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  1. The topic was remote controls, right? Mine just broke, and the cable company just replaced it. I so don't miss the days of rabbit ears and tin foil. It mad eit hard to watch Monday Night Football when the Lions played.


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  2. quote:
    Originally posted by SombreHippie & Puppy Dawg:

    I dunno.... If there were a path of light leading to a cache, I'd be pretty creeped out icon_wink.gif


    ... Almost as creepy as a doll baby hanging from a tree in a graveyard, WATCHING me as I uncover a nearby cache.


    Was it that doll baby for sale on EBAY? That freaked me out.


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    Originally posted by Don&Betty:

    Wildlife and game areas are off limits to any caches in MI.

    Is it really true that no traditional geocaches can be placed on Michigan State Recreation Areas? Where is this written? That's very disappointing. I would have thought that these recreation areas would be ideal for this activity (except for the hazards of hunting seasons and the possible disturbance we might inflict on the hunters.)


    The caches were great there too. Cubic Madness was a blast. It has been relocated, but the original area it was in was perfect for caching. We lost some great areas here in Michigan.


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  4. Hello, how much is so much? Being off by even up to 100 feet is sometimes common. I let my unit sit on a rock once I get within 50 feet initially, and let it settle down.


    As for the degree question, I am lucky I can even turn the 'puter on.


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  5. The movie rocked, the camera worked was very unique. I was trying not to use spoliers, but Prime Suspect beat me to it. Yes, I know the situation with the quarantine, so the GPS would definately work, but also said my fantasy was flawed in many ways in terms of the movie. It was mainly a generalization, and I know Jolly B Good is right, I would drop my GPS unit , or get tetnus from an ammo box or something.


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