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  1. Gnome Gnome on the Range (but you have to sing it and not say it!)

    I was planning on sending a "travelling cache" gnome out into the wild with that title. I even started a blog about it, but I haven't bought the gnome yet...

  2. Anyways, wanna see aliens ? Watch the movie "Signs", then do a rural cache at night near a cornfield here in PA. Amazing what your mind can contrive.


    Saw that movie.


    Moved 3 mo later to within a mile of a corn field.


    Decided to take my then 15 mo son to the corn maze. I have never EVER done a maze that fast before in my life. :angry:

  3. I have an idea for an icon. Give me a day to put it together. :angry:



    okay... how's this?



    I happen to like the look of the baby birds on the coin. B)

  4. Knitting and crochetting

    yarn from free to hundreds of dollars a skein

    tools - again, from free to hundreds of dollars for a hand crafted beauty

    magazines, pattern books, patterns - all from free to several hundreds of dollars a publication.


    Society for Creative Anachronism (not anarchism, Anachronism as in out of time)

    Basic membership (US) 30$USD/year

    International membership 35$USD/year

    Associate membership 20$USD/year

    Additional family members 10$USD/member/year 60$max

    Kingdom newsletters - 25$/year pick either a kingdom or a quarterly newsletter as part of your membership.

    Quarterly newsletters - 15$/year

    Event fees - from free to 150$ or more for the event.

    Non member surcharge - 3$ for US events 4$ for Canadian ones.

    Costuming - from free (gifts) to several hundred or even thousands of dollars

    Food for 6 for a weekend event - minimum 100$

    Rapier equipment - sword 200$, helm, 150$, armour starts at 100$

    Archers - starting from 50$ for a bow and a few practice arrows

    "Non combat" fighters - starting at 100$ for basic armour and weapons

    Heavy "combat" fighters - starting at 300$ for basic armour and weapons.

    Bribes to seamstress who makes your armour - start with begging and work up from there.

    Suit of Armour - 1000$ and up.

    Chainmail shirt - 200$ and up

    "Bodice Dress" - 80$ (does not include chemise)

    Tent basic - 100$.

    Tent for 6 - 300$.

    A frame tent of period design, Starting at 500$

    Yurt - Starts at 1000$.

    Marquee - 1800$

    Dew Drop Inn - 15000$ and a whole lot of trading and barganning to get to that price.

    Being told by the guy who owns the Dew Drop Inn that you can work with him anytime...




  5. hi this is daniel meek and want to say for your son . i been bron deaf and grew and i been wear hear aid all my life now about cochlear implant i refues becaue two reson one i might not like it and have to accpet it and two you might get headache because of the inficuos(spelling error) so please ask him when age and time is right like my father ask him and make you you buy move caaled (deaf thourgh eye) it cost 19.95 it new movie so please watch it and it will help you understand more about hour culture ! this message for mamid so mamid please read and snile because you will see how much better if he go deaf school trust me he will get lost and shy after few year his lauguges and his life will belong to deaf world and if you want to know more please email me i will explain to you more :smile:

    My son does not have a cochlear implant. He had wax plugs from an infection in his ear that blocked his hearing for over 3 years. His surgery was 3 months ago. He's almost 5 now and the last time his hearing was tested, it was normal again.


    I wouldn't go for a cochlear anyway. My stepmom would kill me if I did.

  6. DNF:

    kids going squirrely (mine)

    inability to look long enough because of kids, muggles, and more.

    inability to look because I can't get down on my belly cause I'm carrying the baby

    inability to look because its beside a busy road and the kids have/are escaped/escaping from their car seats

    inability to find because the micro is crammed under a fence post top and the last person jammed it back on

    inability to look because the weather suddenly turns

    inability to look because I/we get spooked by animals.


    Muggles don't worry me. Its our kids that are a real hazard to finds.

  7. If I could afford one, I would buy one. My stepmother and brother are deaf and our son was hearing impaired for over 3 years. He still has a lot of the "traits" that hearing impaired children have and is having to catch up with his verbalizations.


    and no, he doesn't have a cochlear implant. He had plugged up ears. We think it was from an infection in his ear canals and the plugs happened in order to save his hearing.

  8. I usually carry the baby in her sling when I'm out so I'm kinda limited in what type of bag I can use.


    I use my 14 year old Mountain Equipment Cooperative backpack. It has been through hell and back with me and its still ticking. I attach my gps to a carbiner off the back loop and that gets slung over my shoulder and is at the right height for me to just glance down to look at it. I don't like anything around my neck.


    I also found an "off the ear" flashlight in a cereal box that I've been using for night caching. It lets me read my gps without using the backlight and doesn't affect my night vision. The problem is keeping it away from my son cause he thinks its his toy.


    I just picked up some gardening gloves to help deal with prickles. And I use a wooden dowel for a walking stick which has saved my life once. I was starting to slip and the extra drag it created helped a lot.


    I plan on adding more to my pack when I can. I cache with kids and they love trades so I have to keep trades for them in my bag. If I didn't, I'd have a smaller bag. I have to keep it light enough for DS to carry because he likes to carry it for me. Then the gps gets attached to my sling.


