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  1. .....which distracted Roseanne from the..... Make a sanity check.
  2. .....Tom Arnold marked the co-ords.... Make a sanity check.
  3. ...as an ammo box was.... Make a sanity check.
  4. I have found traditionals in MI, OH, WI, and CA (honeymmon!), and couch potato caches in Vermont and Maine, as well as Germany. I'll be adding in traditional in Pennsylvain, Maryland, Deleware, Vermont, and Indiana this summer from vacation traveling, wife permitting. Make a sanity check.
  5. ......Junior Chief of Staff. Meanwhile.... Make a sanity check.
  6. It is so cool that someone is getting some feedback before issuing an opinion! Everything that I would have said has been mentioned in the above posts. I live in Northern Michigan, where cache traffic may be slower then in other areas. For example, a cache I planted 1 year ago has had 44 logged visitors. I placed it 60 feet off a trail. Upon the last maintenance visit, I did not notice any trail forming to the cache. It may be different in some areas. Make a sanity check.
  7. .....as Rosanne's yellow teeth ripped..... Make a sanity check.
  8. Exactly Geosaur. I have several caching friends who do not believe in paying for the site. That is their right not to. But on the same note, I believe they should not get a say in how the site is run, or complain about changes then. I agree with Solohiker that there should be non-member caches, otherwise we would see the number of new members dwindling. But I also believe in MO caches as well, as a reward for those of us who support the site for a game we love. Make a sanity check.
  9. ...get at the good stuff....... Make a sanity check.
  10. .......complete with stained tie, and......
  11. I am wondering why GC.com cannot ban his IP address. If this not the first time he has done this, then the violation warrents severe punishment. It is apparent this person needs attention, and does not care about geocaching or it's participants. It is a common occurance on other post boards I have seen. If we ignore the person, they will get bored and go away. This person needs professional help, and I hope he gets it. Make a sanity check.
  12. <------cache slut.... Make a sanity check.
  13. There is a numbers crossword puzzle cache up here called "The Perplexing Puzzle #2" (sorry, I don't know how to link). The puzzle is the hard part, once you have the solution the actual cache is a breeze. Make a sanity check.
  14. The latest trend here in Northern Michigan is start the caches as MO's for a month, and then change them to general public caches. The pro's are that as a member, I can usually hit it while it is new, and the con being it doesn't get tallied on the stats page. I believe for my next hide I will follow this policy. My father is against this, and will not buy a membership. I have told him $2.50 a month (assuming annual membership) is very reasonable. Make a sanity check.
  15. ......near the Brittney Spears virtual.....
  16. I am at work, but I loaded ICQ with no problems. Is there some settings I can look for? Thanks. Make a sanity check.
  17. Can someone help me get on the IRC chat? I click on the link, yet I get a time out page. Thanks. Make a sanity check.
  18. Let me second what UMC says, Michigan has some great caches, and great gatherings. I have only been to one, but the sense of community was certainly there. Cache on! Make a sanity check.
  19. .....so I summoned Great Cthulhu.... Make a sanity check.
  20. ....level five terrain, where I........
  21. I am a CPA, for the last 8 year. Make a sanity check.
  22. ......the $100 piece will get what you need, but may leave you feeling a bit short, but $500 unit has all sort of special features Make a sanity check.
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