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  1. Geojihad threatened me in one of his emails he sent. He also mutilated my picture and the picture of a cacher friend of mine - two seperate ones. I'm waiting for him to threaten again, but the accounts he sends stuff to don't keep headers from emails so I can't track him down. If they did, I would have had the police at his door the first time he tried.
  2. I saw "White Dragon" and I thought "Dragonriders of Pern" fan. We named our son after "The Master Harper of Pern." Beautiful coin though.
  3. you forget the code, padawan. Tell not how you do it.
  4. I just want to know where you got the shirt! You'd have to ask Agassiz Angel about that. She was running a meet and it was one of the prizes.
  5. i used to be a magician's girlfriend and learned a few tricks of the trade. Like how to fan cards and how to stuff myself in a 30cmX30cmX30Cm box and how to get out of a few things. Does that count?
  6. I need maintenance again. You should see the nasty bruise I got when trying to get out of a cache location and trying to avoid landing on my kids. Its all purple and slashy.
  7. Daughter went through surgery perfectly. She's now out cold in my bed sleeping off the anesthetic and the lack of sleep from last night. The funniest part was that someone was reading the shirt I stole from hubby. "Give Blood! Go Geocaching!" He asked "what's geocaching?" and I tried to explain it but just so flustered cause no one has ever asked me before. Its usually more me explaining why I'm walking around looking like I'm lost. And yes, I found the one cache I picked out. It was a micro.
  8. It doesn't sound at all like you're a bad mommy to me. It sounds like you've found a good way to keep your mind off of what is happening. She's going to be just fine I'm sure, but if you're likely to sit in the waiting room and worry yourself sick about worst case, then you're definitely doing the right thing. Stay happy, keep your mind clear, and be back in time to meet her in recovery with a smile on your face. I do knit and I have my project I am currently working on with me. and I'll have the baby too. she's too young not to come with us. The preschooler, soon to be kindergartener, is staying at home with a sitter. Speaking of which, need to wake the two of them up.
  9. she won't be having her surgery till after 10 am pst. If I thought I was bad, hubby is worse. He wants to plant the nano I got yesterday as part of a package from ebay. LOL
  10. My toddler, almost preschooler, has some problems with her teeth - genetic, I swear because I had similar problems at her age. Anyway, she's going into surgery today to fix them. So what am I doing? I'm looking up potential caches to go for while she's in surgery. bad mommy. step away from the gps and no one gets hurt. the worst part about it is that the ones where she's having her surgery are either all micros or a multi. The one that is at least a "small" is just out of my justification range.
  11. Is it bad when your non-geocaching spouse who is happy to go with you and the kids on your hunts spies your newly acquired decon containter from ebay and steals it giggling about wanting to hide it himself? Or that the nano that came with it is his newest most prized possession? I fear for the cachers in my area. My husband's gotten the hiding bug.
  12. One of the locals that goes after caches around here does beautiful portraits. One of my caches he took photos of the hiding place, but from about 20-30 feet away. You can see the location, but not the hide. I didn't delete it. I thought it was very artistic and his presentation was beautiful. I would love to learn photography from him.
  13. I don't have any pictures, but going nightcaching last night scared the bejesus out of us. We live in a cougar and bear area. The frogs and toads were singing last night. It was when they stopped suddenly that we got freaked out. So long as the frogs and toads were singing we were safe. My caching partner pulled out his knife and got into defensive mode. I signed the log for the two of us, and then we high tailed it out of there. We don't think they were at all freaked about us, but the sudden quiet gave us a new name for fear.
  14. unfortunately, I can't order my coin till Friday. B-day present for me!
  15. So Mamid, do you actually enjoying caching, or are you a masochist? Do I have to answer that? Actually, I do enjoy most trips, even with the bumps and bruises. I figure if an ambulance hasn't been called, we're doing good. I'm the one who finds more caches that the guys or just points them out for them to grab - the "its behind that tree" type of find. I love having a caching buddy in his 20's. He's more than happy to now go after the stuff I can't. We keep the kids in between us and they love running. But what they really love is finding "treasure." The look on their little faces makes everything worthwhile.
