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  1. since there are people that decide the artist lost the rights to their design when they published it for the artist.
  2. I too am an artist. And I've been burned by editors and others who were interested in making a profit off of my work but not willing to let me make anything. One in particular is still selling my designs under her trademark and I have not seen a single penny. Nor am I likely to either. The way the contract was written was that I was to pay for all her fees, printing costs, her costs, and everything out of my percentage of profits, but you needed to be well versed in legalese in order to pick that out. When it came down to it, that meant that I was supposed to get about 1% of all products sold at the most. And when I decided to pull out, since she already had my designs, I was hooped. The second time, the artwork in particular became the property of this fanzine. That was not what I agreed to, especially since I didn't get paid a penny for it. I was furious. So I had it printed in 3 other fanzines. What I find funny is that the first one went under a year later. karma, eh? Thing is, the editor was also supposed to have taken me on as one of her clients to hawk my works at conventions. I think she's pulled out of that line of work. Third time, I had exchanged artwork for some memory chips for my computer. Bad idea. It cost me 14$ in customs fees and the chips were not what I had been promised. So I've back to what I had originally decided to sell my work for: you can have it for free if a: I get one copy/finished example for my portfolio, b: I get some from each edition to keep/give away/whatever, c: I get credit for the work, and d: I keep all rights to the artwork unless it is in writting and we agreed that you keep the rights. In other words, if you want to use it again, I get notified first. I've given up trying to make money off of my work. All I do now is for my own enjoyment. If you ask me to draw something for you and you accept it, great. I expect you to be an honorable person and pay me in kind or money or both. But I've learned that I'll never get paid what I'm worth. Too many scammers out there and since I've been scammed before, I'm leery about doing anything for anyone. Contests and competitions are fine. I enjoy them because there is no skin off my teeth if I don't win. Although I really appreciate the fact that one of the other coin makers is giving out prizes just because we entered her contest. That made loosing worth it anyway.
  3. okay, so its a good thing then. I fully support artists getting paid for their work. The coin is waiting for me to pick up (along with a signature coin) at my friend's place where I also have what seems to be popular cache.
  4. google earth shows lots of detaaaaaa.... what was I just saying?
  5. Yeah, that's cinemaboxers (paula's) auction listing. is that a good or a bad thing then?
  6. one person did... my friend. who bought it as a birthday present... for me. ah well.. he meant well.
  7. *sniffle* *bawl* no. seriously, i'm just out of practice with gimp. I enjoyed the challenge and look forward to more.
  8. he could have sent a pm instead of a nasty message on the cache page.
  9. in other words, cause I bought it about two weeks ago, it'll be one of the last ones shipped. Ah well... better late than never.
  10. i'd love them, but I won't be able to pay for them till gst day at the earliest. I hate rent week.
  11. okay, in case anyone else wants to pm me... My scarf trades is done. I've got too many to make and won't be able to do them immediately. Each one is hand made when the request for the scarf is taken. Thank you to all who asked either in pms, emails or on this thread.
  12. i gave one attack no time for edition. the attack was personal. so go ahead and delete.
  13. your spouse puts away your gpsr and you go nuts trying to find it because you're lost without it.
  14. trust me on this folks... when you have Irritable Bowel, a little pee is nothing.
  15. a friend won one of those for me off of ebay. it showed up at his place, not mine, even though it was my bday present. I just have to go and pick it up.
  16. my kids hate micros too. but micros seem to abound in the urban settings. So why in my mostly rural area are there no caches bigger than a small? So I refuse to put out micros even though I have two micros and a nano sitting in my desk...
  17. I looked for caches around my old home town when my granny got sick and died. not that I could have gone to her funeral - I was way too pregnant and my doctor refused to certify me to fly. I was also thinking about planting a cache at my favorite park when I was growing up there. but not going to happen. I don't think I'll ever be back there anytime soon.
  18. paid for mine. waiting game now.
  19. Whenever the crickets or toads go quiet. too quiet. deathly quiet. eerily quiet. scarily quiet. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
  20. Most folks like that are nothing more than a flash in the pan. Yah. I know. I'd like to see them try caching with a preschooler, a toddler and a baby on one's back. Just because FTF sharks get into feeding frenzies doesn't mean cache owners need to use chum. Oh... I need that for a signature!!! Or better yet - a Tshirt!
  21. I've gotten into email sparing matches with two who have been members for about 6 months but who have racked up 4 or 5 times my amount of finds. One even told me to go find another hobby because obviously caching isn't for me. One of whom has blocked my email. (hint - never block email. gather it as evidence, especially when dealing with classic passive-aggressive tactics). I tried everything I could to be friendly to these two, but have just given up. Guess being pregnant and then under doctor's orders to not do anything more strenuous than hold my baby means nothing to them. One of them got FTF on two of my caches and took an "ftf prize" that I had left not for ftf but for the person who felt it call to them. Talk about greedy. The other cache, they had to ask me for a hint on how to find it when they were pratically stepping on it. I found out later that they are bad for demanding hints from everyone. Yah, they might have about 50 or more FTFs compared to my 3, but I enjoy the sport as something enjoyable to do, not as a contest of speed. I take my kids caching so I often end up with a ton of DNFs. That doesn't mean I'm a worse cacher or shouldn't be playing the sport. Just a different type of cacher.
  22. okay, so that's 3 scarves. These aren't that fancy or that big or long, but I do have blue, red, brown (I think) and black for the basic colours. I use the fancy fur from Lion Brand. They are just long enough to tuck into the top of a jacket but not too long that they strangle people. Those that have gotten them in caches have loved them. PM me and we'll see what I can do. I have two blacks left from my stash pile that are currently ready to go. Once the yarn is used up, I won't be able to make any more because the Michael's near me doesn't carry that specific type of yarn. They carry Lion Brand, but discontinued the yarn I use for the scarves. I can make one in an evening, so they are pretty much made as I needed them. If you want a fancier scarf, we'll have to talk. I also make window clings. But those take two to three days to dry and I only make them for prizes at meets.
  23. I've been leaving both scarves - hand knit by me - or hot wheels cars. I'm thinking about leaving either marbles or heart of stone (glass). If anyone wants a scarf, you can pm me and we'll talk.
  24. dang.... I would have loved a june coin.
  25. I decided to bid just to get the bidding started. Can't leave it unbidded on.
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