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  1. My first cache "breaks" that rule. GC10FKE But, really, it doesn't. It has a stone marker that has (had) the geocaching logo on it (until the kids knocked the gems cemented on off) and it isn't buried. But the cache is under it. Lift the stone and voila, cache. No digging for the finder. and hidden in plain sight. I was trying to make the stone the lid of the cache but just couldn't figure out how.

  2. Rugby is football without the padding. *laugh* Football is for sissies. The real men play Rugby.


    stupid game - that's what my 4 yo was sorta saying today. Until I found part 1 of the cache today. It was hilarious because I found where the cache was and went straight to it. Then, all of a sudden, with cache in hand, it was no longer a stupid game. I had 3 little vultures circling the cache like a dying animal.


    Wait.. that's not the right image I wanted to convey.


    Anyway, DS got his treasure, DD got hers and I convinced D2 that babies don't need treasure just yet.


    Stupid game? my a**.

  3. There is a park that I have been itching to put a cache in ever since they redesigned it and put in a labyrinth. But a premium member put a premium members only micro/nano cache a couple of blocks over.


    Would it be against the rules to put a cache of any size that is for all members, not just premium ones, that close to a premium members only cache?

  4. El Diablo: if you're into making walking sticks, I'd love one too. I'd be willing to trade one of my scarves and one of my window clings for it. Hand Made for Hand Made. And some Canadian stuff too (like stickers) if you want them. :ph34r:

  5. The three friends of mine who I brought out geocachine, one was not interested in playing beyond spending a bit of time with me and having some fun, another is waiting for her student loan to come in so she can get her own gps and the third is planning on staking out the most recently placed cache just to watch people find it. He too is waiting for the day he can buy his own gpsr.


    No one else has said "it would be fun to steal the cache." So, I guess I'm lucky. Even my neighbours are involved, with watching my cache and stuff...

  6. an urban cache about the size of a 1l peanut butter jar well cammo'ed in an urban park where moms with strollers can quickly dash off the path to grab the cache.


    prizes include toys for kids, stuffed animals, collectable coins, hand knit prizes, hand made stuff as well and tokens and for the ftf? a knitted shawl.

  7. ... you can't wait till your doc gives you the postpartum okay to do things again because you don't need no stinking backpack carrier, you have your sling for the babe! Hey, walking soothes a cranky baby.

    ... you shatter your toe and cuss out the doctor because he won't put you in a cast

    ... you ransack second hand stores and liquidation stores for unique cache treasures (ty beanies with tags still on? score!) and other swag

    ... you beg friends to come with you because although you can now walk without wincing, you can no longer go diving into bushes or scrambling up and down side hills just to get a cache

    ... you've infected said friends with the cache bug

    ... you have no less than 3 caches waiting to be placed - including their own webpages!

    ... both your spouse and roommate who are looking for a new place for the lot of you to move to decide that they want to jump for a specific place because of the location and that it would be a good place to place a cache ala Big Boy.

  8. But when it comes to a choice, I'd rather see micros and nanos (the micro micros) filtered out.

    So why don't you filter them out? It's VERY easy to solve your "problem".

    how? oh. wait. that's a premium member ability.


    sorry, don't have that membership level yet. I have more important things first. And besides, its been promised for my birthday which is still months away.

  9. I hate micros.


    no. wait.. I loathe them. Especially the ones smaller than my pinkie finger.


    Why do I hate them, you ask?


    Well, it isn't the location. I could care less about location.


    Its about the looks on my kids faces when we've been out looking for "treasure" and instead of a box big enough for them to do trades with, we find a micro and there is nothing in it other than a log.


    I, personally, don't care if its a nano or a large cache. I like the hunt and finding micros are even more fun because, unlike larger caches, they are harder to find.


    But when it comes to a choice, I'd rather see micros and nanos (the micro micros) filtered out.

  10. I have my husband who does all the skut work (keeps the kids from running off, carries the baby, stuff like that) and he finally got his own account yesterday.


    Then there's my gf who caches with us. We bring her and her son along and the three preschoolers have fun.


    And finally, there's our new roomie. He loves caching and because he's a young one compared to us, he is more than happy to go into the bushes after the stuff I don't dare go after cause of my (almost healed) broken toe.


    Most of the time, I scope out an area before we go there on google maps and then print out (no paperless here... my pda has ... well... died.) and we go for them.

  11. okay, Mctoys have their use. My kids (the preschooler and younger crowd) love Mctoys. Then again, I have to carry enough trade loot for 3 people - stuff from me, and stuff from each of them. if I don't, they get p'o'd cause they can't take "treasure" from the cache.


    So, Mctoys have a place - for kids that love toys and don't care if its a Mctoy or from that swanky toy shop in the corner.


    So has second hand stuff and stuff from dollar stores and liquidation stores. I found a ton of TY beanie babies in all of the above, so I grabbed them and saved them for caching. I just have to keep them away from my kids. I also make sure they have their tags. For the price of a Mctoy or two, I got 4 TY beanie babies with tags for trades. I put each one in their own individual ziploc bag just to keep them from my kid's toys.


    But for adults, I have other trade items. keychain fobs and more. I can easily stuff a large cache full of items if I wanted to, but if I wanted to do that, I'd have nothing for trades.


    I figure, if I can clean up a cache, I'll do it, but really, its the owner's responsibility to maintain the cache, but a cacher's responsibility to let the owner know it needs it.

  12. when I was 12, I had a paperroute for spending money. I used it to buy comics, clothes, and other things I needed.


    by 13, I was babysitting all the time.


    at 16, I got my first fast food restaurant job.


    so why not get a paperroute? You'd be able to afford a premimum membership after a month.


    (a friend has promised to buy one for me for my birthday, but that's besides the point... or not. add it to your wish list.)

  13. I found a dead frog body (just the head) with my newbie cacher. Actually, he's been doing most of the work for me because I broke my toe just under two months ago. Broke = shattered.


    We were looking for a traveling cache and found the micro near there instead. We wanted to grab it because its last known location was right by a dyke and this is "flood season" so I wanted it to make sure it didn't get sent out to sea.

  14. my cache that got muggled got moved to where the previous cache in the area had been hid. I had hidden mine in all the bushes, not on the sign. Lots of kids, so I know that one of them probably thought it was a lost ball or something.


    I have two new caches I plan on hiding. I have ideas, just not a place to put them.

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