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  1. A few questions for you experienced types who have probably seen this sort of thing before: In my locale there is a spot that is easily the most popular hiking/walking area in town. It gets heavy traffic and is carefully maintained by a local group of volunteers. They have carefully constructed, maintained, and improved several trails in this popular area. They have posted more than a few "stay on the trail" signs, as well, with the intent of preserving the natural landscape and avoiding damage from straying foot traffic. From what I've seen, this is a common sort of expectation of courtesy in many hiking areas around the US that get heavy traffic. There are a few geocaches on the trail as well as 2 nice earthcaches. I found one of the traditionals recently, it was barely off the trail. I felt a little uncomfortable getting it because the culture is very much "stay on the trail". Since then I've been thinking about this more. There is another cache that is clearly significantly off the trail. At least 100 feet away. I'm really surprised it was placed there. I doubt it was with the blessing of whoever is "in charge" of the land. There is a "centennial preserve" that "protects" the land. I seriously doubt the volunteer group or centennial preserve would be happy to know of the cache's existence. My concern is that this cache (these caches?) is (are?) against the local rules and could have a negative effect on the reputation of geocaching. But should I be a busybody whistleblower on this? Is it "none of my business?" Should I just "vote with my feet" and not go to the other cache, just not say anything? Or should I be more proactive?
  2. I hate to say it, but if one is really concerned about hitting 100 and getting all the souvenirs, one could always resort to a power trail.... In contrast to such a mundane and distasteful idea, I want to echo barefootjeff's post just above me about how there was so much potential here for something fun.... Oh well. I still enjoy geocaching as-is!
  3. I found this one today, it's in a makeshift birdhouse, a SIMPLE INSPECTION of the small wooden structure reveals a linchpin that you pull out, allowing you to open the side and access the cache. ------ Premium Member 853 Found it 5/13/2018 Like the other cachers, we found the container, but it was screwed shut and we didn't want to break anything, Probably needs a check by CO? --- Premium Member 2353 Found it 4/14/2018 I found it. I know that from the hint. But I couldn't get it to open, and I didn't want to try and force to open and break the cache. --- Premium Member 26 Didn't find it 3/12/2018 I'm assuming it's inside the birdhouse, but it has been drilled shut. Could've been a cool find, though!
  4. I've only done a couple of virtuals but so far I've been underwhelmed. I could see people making virtuals of "the tree in their front yard" if unrestricted publishing of virtuals were allowed. Can you imagine a virtual cache power trail?? "No need to send a message to log this one... or the next one... or the next 2000 ones......." Earthcaches have been much more interesting for me.
  5. What do you appeal, the decision to publish a cache or is it something else?
  6. I "found" one just the other day, clearly muggled, only the magnetic bottom was there, right where the hint described, with no lid or log. I didn't log a "find", instead I logged a "needs maintenance" As was stated before, If I log a find then that is sending a signal to others that the cache is in good shape What's so hard about this concept?
  7. It was, and it turns out that there is currently no such thing
  8. Ok so 31 day streak isn't really a milestone then - what milestone should I go for, assuming I continue to enjoy the streak? I mean, is there some threshold that most challenges ask for?
  9. I noticed people have “31 days of geocaching” souvenirs. I assumed that was for streaks? I just hit a 31 day streak but no souvenir yet. Are there souvenirs for streaks? If not, what would be a good milesone for a streak?
  10. I randomly found a geocoin of a sheep. It's mission was to "find other 4-legged creatures that produce wool." The crazy thing was, I was literally going to drive over 600 miles away, across several states, to visit my grandpa, who helps his neighbors take care of their flock of sheep during spring break, when all the baby lambs are being born. I was leaving on that trip THAT VERY SAME DAY. I was going for a micro cache with a plastic beetle attached as camouflage, hidden in a bush in a public park. The cache description wanted you to post in your log what your favorite song was from The Beatles. As I walked back to my car, I decided (even though it isn't quite a Beatles song) that I was going to choose Live and Let Die, by Paul McCartney. I got in my car and turned it on. THAT WAS THE SONG PLAYING ON THE RADIO!!
