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  1. Let me guess... was this in Central Park in Burnaby? I found a small bag of about 10 needles stuck in a tree root. Thanks god all of them were capped otherwise I would have poked myself when I pulled the bag out. &%*&*%^ Druggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, actually. Horseshoe Bay. The "Waiting for ferries" one. I have a friend who owns a building in that area and have permission from him to plant a cache, but got beaten to it. blerg.
  2. I found a syringe when I was out on friday. I carefully took a few steps back. Almost lost the find cause of it
  3. My midwife is all for my geocaching. I get out, get exercise, get fresh air and I'm not trying to do something insane like rollerblading....
  4. This one I titled "gimme" cause... well... he really wanted the ball in his hand that was in there. DS is 3yo. Another cache. I think he grabbed something too.
  5. DS - 3 - sorta likes caching. He can get out into a park and run. That's what he likes. But what he really likes is grabbing stuff from a cache even if I don't want to trade. He's grabbed a teacup, a bouncing ball and a fish thing. DD - 17mo - if she's allowed to walk, she loves that part. She's too young to understand but loves being outside too. DP - 39. The man had a heart attack in 2004. The excercise is good for him. (I can spell tonight) DF - -7mo - is along for the ride and has no choice in the matter. Makes caching interesting too. Everyone I cache with is all "you shouldn't be doing that... here let me" even though I am (currently) perfectly able to do it myself! DL - me! 33 - gravidy sucks. but at least I'm allowed to do "low impact" excercises without having to get a note first. I can post pics later. maybe.
  6. I found my first three from Google Earth's help. After that, ferget it. The first two were plcs. The third was just too easy to find. So easy that it's been muggled and is now gone. So that's my experience.
  7. Not sure what I'd do if I happened to run across that in the woods!!!! (Note to self: put extra TP in day-pack) Miz Too much CSI. Way way way way way too much CSI!
  8. Just because an "owner" isn't around to "maintain" a cache doesn't mean its inactive. If anything, because the cache is visited, you could say it is being maintained by the caching community. Extrapolating on that and you could also see how every visit to a cache is also a maintenance - make sure it hasn't been muggled, that the contents are dry, that it hasn't been removed by parks or police... But yes, there should be a way to switch ownership, including a way to open the ownership so that you don't have to ask the original owner permission to adopt because it has already been given.
  9. some of them are just evil. I like them. I'm preparing two caches so far. A small one and a kid's one. I'm also thinking about a second small one. the two smallers I'm thinking I should make them _really_ hard to spot. And there's so many good ideas....
  10. Okay.. the one thing I worry about using a "cool cache" idea is - what if Homeland (in)Security decides its a bomb? This has happened to other cachers. Anyone else have those concerns?
  11. Oh my giddy aunt. I just spent the last several hours going through all 20(!!!) pages of this topic. but boy have ya'll given me some good ideas, eh! I still don't have a gps yet (that's the next plan - researching what I want is the plan currently) but I have modeller's flocking and other... things I can use for some caches here. The scary thing is that I can think of at least 10 places in my complex I could hide things, three just around my townhouse without having to go more than 5' from my door! You people are truly evil!
  12. I've tried twice to log into the 'Wack Geocacher's Board (Chilliwack BC area) and I got denied twice. The second time, I got this for a reply: So, what am I supposed to do to get an account there? Its not like I could fill out all the fields. I don't put messenger information into my accounts till I've gotten access to a forum and I have a specific email I use for forums because I've been stalked before and I can kill it at a whim if I feel threatened. I am a newbie to Geocaching. I don't even have a GPS unit yet, but an online friend has offered to go with me as soon as she replaces hers that was stolen. I have been drooling over Geocaching for over 5 years. I have decided that I was going to get a GPS unit by summer so I could take my kids with me on walks in the park, and finding the geocaches. I was certain I could have found a cache that last year when I saw pics of where one was, I tried to find it without a GPS unit because I knew the cross streets where the pics was taken. Never did find it, but just looking for it was fun and exciting. And the walk did me good. I am furious. I wanted advice on GPS units. I wanted to know where I could pick one up. I wanted to know if there were second hand units available for cheap. My DS is notorious for breaking electronics and I didn't want to fork out hundreds of dollars that he'd break within minutes. I feel like because I have not been on any of the other boards so far, I'm persona non grata and therefore don't deserve any help from my local group. If they are at the "outdoors show" this weekend, I plan on giving them a piece of my mind. I won't be rejoining the forum any time soon.
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