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  1. FIXED IT FOR YOU. NEEDED A COMMA PAul Ok, I'll bite.. You forgot your full stop, failed to start your second sentence properly and have a capital letter where it shouldn't be. If you're going to lecture someone on punctuation, do it properly.
  2. It's not being first. My motivation is the smiley, closely followed by reaching the next milestone for finds. If i was bored and had the urge, i would go for a FTF when my phone beeps, but most of the time i'm happy to just find it, irrespective of when.
  3. I dont particularly care to be honest. If the best option for them is to cheat the system and log a find without finding it, more for all them Chances are, being cheaters, they may also be those who dont replace caches properly and make them vulnerable to muggling so i'd rather them cheat and not touch the actual cache. Cheaters never prosper, unless you're a footballer but thats another issue! I returned three times to one cache and about 5 to another before finding it, it just adds to the joy of finding it when your finally do, cheating brakes the game.
  4. There is a cache near me that is dedicated to a former (late) pupil of a school, the cache is in his memory. The logs are normal found/dnf logs. Its a humbling experience to hunt and log a cache that is in memory of someones that has died. The use of a cache page as a condolence book i dont agree with, but a cache in memory of someone i quite like the idea of as long as the logs stay on topic.
  5. While i find the grey rather dull, I like the other icons, like the spanners and publish/archive icons However while i have no handicap it didnt occur to me that those with vision impairments would have problems. I'll +1 this for the sake of fellow cachers that struggle to distinguish between them.
  6. I'm a do a few caches now and then but not too many because i dont have the money to burn on petrol/gas. otherwise i'd be out most days totting my numbers up alot faster than of late I'm easy when it comes to the type of cache i look for, i'll give anything a go given the proper prep. More stars when i wanna challenge, less for a casual wonder round picking them up as i go!
  7. I use an app and a seperate torch. best of both
  8. I'm assuming you are asking for this as you approach a specific cache you have already set out for. If so, I'd like to suggest a real time proximity alert that alerts you at any given time that you are approaching a cache, even if you were not actually caching. This of course would be an option. If this is what you meant anyway, sounds good to me, if not, any thoughts?
  9. When I am alerted to a cache that needs some attention I post a note stating my intention to go to the cache, disable if needed and then go to inspect it. This is fine for preventing the search for a muggled/lost cache. When I replace/repair a cache I am unable to re-enable the cache from my mobile app and have to wait until I get home. My phone does not pick up the login box on the site as a text box and doesnt offer me the keyboard to log in. I'd like to be able to bring up my temp disabled caches so that I can re-enable them on the go. Perhaps a "My caches" option on the app home screen would be the way to go that shows enabled/disabled and unpublished caches in thier respective groups. Any thoughts? Dave
  10. There is a webcam cache near me, i quite liked doing that one. More of this type i would welcome happily
  11. As a cache owner i would say log your visit asap, whether it be find or a dnf. Two reasons for this, If you find it and post a log, i know its still there and in play for all to find (not to mention i quite enjoy reading the stories that go with some finds - "TFTC" tells me its there, but is a bit boring) Secondly, if you post a DNF, I am likely to see the post and keep an eye on it. I'll even check a cache after one DNF if i am in the area. Either way, its all good if you log your visit, from a maintenance point of view and a reading about the hunt involved in finding it
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