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  1. I have 3 ftfs, only 1 outright. The other two were cofinds. One of them, the owner almost disabled the cache because it had frozen into the ground. Do I care? No. Did I enjoy getting the FTFs? Yup.
  2. Hunny, two gpsrs are better than one - you can double check ground zero and do finds faster that way!
  3. don't worry... I cache with kids too and blame them for my dnf. DS just about got hit today when he hopped out of the car to join my searcher (I was driver, had another to search for me). Thank god the road was a quiet road! That almost ended that search.
  4. Most of my DNFs are because the kids don't let me look enough to find stuff and not the cache owner's fault. DS is a blurr. DD is hot on his heels. And Baby is very demanding. When she gets like that, I couldn't find the broad side of a barn.
  5. I have to have swag with me. I cache with kids and if the cache we find is one that has trades, they must take something. I have no choice. The kids circle the cache like a pack of vultures over a carcass. They love hunting "treasure" and so I have to make sure I can trade with them. I'm thinking about putting out a "mctoys" cache. One where trades aren't needed. -.o
  6. I figure the reason why I can't find a cache is because my gruesome twosome keep me busy keeping track of them that I can't do an adequate search. With other people with me, I can do a better search. But even then, it might take 3, 4 or more visits. I'm currently working on a set of two caches that are a series of caches. All of them are magnetic tape and you have to find the next one to and the next etc in order to find the log. Found the first two of the first one so far and only the first of the other. I also carry some supplies to fix broken caches, but I don't always have them with me or the time to do it. As for my hides... I don't hit "available" or whatever until after I have placed the cache. I have "holding pages" for each of my caches ready to go so that once its placed, as soon as I can get onto a computer, I can activate them. It might take a few days, but eventually it does come up.
  7. Well, it wasn't a caching accident, per se... but since one of my caches is right outside my house... I have a hip that likes to "go out" or complain on long walks, especially on cache trips when the terrain isn't flat. I fell and broke my toe back in March and was ordered to NOT cache for 6 weeks by my husband. Yah. right. I started to cache again using my cane. I burned my breast three weeks ago and since I carry the baby in the sling during most caching trips, I end up in pain and bloody because the burn is right under where the rings sit. I was too pregnant to cache during the summer and the subsequent post partum recouperation, which included the broken toe, hasn't helped. My numbers are still low in amount found and even though I want to, I still can't do much more than the drive up and cache ones. That is the baby in question. I took a break from caching when I was 4 months pregnant with her and nearly fell from the vertigo I got from one cache search. She's now 8 months old. We were out caching yesterday and I was carrying her in her sling when I nearly took a header on one trail. I didn't really log it like that. I took teeny tiny steps down the trail when we were returning from it. DD and DS, however, both ended up injured on it. Nothing more than scrapes and dirt though, although a previous cache DS was wearing sandals and now his toe is weird. We're hoping it isn't infected. And to top it off, one of the other caches I did that same day nearly put me off of finding them period. An upwards climb the entire way and going back I was afraid I was going to end up sliding down on my posterior. Then there's the one that was a walk down and that one I just about took a header off the trail while retrieving the cache. The only thing that stopped me was my walking stick which I didn't have during the previous two I've listed. DS slipped and landed against me and I, the mother I am, saved his butt. My toe is swollen again because of that. Then there's the one where I slipped in doggy do and ended up with a DNF cause I hurt my hip. its gotten to the point where my hubby won't let me cache without an emergency whistle just in case I do fall even if I go with him and our buddies. Too many close calls. I've given blood sacrifices to rocks, brambles and whipping tree branches. I've had my eyes hit, and just recently strained my ankles trying to find a cache. Then there's the mosquito feast that I am. And to top if all off, I've found three wasps nests while caching - only one was dormant. Then there was the one where I had to ice my foot and ankle and wrist when I got home Yes, I know that there are no injuries that required medical attention other than my broken toe and it wasn't really done on a cache trip, but it did hamper my fun and it makes me the slowest one of our group. (edited to add one more incident with the full log)
  8. I want one of those coins! I fell and broke my toe a few months ago now and it just doesn't want to heal. Okay, I shattered it. That would be a coin I would buy just to keep!
