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  1. My local shop doesn't have #83 yet, so now I am ticked. I met Jolly at Gencon in July, I had to tell him I donated a pint of blood at his "Fu Fu Chang" micro on the way down to the con. I am in this game because of the KODT! Make a sanity check.
  2. I think it has to do with when you paid the $30, but I could be wrong. Make a sanity check.
  3. I discovered it in a comic book, "Knights of the Dinner Table", issue 62 I believe. Jolly B. Good can confirm that if he chooses to. Make a sanity check.
  4. Your Welcome. Thanks for starting the umpteenth topic of a newbie getting pissy because their stupid vert of a shack was declined. Just hide an ammo box like the rest of us. Make a sanity check.
  5. quote:Originally posted by ChurchCampDave: None of these self-proclaimed gaurdians of society complains when pentagrams and occultic literature are found in public places. Are there a lot of these where you live? If so, can I have the co-ords, it sounds like a cool place to cache. Cthulhu be with you. Make a sanity check.
  6. Yeah, and don't forget the cheese with your whine... Make a sanity check.
  7. I am offended that no one has mention the Elder God Cthulhu propaganda I leave on every sig card. Cthulhu is very, very angry now.....<p>Don't blame me that I am not born again, I got it right the first time Make a sanity check.
  8. I logged a log, while avoiding a dog log *LOG* Make a sanity check.
  9. Ever see a squirrel shudder? Make a sanity check.
  10. My little yellow Garmin eTrex ( roughly $100-120) has always done me good. I don't think it's cheating if you don't have a unit, it just makes it harder. Make a sanity check.
  11. I kinda like being used....... Make a sanity check.
  12. I'd vote for Nudecacher if he ran for something. Between Nudecacher and the Pirate, Washington has a very diverse group of cachers. I need a quirk. Make a sanity check.
  13. Things were back to normal at the Ron Jeremy virtual cache. Make a sanity check.
  14. Get some for me, I MAY get to do 1 this weekend, darned in-laws...... Make a sanity check.
  15. The old "cream pie in the ammo box" trick always fooled Alice.
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