, there are quite a few tutorials on how to do this gloating around.
  6. No way to find them on the map. Looking on the cache pages might give you an idea that a trackable might be in a cache but the only way to be 100% sure is to look in the cache itself!
  7. The OP paid £24 (that's about $36 to you US folk) so it wouldn't have been for the paid app as that is only £10. How many finds do you think you should have Twistedflax altogether? Surely if a second account had been created they would not have let you have Twistedflax as a user name as that would of already been taken.
  8. Well that is strange then (agree paid app on the phone is not needed. Can you check to see if the money has gone from your credit card/bank? If it has I would send an email via the geocaching home page.
  9. How much did you pay? Could it be that you have purchased the full geocaching app on the phone rather than Premium membership?
  10. Next time you visit their info page look for the "send friend request" On your quick links there is then an option called Your friends.
  11. Hi, the caches in question didn't show up because they have been archived (removed from play permanently) or temporarily disabled (will be back in play once they are fixed, repaired, replaced). If you look on the map on this site, they won't be there either. My understanding is that you require Premier Membership (not the same as the paid app) to see the full description, hint etc on the GPS but I may be wrong. The biggest advantage of a GPS is the long battery life and the fact that it doesn't break if dropped in a puddle!
  12. I believe that function is only available to Premium members.
  13. Everybody will have a different opinion and everybody will be right. Best thing to do is asked the trackable's owner what they would like (if they are still active) A cacher was coming to Europe but not for 2 months, they asked if it was OK to keep my daughter's TB till then, as its mission was to come back to the UK. It was fine - they then kept hold of it for 8 months and rather than drop it in Europe they took it back to the States - that was not fine! I think 2 weeks is the acceptable standard.
  14. Best thing to do would be to send a message/email to the TB owner and ask them what they would Ike you to do. Maybe they are happy for it to travel round the US for a while. I would never post a TB, even with the best of intentions, unless I had permission from the TB owner.
  15. I have a bookmark list with all my corrected puzzles on it. I then just run a PQ every week and transfer that to my GPS.
  16. We have a similar issue, after 9 months of "visits" we asked if they would mind dropping it in the next available cache they found. Reply was "well I haven't found anything suitable, going to NYC in October check back then" Our tb is only small and looking back at the caches they found recently it could have gone in to at least 3 or 4. I wish people would just be honest, if it is lost it is no big deal but at least if they took it our of their inventory we could release a proxy.
  17. Not quite sure why this is on the forum for reporting website bugs....... I have premier membership for 2 main reasons, 1. I imagine it costs to keep the website up and running. If nobody was prepared to put money into it how long would it last? 2. Pocket Queries, am I going on holiday for a week, if I use my phone I am likely to run up large data roaming charges, I can just run a PQ, put all my caches on to the GPS in one go and that is me sorted for the week.
  18. I have also had this issue in the last couple of days and thought it may be because I was on my tablet, obviously not. Logging in the UK in the last couple of evenings (so we were on the same day as the US) but when I checked it had logged as the day before. Strangely the NM I posted showed the correct day. So it is not just you and nothing to do with the time zone difference.
  19. We found 1800 caches before we decided to hide our own! We have no intentions of hiding any more unless we find the most amazing spot close to home which is just crying out for a cache.
  20. My advice would be, find a few more caches first before investing in a proper GPS. You really don't want to be spending £150 on something and then find that maybe geocaching isn't for you after all. There are lots of events taking place in August where you can meet other geocachers, we are a friendly bunch. Come along and see what is out there on the GPS front, then you can make an informed decision about what will be best for you.
  21. whh0

    GPS woes

    Just as you say "way out in the woods" Tree cover causes big headaches for GPS's, they hate it and often swing round and round in circles. As others have said, stop, wait for it to settle but if it doesn't you are probably in the general location of the cache and then is the time to put the GPS away and start looking. Round here if the GPS signal is poor then a good hint is generally given to help locate the cache.
  22. It took us over 3 months before we were happy with our etrex 20, it is a very steep learning curve and the best place to do that is in the field. We used our phones along with the GPS and spent ages playing with the GPS buttons until we understood what they did. If you want it to take you right to GZ spot on every time you will be disappointed. Keep going with it, it is worth it in the end. (Well we think so)
  23. http://shop.geocaching.com/default/trackable-items/travel-bugs/static-cling-travel-bug.html Or you buy a regular travel dog tags and do what you like with the code.
  24. whh0

    eTrex 10

    Yes, I use the talky toaster maps with my etrex20 and really like them. Lack of maps was the main reason we upgraded from a 10 to a 20. We too often found ourselves on the wrong side of the river, railway line etc.....
  25. If you put "stealth" into the search box above you will find lots of helpful answers like this one: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=327664&st=0&p=5458070&hl=stealth&fromsearch=1entry5458070 The bottom line is, stop thinking that what you are doing is wrong and you will stop looking suspicious. Often the more discreet you try to be the more you attract attention.
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