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  1. of the travel bugs/coins in my possesion:

    2 are lost within the premises. one I was planning on putting in a specific cache, the other was last seen on my husband's desk cause he wanted to look at it.

    1 was passed on by hand but never relogged by the new holder.

    and the rest are sitting in a double encrypted puzzle cache my hubby has placed that we're waiting for the reviewer to release to the wild.

  2. I got p'o'd cause a cache my husband wanted to place was at the identical spot that a DNFed one had been for a while. As in, it had been over a year since it was last found.


    I emailed the owner and they finally got back to me with a "yes I plan to reactivate it soon" however long soon is...


    anyway, we picked up the cache and moved it further away... found a better spot actually.

  3. If you can't dig to place a cache then you shouldn't be able to place one under water where you need scuba gear to get at!

    Finally someone who makes sense!

    If you think about it, not everyone can qualify for either mountain climbing or scuba diving. So how are they supposed to get those caches? I'm not saying they aren't worth the effort, but when one can't climb or can't do scuba, how do they get those ones? There's a couple around me that require a boat because of access roads and the lack thereof. One in particular describes itself as being so close yet untouchable unless you do use a boat. Another says it can be done - when the river is low.


    Digging to set the cache so that it won't be dug for once its in place should be okay, especially if you either rent or own the land or have permission from the land owner.


    If you can't do any digging at all, then the fake sprinkler heads and taps should be banned. Those ones have to be dug in order to place them.

  4. Sanity has been lost.


    So have the children. There's been a few times where either the preschooler or toddler have wandered off on their own. Not too far usually...


    Then I was nearly lost on a cache I did on the weekend. The man got fed up looking for the cache and finally took the kids back to the car. He threatened to leave without me about 10 seconds before I found the cache. He stayed long enough to let me get it. :lol:


    lost a pair of shoes in the "they got too damaged for me to ever wear again" sort of way. Lost an earing. Lost a ring. Lost my caching partner. He now works at a resort in the middle of nowhere.


    But most importantly, I lost myself in the hunt. :lol:

  5. Oooyah! Cacher Needs Maintenance - gold coin - and 5 pins. Hubby's already tried to steal the coin - TWICE! I gave him one of the pins and I'm going to give one to my former caching partner cause of one of the caches he went after for me. :laughing: The remaining two are going to the local "ambasador" for the local provincial group. One for her and one for her to give out to the best "I ended up in the hospital for this cache" story.

  6. i hated the dictionairy in school. Even with it, I was the poorest speller in the class. And without it, ferget about it.


    Then again, I was learning two languages, although really, I was learning 6. 3 variants of English and 3 of French. "Official" French, Canadian French, Quebecquois French, Canadian, American and British English. Each one of them have different ways of spelling or meaning the same thing. And with some words, the difference might be the addition or substraction of 1 letter. Then there's word conjugations - don't get me started about the future past participle of being (suis/etre). *rips hair out.* Not having the accent right meant a spelling error, not having it on the right vowel according to the teacher, augh!!!


    Spellcheckers help. A lot.

  7. Okay, I thought I had 6 people on the list. I only have 5. If I'm wrong, please let me know.


    The following have given me their addresses so that I can send them a scarf in exchange for a/some coin/s or tag/s:


    GPX Navigator




    And the ones who haven't given me their address but have expressed an interest in a trade:





    All the above have asked for black scarves. I also have one red scarf I'd be willing to trade too. Every single one of these are individually hand made and I make them in my spare time so it may take me a week or two to get them all out. The three kids do tend to keep me busy.

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