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  1. I don't think it is the same dude. Just MHO. Make a sanity check.
  2. quote:Originally posted by trippy1976: quote:Originally posted by TMAN264:Dude, at least you are not a Red Wings fan. Now THAT hurt! Make a sanity check.http://www.mi-geocaching.org/ What are you talking about? There was no sweep. -------- trippy1976 - Team KKF2A _Saving geocaches - one golf ball at a time._ http://www.mi-geocaching.org/ Ummm, oh yeah. Thanks Bagdad Trippy! And Okur tipped the shot in last night as well. dadgum New Jersey infidels.... Make a sanity check.
  3. Yeah, what they said. Out of the 300+ caches in my 100 mile radius, only 3 are members only (but they do show up!). It seems the trend here in Northern Michigan is too make a new cache members only for 2 weeks to a month, and then make it available to the general public. Peace Make a sanity check.
  4. Ok, let me add fuel to the fire. Where do Travel Bugs fit in the scheme of an equitable trade? If I take a sleeve of new golf balls, is it fair to leave Skunk-o the TB? I know that the golf balls cost $2-5 depending on the type, but I will have use of them (until I lose them in the woods again, this time with no co-ords). I am leaving Skunk-o, but the whole idea of a TB is too perpetuate it's movement, therefore the finder will eventually (hopefully) be moving him on. Now TB's add to your stats on your "my cache" page, and I find them fun to track. When I find a cache with a TB in it, that is what I will take. TB's hold a type of equity to me. I am looking for opinons regarding what a TB is worth to you, and where it falls in the realm of the original question. Make a sanity check.
  5. My wife is lukewarm to the hobby, so I have to plan caches in the 1/1 range, maybe slightly higher. She gets a great thrill when she finds the cache itself, it's the terrain and bugs they get her down. So bacially I cache alone when I have time (lunch hour, her Saturday to work, etc.), and save the easy ones for her when she wants to go. We share much in common, so I do not mind if I am not out caching when we are together. It is a compromise, but it works for us. Make a sanity check.
  6. At least we have the Pistons.....Does Detroit have a baseball team this year? Make a sanity check.
  7. You don't sweat Geocaching? I should switch deoderant's..... Make a sanity check.
  8. Dude, at least you are not a Red Wings fan. Now THAT hurt! Make a sanity check.
  9. Max shows his true opinion of 1/1 caches. Make a sanity check.
  10. It is a good reason to inflict physical harm in my opinion. Your opinion differs, which is cool. Make a sanity check.
  11. Here is a thought, albeit very immature. If the cache pirate's actions offend you, send him an e-mail telling him what a waste of skin he or she may be. I know if I were to receive 20 to 30 e-mails threatening me, I may reconsider my actions. Or it might just spur him or her on to this even more. Oh well, my e-mail has been sent. Make a sanity check.
  12. Just a word of thanks regarding this post. I was at Cedar Point this weekend, and I would have brought my GPS in if it hadn't been for this post. The only restrictions I saw were the mega-rides stating no loose items (to which there were many lockers available), but other then that, I did not specifially see a " NO GPS" sign. I did see more security then I ever have at Cedar Point, but it may have been due to there being less of a crowd, so they stood out more. Make a sanity check.
  13. This was the strangest set of requirements to log a locationless cache that Hal had ever seen. Make a sanity check.
  14. I read about Geocaching in the comic book "Knights of the Dinner Table". So far that has been the only use of my GPS unit. Make a sanity check.
  15. quote:Originally posted by Rooster_KF & Double C:Look Ma, a whole herd of ***-kissers. I need to start putting chap stick in my caches. Can I get the co-ord to one of these? Make a sanity check.
  16. When you have ruined two pair of suit pants in mud and sleet, just to find the newest cache in the area after work, even though it will still be there in normal weather on the weekends. Make a sanity check.
  17. I just wish I knew about all the I-5 caches during my honeymoon in October, I could have been a contender! It is very disturbing to see a sign telling you your destination is STILL 300 miles away, and there is not a thing to do but drive. Of course, this has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Make a sanity check.
  18. Mmmmmm, pasties, ya can't get far in da U.P.(Michigan) without seeing a pastie sign, or smoked fish either. Don't forget about the pickled eggs and the $1 Old Style drafts in the U.P. bars either! Make a sanity check.
  19. It only takes a Careless Whisper to put the Boom Boom into my ammo box....Wake me up before this go go's to page 7. PS, I can spell cacophony, and use it in a sentence about ammo boxes, but I choose not to. Make a sanity check.
  20. Sign me up dude, although I am not sure what a Gnutilla is..........can you get a tax deduction for being one? Make a sanity check.
  21. quote:Originally posted by umc:Reminds me of gun control. If you outlaw all of the guns, only the outlaws will have the guns. If you outlaw geocaching, only outlaws will geocache. http://www.mi-geocaching.org/ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Caching without a clue.... UMC, after the removal and archieveing of all the caches in Michigan lately (you know what I am talking about), I AM ready to be an outlaw cacher. Make a sanity check.
  22. Any thread with Wham! references and goats deserves to be 7 pages. I'll be in the Men's room if you need me..... Make a sanity check.
  23. .....and here is the required photo for the "Bring your own Date" locationless cache. Make a sanity check.
  24. I like them. I just did one with a Rubik's Cube, and it was well worth the two hours involved. Make a sanity check.
  25. This is certainly sad news, just have completed 3 caches in the Cannonsburg Wildlife area. I just happened on this thread by viewing "Cubic Madness #1" by Rusty and Libby. I was lucky enough to complete this cache Saturday before it was archived. My question is this: are they going to disallowing Mountain Biking in this area as well? I saw at least 50 bikers during my hunt. I fully support the MiGo decision to comply with the ruling by archieving and removing caches, but are they going to enforce it? I think if Mountain Biking is truly off limits to this area, there is going to be a huge uproar from their community, and maybe the cacheing community should jump on their bandwagon. Please let me know how I can help, since the area where I cached this weekend was awesome, and it saddens me that we can no longer cache there. Trevor Dunson Make a sanity check.
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