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  1. LOL, teefal said "pickle Parking". Ok, now that my tribute to Beevis and Butthead is done, I find this topic interesting. Our town has a large gay population. Having several police officers as friend, I also know there is an area that gay men park for the same activity that started this thread. There are at least 2 caches in this area. Knowing this information, I still went a found these caches. A person's sexual preferance is there own, and no concern to me. I knew about this location, and made a choice to cache anyway. I would not have taken my wife or 6 year old niece here though. I do disagree that this activity take place in public however, whether it be 2 men, or a heterosexual couple. There are plenty of indoor locations for intimate activity. I agree with Jomarac5's concerns regarding this issue. There should be prior knowledge of the type of activities that take place around a cache, before making a choice of going there. Many people take their kids caching. I made an adult decision to find these caches, and I would respect anyone's decision to find or not to find these caches, based on a complete knowledge of what goes on there. Make a sanity check.
  2. sighhh, my wife would like that poem. She asked me last weekend why all our trips have to involve Geocaching, so I hid the 10 printouts I had of the Easten U.P., and limited to one traditional in Mackinaw, and one virt of a lighthouse. Make a sanity check.
  3. I have often dreamed of a magazine just for Geocaching. Of course, the formus cover every single idea I have, or could possible think up. What do you say? Get Garmin and Magellan in those fancy 3 page ads, L.L. Bean and Columbia for the clothing ads, Off and Old Town for the hard to reachs caches. It could work! And monkeys could fly out of my butt! Really... Make a sanity check.
  4. Sometimes I wish I were only 150 feet off! Make a sanity check.
  5. Maybe my original statement was too broad, but it was my understanding that MiGo (the Michigan Geocacheing Organization) was asking all the cache owners to archieve caches in the State Game Areas. The only one I have been to and know by name is the Cannonsburg game area, where I was fourtunate enough to hunt for caches there the weekend before the caches were indeed archived. I believe it is MiGo's stance that cache owner remove and archieve the cahes in these areas, so isn't that indeed the same as having lost the area? It was also my understanding that the reasoning behind banning Geocaching, as well as other activities in these areas, was that were indeed set aside by state and federal dollars for the purpose of hunting during the appropriate seasons, and the regrowth of the hunted species during the non-hunting seasons. I think that is the gist of the issue, so please do not tell me what to post or not to post FireFishe. Make a sanity check.
  6. Great, as long as there isn't any Marc Wallberg caches out there.......insert Dirk Digler joke here. Make a sanity check.
  7. And it continues.......we have lost access to all of the game areas in the State of Michigan lately as well. Those areas have been deemed for hunting only. Make a sanity check.
  8. I never have, and never will (yeah, yeah big talk for only having done 2 hides). I know not to put them in the Sleeping Bear National Park, and the rest is fair game. Make a sanity check.
  9. Thanks Last Gap, I'll look like the biggest goober in the world if I won't get a tick on me. I am not looking forward to ticks! Make a sanity check.
  10. I don't think I am every leaving Michigan ever!!!!!! Make a sanity check.
  11. Ticks, great.....in my 34 years in the Michigan woods, I have only had a tick on me once. So, is there tick spray??? Seriously? Are ticks worse in a certain time of year? The caches I am doing in Maryland are in the North East part, on the Pennsylvania border. I know we are going to the Serpentine Barrows area, and I plan to do a cache in Delaware as well. Make a sanity check.
  12. Survivor in the Amazon was great except for the outcome. I am embarassed I rooted for Christy, since in the end she completely lied, and gave Jenna the vote. Ok, back on topic.... According to JIm.. Jim and the brother take Jim's daughter's geocacheing in the Chicago 'burbs. They get distracted by running into some Blue's legend ( insert legend here, I do not know the blues), and leave the girls at the cache at drink beer with the musician. Meanwhile, cheryl's sister likes some guy who is an active Geocacher, and lies to him that she has 122 finds. They find the kids at the cache, happily playing with McToys. He asks her to get the log for them to sign, so she picks up a stick, exposing her lie. Jim and Andy come home without the kids, Cheryl completely UNDERREACTS to the fact that her husband has lost the kids for the 5th time this season, and Jim cracks a beer, and watches the Bears game. Dana walks in 10 seconds later, with the girls, and whining about men in general. Make a sanity check.