    We mostly day cache and rarely go that far into the woods. That may change though. I am enjoying the walks.

  9. We've been victims of the predators of the poor. Why? because our credit rating isn't good enough to get a bank loan, so we're left with pawn shops and payday loans. I wish banks would be willing to look at "microloans" for those who could use them. But microloans aren't worth the paperwork to most banks. I'm tempted that if I were to come into some money somehow to start a microloan business.


    Just because we're poor doesn't mean we choose to be poor and made bad choices. Life happens, including things that are completely out of your control - like being the passenger in a car accident. But instead of ruminating over it, we've been trying to get ahead and have dealt with what life has thrown at us.


    And one of those things that I did do was pay for a premium membership. I don't smoke. Today is one of the few days in the year where I normally drink(happy birthday to me :D ). Instead of smoking and drinking, I do other stuff that isn't self destructive. I knit. I sew. I go for long walks. And I found the money for a premium membership. Sure, I won't be able to buy any yarn for a month or two, but I have enough at the moment that I can dig into my stash and use that.


    If I can find the money to pay for a premium membership, I'm sure those that moan about not having one are just moaning for moaning's sake. If they really wanted to pay for a membership, there is ways to find the money to pay for one.

  10. (off on a tangeant)

    For years I hired day laborers for various jobs from a local pick-up corner where men would congregate to be picked up for a day's labor.

    My mother used to do the day labour thang. So did my husband. So did I.


    There is nothing more humiliating than being the sober, decently dressed person in the line and not be picked. And I'm not talking about just one day, but day after day after day. It got to one point with my husband that he just didn't bother. He had a celphone for them to call him for odd jobs, and more. Those "manpower" places


    Then there's the "job clubs" which are just as humiliating. I had one "job club leader" tell me that I had to attend even though I had a kidney infection and was on antibiotics and ordered to stay home by my doctor or I could end up in the hospital on dialisys. I avoided that only by sheer dumb luck. I was also told by a HRDC worker that I had to attend this youth job club - it was mandatory - that started 3 days after my birthday that would disqualify me for it. I won't even go into detail about having to jump through the different ministries in order to get training for a job. Even now, if I want the training, I had better prove that I will be hired when I come out of it. The training I want will take over 2 years. How do I know if the place that said that they'd hire me will still be there? Because I can't prove it, I can't access that money.


    Same thing with my husband. He needed less than 1K for training and he would have had a 18$/hr job on a construction site. Instead, the job club he had been assigned to hemmed and hawwed and never bothered to get back to him even though he called every day asking for the funds to get the training. He finally showed up one day to talk to someone in person and the place had closed down and was gone.


    Dumb luck got him the job he has now. And we've just found him a potential lead on something that pays far better. Third one in a month too. But potential jobs doesn't pay the rent. Nor does standing in a line waiting for someone to pick us out to do day labour. Its a viscious cycle. A lot of the "day labour" places actually pay less than minimum wage even though they charge well above it. The "processing" and other fees eat up a good portion of the cheque. Even though he's had a steady job for two years, the job is draining on him and there's no room for advancement even though he's more than put his time in for some sort of advancement.


    "Poor folks have poor ways".

    That may be true, but it sure makes it harder to be un-poor when those who are in positions of authority play mind games with the resources you are supposed to be entitled to.

  11. if you find cache A with people 1,2,3&4, then going back a few months later and finding it all on your lonesome is fine.

    or finding and refinding a travelling cache is also fine.


    or if you catch a dnf on a cache you have done and you go back and find it to prove its there, that's fine.


    at least, that I believe.

  12. I managed to afford the 30$ - more really cause of the exchange rate. And I'm on a limited income.


    Why did I pay for it when there's hardly any pmo's around here? because I had been using gs for long enough that I thought I should finally pay for it. I gave up getting yarn for a month. Woopie.


    30$ (35 really) is less than a carton of cigarettes. I don't smoke, so I choose to spend the money I would have if I did smoke on something far healthier for me to do.

  13. there were two I didn't sign.


    1: I forgot because I was hunting after another one which was withing striking distance and was too into finding it.

    2: I couldn't get the log out of the micro and was trying with my key. Jammed in so tight that you couldn't get it out.

  14. no, if we ignore them, they just start to do worse until we have to act.


    Yogie and I were both threatened by him. But I did what I was told originally - to ignore him. Now she's been threatened. If I had gone to the police originally, he might have been behind bars or at least undergoing a severe psychological examination. Instead, he threatened her.


    Are we simply going to ignore him until he physically harms a cacher? He's threatened two women. Does he have to rape the next one for something to be done about him?

  15. There should be an option in the cache pages to remove from your list caches you don't want to try for or that you can't get for whatever reason. Instead of "filter out your finds" there should be a "filter according to your preferences." Or even on the cache page a way to set it so that it doesn't come up anymore.


    There's one cache so tantilizingly close to me but there is no way I can get it - it requires a boat which I don't have. A few others are similar, they require equipment that I either don't have or have no access to.

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