  16. gc.com. I still have a copy of the abusive post that I deleted from the cache page in my email. The other cache was fine. I pulled it cause I didn't like how close the river was to it. When the flood watch ends, I'll put it back out.
  17. Well... of my two caches that were "within" concern, one got archived and when I went to pull it - it was gone. Stolen. Whatever. Considering the last log that I deleted that was a find the finder said some nasty things about how it was hid and that I shouldn't be caching. But stealing a cache? That's poor sportsmanship at best. I now have to check my other cache just in case it wasn't up to their standards of what a cache should be. If it too is gone, I will be notifying the authorities.
  18. I too am the wife and am lucky. I don't even have HAG. He loves that I go out on cache hunts because its helped me loose about a stone so far. Its exercise I can do at my own pace at my own time and something I enjoy. The kids love it because they get to get dirty and see the wilds. He likes it as well because I can get the kids out of his hair for a few hours or he can come with me and make it a family thing. Then there's our roomie type person. He goes after the caches I am physically unable to get because my stupid broken toe doesn't want to heal.
  19. Yup. Being a single mom has kept my numbers pretty low, but I still have some. Single moms? why not just a moms who cache group. I do it with 3 little ones too.
  20. We're in a flood plain protected by dikes. There is currently 3 caches of mine that could be at risk if a dike blows, two are near dikes and the third is a few blocks away. Now, should i retrieve them now just in case the water blows the dikes or should I just hope for the best?
  21. Have you found Jesus? Cause I hear he's lost and I've been looking for him. Here Jesus Jesus. We're looking for you...
  22. I'm dealing with two numbers "geniuses" who think the cache we (my hubby, our roomie and I) put together sucks. The guys originally placed it after hubby did a lot of ground work and coded the puzzle. I found a mistake in the puzzle, got the coordinates in the first place, and then moved the cache to a different hide within the 20' maximum mistake variant (more like picked it up, turned 180 and put it back down). So, in a sense, both me and the hubby placed the cache. We chose the location because it was a: close to his work, b: far enough from a fire hydrant as to not be infringing on access, c: not in brambles, and d: yet easy enough for anyone to walk up to it once they decrypted it. 5 Minutes of searching would find it. Person no 1 flames me for making such a poor cache and not "following the rules as laid out" both for that cache and another of my caches. their log was inflamatory at best. So I deleted it and then had to justify to them why I deleted it! Person no 2 took offence at the fact that I encrypted the log entry of his in the same cache, then did the passive-aggressive routine in emails to the point where he accused me of having something against him, especially since I dnf'ed one of his caches. What I really adore about the above two is that one of them at least is retired and both have been caching since the last week of December 2006 at least according to their info. I've been caching for over a year, but had to take a break cause of medical reasons (having a baby does that to a woman). Because they both have several hundred cache finds vs my feeble 70 or so, they believe they know the sport better than I. I believe the sport is forever changing with all the myriad variants. One of the versions we've heard about I'm thinking about playing along with intrigues me. So do others. Anyway, I've tried to be civil to these two, but I can't anymore. The guys aren't impressed either. And I want to know what to do about them because they are annoying me.
  23. The truck driver probably belongs to Highway Watch. They get training in suspiciouse behavor. Geocachers fit the profile in much of this training. What we do is harmless. It happens to resemble in some ways things that aren't. Which is exactly why whenever anyone asks I tell them that I am geocaching and even have the panflet laminated and in my cache bag at all times. Works a lot better than trying to spend 20 minutes explaining why a woman with 3 kids is in the middle of a forest bushwacking.
  24. imo, go ahead and log it as find - if you go out and actually find it. See, it might need maintenance or it might have been moved or more. So if you were there when it was hid, you can still find it afterwards.
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