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  1. That looks about right. I would say Palace is a bit iffy? isn't it a place name? Mike
  2. If youre by St Pauls I would recomend GCGBGB, a brilliant place, very interesting when you get there, traditional cache usually with TB's in it, looked after by the park keeper. Plenty more in the area. Hope this helps Mike
  3. Don't want to be greedy but one would be nice pretty please................. mike.cattell@ntlworld.com Many thanks in advance
  4. Only got 2 tbs, both of which have gone AWOL, guess its just bad luck. Mike
  5. Going back in time there's always this one:- Oh Mr Porter
  6. ............and people like my dad can do these armchair caches when he cannot get out of his armchair. ..............and I can find out about places in countries I am unable to visit.............and folks can find out how lucky we are to live in the uk with our abundance of brilliant places. just my opinion mike
  7. I quite like doing virtuals from the comfort of my home, during the week I cannot get out caching so like to keep myself active doing the virtuals which take research which can be done at home. Often these lead me to places which go into my mind which I may well visit if I have the opertunity at a later date. I'm new to caching and don't want to go over old ground but I like the diversity of types all contained on a single web site. just my 2p's worth Mike
  8. WoW they will be some coin........... taking 200 years to make I quote from the web site:- Purchasing & Delivery These coins are in production and expected to be received from the mint the last week of March, 2206. There will be 300 of each version made available to purchasers in Europe and 300 in North America. These coins are available for purchase now. They will be in the Hog Wild Stuff Shopping Cart the evening of March 7. Grin Mike
  9. Having just started out I was just wondering how people cope with tree cover. Most of the caches we have done so far have been in woods which is not a problem at this time of year, but I can forsee problems later on in the year. Some solutions I can think of include triangulation from clear sky places, using a magnetic compass or guess work!! What is the best answer please? Mike
  10. Congratulations and well done. We have only just started but seem to find you all over the place, now I know why!!!! The LandroverS Hampshire
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