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  1. I was caching in the 7-11 the other day. It seems that the police have named that "shoplifting".


    My cellmate is nice though, and he is really anxious to start caching, because all he talks about to me is "da booty". Add another to our sport!


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  2. I bought a cool Michigan trail Atlas for my father, and after he scouted out some areas, he hid 2 caches in the area. Both caches have been well received by the finders so far.


    I think taking folks into an otherwise unknown area is my favorit caching experience. Even roadside parks off of busy highways can be a cool place to cache, as some of those trails can be really long.

  3. I am really sick of the people defending the pirate (2 people in particular, one of which is so annoying I wish very bad things upon him). I liked how the pirate included the physical threats made against him in his letter. See, that got his attention.


    Come to Michigan pirate, I'll even send you the co-ords to the caches I have hidden. We can have fun!


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