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  1. My brother and I are trying to set up a teamwork cache. Question - does it have to be "mystery" blue question mark type? Or can it be multi-cache. The mechanics of ours is going to be strictly multi-cache, just the stage 1 info at one cache will be applied to the other, and vice versa. I ask because I get the sense that plenty of people "skip over" mystery caches, don't even look at 'em. But maybe they do the same for multis?
  2. Wondering if it's possible to imbed a YouTube video directly onto a cache description page instead of just linking to it. I'm extremely HTML illiterate so I have no idea.
  3. I couldn't have said it better myself! I do the same thing with DNF's. Luckily we don't get a lot of throwdowns in my neck of the wood but the mere idea of a throwdown really ticks me off, and I think Ageleni has hit a lot of nails on their heads with her post.
  4. You might be a geocacher if you're more interested in a store's parking lot than the store itself.
  5. There ARE caches in amusement parks, at the top of the empire state building, in state parks that demand a fee for entrance, etc etc. There is also an attribute you can apply to indicate that a fee may be required to reach the cache!!!
  6. I recently hiked a trail to Cape Falcon in Oregon, and there were a string of top-notch caches along the trail, made by Seawind. In retrospect I realize it was a "power trail" of sorts. At least, I think it's what you're getting at. The key here was two-fold: 1. it was along a great hike, not some random road 2. each cache was highest quality and a lot of thought went into the hides. It was perfectly done, really. They were hidden well enough that they wouldn't get muggled by the considerable foot traffic on the trail, but not so well that they were very difficult to find. After all, I was there to do the hike, not spend all day looking for well-hidden caches. The description pages had very useful hints, that was part of how he did it. To Seawind, again, hats off to you and thanks for an enjoyable caching experience.
  7. I did the survery, and yes, there was an area to give free-text feedback, which I took advantage of.
  8. One feature I've been more happy with lately (if you're a puzzle solver) is the ability to easily view the description in HTML mode. This is useful in a variety of situations (generally for puzzle solvers).
  9. I generally don't trade swag either, but..... There's been a couple of times where I came across something nice, unique, and cool, and actually wanted it. So now I do carry some swag just in case.
  10. I'm not real knowledgeable on this topic but I was under the impression that there are apps that can scramble your real phone# so that people won't be able to detect it. Maybe you could look into that if you really want that cache....
  11. I don't appear to have the ability to change the number of tries allowed. I've carefully re-reviewed the geocaching guidelines about requiring you to contact CO, requiring you to set up an account on a different website, etc. So using Certitude for keyword to get the coordinates is straying into the gray zone there.... But I guess it falls within guidelines because you don't *have* to log in to use it. You just get very limited use of it in 1 day (or no use if someone beat you to it)
  12. Well maybe it is right. The FAQ says that all anonymous guesses are considered as coming from one entity, and It is allowed a maximum of 10 guesses per day. So it’s easy to max out if you are not logged in. Hoping to hear some confirmation from someone who has experience
  13. Help! So a puzzle of mine got published today, and it uses Certitude. This is my first time using it. When I set it up, everything seemed fine. But now people are trying it and it's giving them a message that they've exceeded their 2 guesses. Even if it was their first guess. I tried it myself on a computer at work, not logged in, and got the same message. Surely that can't be right?
  14. Okay with some persistence I finally got both pictures into the cache description What you need to do is: 1. go to imgur profile 2. view your IMAGES not your POSTS 3. from there you can get the proper link
  15. Never mind, I got it While messing around in Imgur I found a NEW/DIFFERENT way to view the post which included all sorts of ways to link to the image including an "HTML" one, and that one worked I had tried to recreate this link myself by spying on the source code of another cache page that was linking to Imgur, but I couldn't get it to work Now it works -shrug-
  16. Hi all, I desperately need to finish this cache and get it submitted for publishing, but I'm hung up on getting the images to display. I made 2 images in photoshop and then exported them into JPEG format. I tried uploading them to the cache page but I kept getting error messages "oops something went wrong try again later" So I uploaded them to Imgur and now I'm trying to link that but I must be doing something wrong I saw somewhere in a google search (trying to troubleshoot) that I need a link that says i.imgur but Imgur is not offering me that link with the i. in front....? Here is one of the imgur images that I need added https://imgur.com/a/K8AOkQT Dunno if this matters but the imgur image on my browser initially appears blank until I click on it with the magnifying glass, and then it's there... Who knew you need to be an HTML professional to geocache, eh?
  17. How deep does one go in terms of due diligence to get landowner permission before making a hide? For example, I'm looking at the area around these coordinates: 46.209584, -118.962338 The Walla Walla WA county assessor tells me that this land belongs to the "US Government" I've compared this to a lot of other land that has geocaches on it and it seems okay But is there some way to secure permission...?
  18. Can someone explain to me how certitude works? Does it only accept coordinates or does it accept "other answers" too like keywords and such, and then it gives you the coordinates? (I heard that such a thing might exist...) I tried to log in to the certitude site and create my own certitude to see if it only accepts coordinate answers or if it accepts keyword or other weird stuff, but unfortunately the site won't recognize me. "unexpected error" :/
  19. Put your something special in the cache and write a note on the cache page explaining the situation
  20. That's cool! I've definitely put this idea on the back burner for now, for a variety of reasons. Popularity, risk, logistical issues, etc. That said, I ran into my SCUBA friend a few days ago, and he asked me, "When are you going to make that underwater cache??" He was pretty excited to help set it up. He's not even a geocacher. But he is a SCUBA instructor and has arranged underwater navigational courses, etc, in the past. So I got some good ideas from him. He feels confident that, if done properly, a physical item put in the Columbia could remain stationary. The big problem will be algae growth. Whatever is down there is basically going to turn to slime, and quickly. If I were to make one of these, my idea would be a multicache where there is an underwater stage that gives information for the final. In other words, I'm shying away from putting the actual cache underwater at this time. My setup would be a large concrete block with metal ring (I happen to already have one of these on my property lol), with metal cable attached, with a number of washers on the metal cable, with a PVC tube to provide buoyancy to make it a little more conspicuous underwater. The information is conveyed in the # of washers on the metal cable. I would love to collaborate with you on this project! I'll send you a private message with more details of what I've thought out.
  21. Okay I guess I missed the first line - I was hurrying along to the bullet points! Maybe I should remove teamwork attribute from my cache
  22. This argument likely undermines the value of having a teamwork attribute, but: There's nothing in 2.19 to say that teamwork attribute can't be applied to other caches (like my CITO). Yes, it would be nice if things were a little more explicit, like "only use this attribute for that specific type of cache". But that language is not to be found. So then we have the teamwork attribute (and other attributes) being put on all sorts of things, as Isonzo Karst already mentioned above.
  23. But you will need teamwork to clean the entire area in a timely manner (not to mention get to this particular location and get the trash out)
  24. I made a CITO event and added on the teamwork attribute, seemed appropriate for a CITO?
  25. It may get around the rule because technically you could solve the teamwork cache without help if you physically went to the other location yourself?
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