  13. quote: I lived in Maryland for many years and remember running across all kinds of wild nastys (mostly the small type)in all sorts of great hiding places. Ummmm, I am going to visit a friend in Maryland in June, can you expand of what kind of nasties you are talking about? I am from Northern Michigan, so I stick my hand pretty much anywhere I think a cahe may be. Please advise!! Make a sanity check.
  14. I completed two caches on Friday, well after this thread was into it's second page. Both cache's contents were both very lean as far as items, yet it didn't ruin my experience. I did trade up on the first cache ( a candle from a cache earlier in the week), and took a plastic soldier. The second cache I did a TN/LN. I still feel I had a rewarding day, but I can see how other people might not enjoyed it as much. My point is this game is different for all of us, so if you play it the way you would want others to play it, things will work themselves out. I usually trade a nice item when I cache, most often from another cache. But some days I TN/LN/SL, and that is ok too. To bottom line it, play your own game Make a sanity check.
  15. My 6 year old niece loves it, she thinks pirates hide the caches (maybe her strange uncle told her that). Make a sanity check.
  16. quote:Originally posted by Captain Chaoss:Your right, it would make a most excellent episode. Then, Elaine and Putty are "making out" by the cache, and keep getting interrupted by cachers. Ok people, continue with the episode here ! Or start a whole new thread about caching in sitcoms. Ok, Jerry is dating a woman who works for Magellan, and he only caches with an Garmin, but is afraid to tell her. She goes ballistic when she finds out, thus tipping over the oil drum cache, setting free the chinchillas Kosmo Kramer started to raise in the bottom of the cache. dadgum I miss Seinfeld..... Make a sanity check.
  17. I am an avid Bob and Tom VIP member. It is cool that someone else listens to them! I'll be in Indy this summer, do you know if they do tours there or something? I'll be cacheing during the hours I am not gaming at Gencon in July. Thanks Make a sanity check.
  18. Hal took the locationless cache, "Sporting Wood", a little too seriously. Make a sanity check.
  19. Log another visit for the Sleepy Hollow cache. Make a sanity check.
  20. I still use a film camera, and get the CD with the pics. All it takes is to trim the pic down to 100KB, and you are in verifying your loctionless cache! Make a sanity check.
  21. You want art? Check out this....http://maddox.xmission.com/irule.html Sorry, I don't know how to make a link Make a sanity check.
  22. The only things I have used are the golf balls ( to eventually find their way back into the Northern Michigan woods, sans co-ords). The rest I trade back into the next cache I find. Make a sanity check.
  23. quote:Originally posted by Jomarac5:And once again the thread goes off topic leaving those who wish to have an intelligent discussion frustrated once more... What is it with you people? Can you not refrain from making ridiculous comments that have nothing to do with the topic being discussed? So now this topic goes by the wayside and once again it will be brought up in the near future and the same ridiculous people will no doubt point out that this topic has been discussed already. If you don't have something of value to offer the discussion, then why say anything at all? Give your egos a rest and let someone who has something valid to offer have a chance to voice their concerns. ***** No offense, but this is like the 3rd or 4th time you have scolded the user's of this board for going off topic? Did I miss something, or are you a moderator now? You didn't even start the thread. You have posted more off topic spam that anyone (besides me) trying to keep the posts "on topic". You are as guilty as anyone. So that I do not violate the almighty "stay on topic rule" that someone really seems to be concerned about, today I took a homemade candle, and left a Sharpie marker and a dollar, thus in my confused head, I traded even. No hard feelings. Make a sanity check.
  24. How would I rate a quicksand cache? 2.5? Cache description: Hold your breath. Cache container is a 1979 El Dorado. Cache contents (see, even in a worthless post I stay on the subject), 3 gold bars, 2 carat diamond ring mounted in platnium, the missing Beatles demo master tapes, and Jimmy Hoffa. Please trade up. Make a sanity check.
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