  11. Something about this topic just infuriates me If someone threw down on one of my hides, it would probably take me a few moments to compose myself For myself, hey I'm a busy guy and sometimes I find a cache that just needs some more time to find it and I don't have the time at that visit. C'est la vie. I have no problems putting a frowny and maybe trying again some other time, especially if other people are finding it after me. I also usually word my logs in a way to avoid the suggestion that the only reason I couldn't find it must be because it was missing. (I apparently have this problem IRL, that is, my spouse tells me that I tend to have this attitude that if I can't do or figure something out then it must be impossible, so this geocaching thing has been somewhat therapeutic on that front)
  12. Oh I thought Dave Ulmer’s Cache was called “the spot”, guess I was confused there
  13. I (and others) thought you were asking about the oldest cache that is still in its original state. Because "the spot" is THE original geocache. Like, the very first one that started this game. You could read up on it on wikipedia or similar.
  14. Yep I overheard our local geocaching guru at an event talking about how difficult it was for them to reach 500 points. They have over 23k finds and I'm pretty sure they've found 99% (if not 100%) of the caches in our home area. So yeah, getting the 500 points would be pretty dang tough for that person. It would basically mandate geocaching-based trips out of town. Now me, with well under 200 finds under my belt even now, the event was easy street.
  15. Wouldn't it be funny if the CO determined that the cache WASN'T missing, deleted their find, and then it negated their qualification for the challenge cache?
  16. my cache already got published less than 24 hr after submission, AND found, so I guess that's that
  17. Yes, and I went ahead and finished the video, hid the cache, and submitted the puzzle for publishing. I'm crossing my fingers that the wealth of precedent (even though the rules clearly state that there's no such thing as precedent for publishing a cache) will get me through.
  18. I wanted to try a W3W puzzle myself but was concerned that it could be solved without using GPS coordinates, which would be against the rules But on the other hand, I can see that there are many W3W puzzles out there that have been published I just don't want to go through the effort of making my puzzle (my twist on it will require a significant bit of effort on my part) and then have it rejected
  19. Thanks guys, lots of options here I got it working now My downfall was that I have been using the map page as my geocaching "home base" Looks like searching for the code just about ANYWHERE else works!
  20. So I've seen geocaches referenced on other sites (ie Reddit or YouTube) by their GC code, as if that's all you need to find them yourself on geocaching.com But if I put the GC code in the search field, it says "sorry no results" I've tried zooming out to include the whole Earth, thinking maybe it's only searching the caches that are present on the screen, but that doesn't work either I'm stumped, how does referencing the GC code help you find a particular cache?
  21. My 5 year old is interested because he knows I like it. He has once or twice found a cache before me, even. He’s very interested in swag. My eight year old enjoys being the one to find the cache. She’s actually pretty good at it. She also likes to navigate to the geozone. She also likes swag. My eleven year old bought his own premium account with his own $. He doesn’t even have his own GPS-enabled device, just borrows Mom or Dad phone. My advice with the young kids would be: The five year old can probably be in “tag along” mode. An older kid you could let run the show, just be conscious of what kind of cache you’re going for, maybe stick to easier ones, and don’t plan long excursions only dedicated to geocaching because they’ll likely tire of it before you do.
  22. There's one of these in my area hidden not too long ago, but it's not too bad It's a large PVC tube which is well hidden Inside are about 6 or 8 film canisters stacked up, one of which contains the log It was enough containers that the idea was "cute" instead of "really irritating"
  23. Realizing I could figure this out, I looked at some of the caches hid in prior years for the geocoin challenge and counted the logs. Nearly 300 people were logging a find on the first day of these caches being published. So yeah, line ups I guess?
  24. I think the problem with tupperware is going to be long-term durability
  25. I’m really new to the game and trying to get interested in the different aspects. I’m trying for a streak, I figure I better try it while I’m new and there are plenty of caches to find near my home. I’m not very far into it, I think just getting 31 days or some easy milestone should be good enough. What you guys say about streaking becoming a chore and degrading the fun makes a lot of sense and I don’t want to fall into that trap. For hides, I definitely am interested in putting thought and effort into my hides. I hid a nice one not too long ago “Secret Swamp” which I’m pretty proud of finding this interesting location in the middle of town, and so far only 2 separate entities (a team and 1 other person) have found it. I’m working on several different projects for more intricate hides, including the first 5/5 hide in my area, as well as a series of YouTube videos, and I’m growing increasingly concerned that my efforts will all be for only a very few people. For now I’m going to press forward with the intent of 1) improving the quality of caches in my area, set a good example, raise the bar 2) so I can look back and say “I did that, at least I tried my best”
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