  9. favorite stuff to hide: me: trinkets, cars for kids, bracelets and other stuff for girls, compasses, carbiners kids: hate hiding anything. favorite stuff to find: me: haven't found a thing yet that was something I really wanted to find. kids: balls. tons and tons of balls. marbles. I got given a bunch of necklaces at a garage sale - given because they were literally a steal. I kept a few, but the ones I didn't like I've added to my stash pile. I found some stuff in grab bags I don't want and added them to my stash. Then there's the stuff I buy outright, some from dollar stores. My one problem with my stash is that if its a toy that I'm stashing, the kids will and have stolen them. I plan on making an FTF prize a real diamond in a future cache. No, it will not be an easy find. I also give out hand made scarves or hand made geocaching.com logo window clings. Each one is unique and no two are the same. But both of those take time for me to make and, honestly, I don't really like giving the window clings out.
  10. I have a similar one: GC10FKE. My landlady was all for it and even had fun watching the first few come through. It too is a stepping stone covering the cache. The stupid is, the person who complained the most about it was the FTF and she didn't bother to complain until months later because of another cache my husband and I placed. I figure the guidelines need some bending. If you can put a cache up a tree so that you need someone agile to climb it to retrieve it, or in a remote control sub and sink it in a lake, or need a PADI ticket, or require the finder to use extra equipment like canoes or climbing gear, I figure something under a stone that is marked with something that shows it is a geocache should be just as legal. Not everyone has access or the ability to do every cache that is out there. What shouldn't be legal is if the finders have to use a shovel to find it, especially if its on land you rent or own outright. But to ban them outright, then you should ban all the others that aren't simply a "walk up to the cache and find it." My goal as a hider is to hide caches that are easy for children to find, no higher than two metres off the ground unless there is a way to retrieve it without climbing and nothing smaller than a key hider so that there will always be room to hide something in it other than the log.
  11. I also hate the "it looks like its something electrical" cache. One of mine is quite near an electrical panel that is under a tree, but it is not one of those and in fact it looks like a terrain feature. The electrical stuff just squicks me.
  12. there's been one that I logged as a find when I wasn't able to log it in the log book. The cleverly concealed camoflaged micro had a log book jammed in there that I was unable to retrieve. I figure that since I touched it, I could log it.
  13. I'm the geochick. He wasn't that interested until he discovered that he (we) could hide caches. Now he's planning several puzzle caches. we're just not sure who will own them.
  14. Does anyone know which ones take paypal? The guys are slobbering over some of the supplies and although there is always fleabay, I'd rather stick with the real deal.
  15. I nearly had to do an emergency scat drop yesterday. We were in the woods and just far enough away from civilization that I knew that if I really had to, I would have to. Doesn't help that I have IBS and when I gotta go, I gotta go. I'm not adverse to using the woods either. I am adverse to being stung by flora or fauna while doing so. I need to add wet naps to my kids just to help out for next trip. At least that time we were 20 minutes by foot from the nearest bathroom, but we might not always be. And when that happens, not good for me. One of the other times I was stuck in an urban setting and the bathrooms were locked (!) in a public park and my gf was laughing at me because not only did I have to go, I was pregnant and HAD to go. It was still another hour before we got to a public washroom after I had found a nice depression in between two trees to water the ground.
  16. The only nastyness I got was commenting about how someone confused X for Y. Ah well.
  17. let's see... we're not competing against each other, only ourselves. FTFs are more luck than skill. even the most experienced player can have a dnf that a newbie finds five minutes later. and besides, who doesn't like the outdoors?
  18. I cache with up to 4 kids and two other adults. 3 kids are my own. So any finds are a good day. FTFs are even better.
  19. "No, no, son... behind the tree..." I have a 4yo who ... is learning about how to ... water plants.
  20. Again, I would love to hide one of those pods or seeds here in BC. The next nearest one in Canada is only a micro. I'm more than happy to wait for the next blitz to be sent one. I'm just impressed with the variety and creativity of cachers in the area and world wide. Some of the caches I've seen both on this sight and in the wild have been incredible. That ammo can on the previous page was great too. I'd like to learn how to make ones like that and others just to drive other cachers nuts. Keep it up!
  21. To participate in the first phase, just find an ODS seed pod and take a seed to hide yourself. To participate in the second phase, just send ODS: PRIME! a friend request. When phase two is in pre-launch, you and all the others on ODS: PRIME!'s friends list will be notified of how to begin getting your cache together (if you wish to participate), suggested page set-up, where to download the official log forms, and of the exact launch date. It will be at least a few months before the launch is announced. The nearest pod to me that doesn't require crossing an international border requires a two hour ferry trip after an hour in the car. I looked.
  22. I'd love to place one of those caches. just tell me what I need to do. ^.^
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