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  1. I am in total agreement with the original image of this thread. Please do not use my opinion as flame bait, for I am entitled to it, as others are to theirs. The USA does more to aid foreign countries in a year then any other country has done in their entire history. It is a crime that any other country (Germany, France, and Russia in particular) have the GALL to be against us. It is time to disband the UN and NATO, and take care of the problem efficently, and without getting any of our soldiers killed. Will cache for food.
  2. The Ghost Cow cache? Creepy..... Will cache for food.
  3. ....and this is the last known picture of the cacher, having found the infamous "Blair Witch" cache. Will cache for food.
  4. Thanks for being the voice of reason BillyBob, consider me offically chilling. Will cache for food.
  5. I am a CPA, who shouldn't be on here reading posts about a hobby I cannot do for another 6 weeks. Maybe I should copy and paste to the complaints department thread. Peace Will cache for food.
  6. quote:Originally posted by SR & dboggny: OK MM, you got it. i will no longer post any of my caches to this site. nor will i log any of my finds on this site, i will keep my own personal record of geocaching myself. further, i will not participate in this particular part of the community. i will take my ball and go home. I am doing a TV news program on Saturday about urban geocaching. what should i tell them about the sport, the people involved and geocaching.com? SR and dboggny. And MY comment was immature? Will cache for food.
  7. I cached once right after work, in my suit. I was new to cacheing, and didn't realize I'd by going over a river culvert to a mud island. I'll send the dry cleaning bill soon. Peace Will cache for food.
  8. I'll be brief and say I disagree with SR & dboggny's comment on the maturity of my comment. The person who started this thread isn't a charter member, so who is he to starting a 2 plus flame thread regarding the regulations of a volunteer cache approver. He should abide by what the approver's recommendations were, and move on. If he can't accept that, then find another Geocacheing site, there are plenty to choose from. How is that immature?? On a nicer note, I do appreciate you volunteering to be an approver, as I do agree that it may be a valid solution to similar situations. Peace Will cache for food.
  9. I am surprised that the simple request for the addition of a log book has led to such an angry thread. If we are to log caches on this site, (which, unless you are a charter member, is free) then shouldn't you go by the site's guidlines? I feel that the undertone of this thread is that somehow the admin's are taking away certain cachers freedoms. I do not feel that the admin's are doing anything of the sort. They are trying to keep some semblance of order to our game. If you can't abide by the guidelines that are in place, and recommended by the admin's, then start your own site. Will cache for food.
  10. What in the blue hell is a lanyard anyway? And Will it connect to my pocket protector? Will cache for food.
  11. Haveing successfully eaten the other 15 Survivors, Jim carefully examines Jeff Probst's ashes for valuables. Will cache for food.
  12. I think that there are two different types of Geocachers. One group falls in the catagory of not caring what other people think, they cache for their own enjoyment and that is it. The other school of thought is of a more competitive nature, where logging on your own cache is wrong, as is logging caches you didn't find, etc. I fall into the second catagory, but I try not to let issues like this bug me, as I don't like to ruin other cachers fun. Just my opinion, I could be wrong! Will cache for food.
  13. The Two Thrones Dificulty: #1 or #2, depending on cacher Terrain: Slippery, potential biological wate area. Description: Located in the valley of the Johns beyond the mighty Yellow river, The Two Thrones is a often visited place. In the shadow of the Loo mountains lies this scatogorical wonder. You may be flushed with excitment upon finding this cache, but don't be surprised to find it occupied, with a line streched around the site . Please be careful of the LOG book, as it may be hard to grasp. Contents: Blue Water Pink mints One tiny sailor and small boat Sears catalog Logged visits TMAN264: Found it! Visted twice this morning, and finished chapter of Lord of the Rings on first visit. Took nothing, left much. Paper was too thin to record visit properly. Last cacher left seat up. Will cache for food.
  14. Traverse City, Michigan 49684 256 in the radius! Will cache for food.
  15. I am sorry if this has been adressed before, but where do the checkmarks for caches you found go when you look at a map? Thanks. Will cache for food.
  16. Or did the bear get the screwdriver from the traditional cache that the dudes are looking for. And did they sign the logbook, because I hate it when a finder doesn't sign my log book. Will cache for food.
  17. I avid an avid fan of RPG's and board games, and logged a find at Gencon last year in Milwauke. I am totally up for some cacheing/RPG, maybe something can be organized at Gencon in Indianapolis next year? I aslo recommend Jolly's publication, Knight's of the Dinner table, which is sometimes my only RPG fix I can get. Peace. Will cache for food.
  18. I second the post for Northern Michigan, especially the traverse City area. We have at least 30 caches here, mostly traditionals, plus some micros, virtuals, and puzzles caches. I know that quite a few people do a cacheing weekend up here from the downstate area (Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing). It is a great place to live! My other favorite areas were Monterey CA, and San Franciso CA. Will cache for food.
  19. Since I use ammo boxes to store my cache contents, I am very aware of where I am hiding it. I also try to spray paint GEOCACHE on them. I thought I would hide a cache near a school that has a nice park, but I vetoed it since I could already see that making the front page. I will go with an Altoids box on that one! Will cache for food.
  20. Hello, I am interested on how some of my fellow cachers approach finding their caches. For example, I print the cache I am looking for. If time is a factor, I will decrypt the hint, so if I am in the woods getting shot at by hunters, I can resort to the clue to narrow the search. I also use the GPS to get within 50 or so feet, and then put it away, since I find it a distraction at that point. I also like to take my wife, but only on the easier caches (no micros), since she gets frustrated after 10 minutes of looking. What I am looking for is feedback from some of you in the forum world. Some examples may be: 1. Do you ever use the hints, i.e., is it bad form to use it, or do you always use the hint? 2. Do you use the GPS exclusively, or do you just use the description to get the booty? 3. Do you ever e-mail the cache hider for clues if you cannot find the cache? Thanks! Will cache for food.
  21. I also think the area of the world you live in makes a difference. I notice that urban areas have many more caches (at least in Michigan), and such as things may be, urban caches are easier (the drive and dump effect, or micros that easily be parked next to). I personally prefer the rural caches that have a hike involved, but realistally more people in an area means more caches , therefore more in an urban area. I'd love to spend a month cacheing in the Upper Peneinsula of Michigan, but I could have all of them done in a week, the point being, it's a huge land area, but hardly any caches. My town of 30,000 people has more caches then the entire UP. Lately some of our area cachers have been doing puzzle caches, and I know that certainly has made the urban micro cache more exciting. I hope my ranting make sense. TMAN264 Will cache for food.
  22. Thanks for the site. Do I have to register to be included?
  23. Hello, in my random scannings of posts, I have seen where some folks had made referance to "being the top finder (in terms of #'s found)in a state" and such. Is there a place to find statistics, of is this a statement based on a cachers research/opinion? Please advise, thank you. TMAN ROCKS!
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