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  1. Guess I am not the only one that did not receive my coins. Hopefully they will show up some day. But as of right now it looks like I am out $55.05. Date Of Order: 5/27/2008 9:15:00 PM Dragonfly 2008 Five coin set including the LE (Qty: 1 x $49.75) Subtotal: $49.75 Tax: $0.00 S&H: $5.30 Final Total: $55.05
  2. After loosing a few coins I started to send out copies of the ones I lost. I do put the word COPY in the title of the coin when it is released though. That way if someone does not wants to discover a copy coin they have a choice. All of my copies are photocopied between 2 pieces of plexiglass that have been silconed together then cut out on a scroll saw. The funny thing about the copies is that I have had a few of them stolen. Guess I make good copies of my coins.
  3. This is the reason I started making copies of my coins and sending them out. After loosing a few to coin hoarders I quit sending them out. Now I only send out copies and I have had a few of them stolen, good copies I guess.
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