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  1. A) Number of caches found 9 B ) Number of forum posts 3 C) Number of FTF's 6 D) Number of caches in a certain difficulty/terrain rating 7 E) Number of Travel Bugs found 7 F) Number of Hides 8
  2. There is a 12 step program. As soon as she breaks out the scrapbook supplies, take 6 steps to grab your gps, and 6 steps to the car. You're outta there. She won't even know your gone I like the way you think!
  3. My wife does stained glass ornaments, but could be talked into scrapbooking if she met the right person. Is there a 12 step program if she does?
  4. Amen to what Bassonpilot said. Punch the co-ord's, take the sheet, and find the cache. If their aren't any clues, find it anyway. Start with some 1/1's, they actually do make you better at this game. I can find micro's now that I'd never find 2 years ago. People think the game is easy when I tell them about it. They think differently when we are out in the woods, and the GPS'er is fillping out. It's all about learning.
  5. I answered "c" for all, even the ones that didn't have c's. Did I pass?
  6. Letter sent March 3, 2 PM. Mr. Turner, I am a successful CPA in Traverse City, MI, I have healthy 4 week old son, and a beautiful wife. I am involved in my community and church. I am active in both golf and bowling leagues, and am Secretary/Treasurer of our local Business Networking International chapter. And I also have found over 100 hidden containers in the woods of Northern Michigan, not to mention 6 other states, so I guess you can add frequent traveler to the list. I haven’t bothered to consult my Webster’s dictionary recently, but it sounds like I have a life, doesn’t it? I’d suggest next time you have a snide comment to share with your viewers, maybe you should think about if it is hurtful. Apparently you hold yourself out to be some kind of religious person, but from what I see, you are just a mean spirited man. T. Dunson Traverse City, MI Man, I really wanted to rip into him, but what good would that do? I hate being an adult at times. Now, back to my general goofiness!
  7. I used to be in here everyday, but this was my first visit in a few months. 4 feet of snow on the ground, and tax season took the wind out of my caching sails. I'll be back, maybe April 16th!
  8. Definately A, but I think I joined a quilting forum, or a satanic cult forum, I cannot tell.
  9. They are to separate things. Take this following statement: T-MAN RULES. Guidelines clearly don't have a place there.
  10. quote:Originally posted by seneca:O.K. , new theory: 696 posts is indicative of the pinnacal of intelligence. From that point intelligence suffers an exponential rate of decay. Ooohhh I can feel it - I'm getting dumber with every post...... At least I have something to look forward to.
  11. I stand corrected. I am sorry this happened to you Mark, it really stinks.
  12. Can we log a web-cam cache if we organize a march?
  13. I have a Michigan Gazetteer, and a cool book about Michigan Trail systems, both of which I have used for Geocaching.
  14. quote:‘I would like to honor my friend so and so with a first to find on a milestone cache, so please give him the opportunity log this one first. It sometimes takes him a few tries so give him a few days! Thanks!’ If you want to do something like this, explain the situation, be curtious, and don’t threaten retribution. BINGO!
  15. The upseting part to me was the threat of log deletion. Caching time for some of us is only available in limited quantity, so if we see a new cache in our area, and go to it, why should we be penalized for trying to have fun? I know the above is a hypothectical situation, and this particular cache was planned out so that the reserved party was right on it, but it still offensive. I still believe if you want a private cache, or a certain someone to find it first, do it on your own time. I agree with J5, this is no differnet then if I set up a cache that the FTF would be a person of a certain race or religion, and that I'd delete logs for anyone not of the particular race or religion until I had the correct FTF.
  16. I think it is totally idiotic. And the fact that they would delete others finds if logged? What a piece of crap the cache creator is. And the funny thing?? The tool that the cache was made for can't even find it! ROFLMFAO. Hey, here is a clue, if you are going to put a private cache for your buds, do it on your own time. It takes a ton of nerve to say you are going to delete finds because and your buddy want to play around.
  17. Can I log a find if I see the Northern Lights tonight?
  18. Hmmm, I took that test this spring, and I was near 50 %. I wish I would have scored higher. It's that dadgum role playing stuff.
  19. Dick finds a travel bug. Dick puts it in his toybox, and plays with his other toys, and never logs it. Bad, naughty Dick.
  20. Hey, that make sense. I am so confused.....
  21. Yes, I am a total geek. I attend gaming conventions to be surrounded be other geeks, and it is good.
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