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  1. With the demise of Virtual caches and the increased usage of Nano caches, I would like to propose a new cache type. A physical cache that contains a question applicable to the cache that must be emailed to the cache owner prior to logging a find. Why? Paper in Nano caches is easily destroyed - particularly if it is desirable to record more than half a dozen initials / dates on it. The solution is to have a small piece of paper that is less likely to be destroyed, with just a pre-printed question on it. No requirement to sign / date it. The cache owner could also then change the question regularly to ensure that the same wannabes who flit around the world in a few hours, logging virtuals, could not find out the question (from a 'real' cacher?). There have been two nano-caches that I know of that have been archived recently as they contain a question like I propose. They were changed by the cache owner(s) from a 'traditional' cache due to the difficulty in maintaining the log. The 'question' works well and cachers who logged the find were receptive. The local reviewer thought differently - and of course their ruling is in line with the guidelines. As this 'game' progresses, I feel that we should not remain 'traditional' but should allow some 'innovation'. After all, the types of containers are multiplying and I think the 'cache type' should evolve as well.
  2. We've been begging for this for years now. It is completely trivial to implement on the log page, and the time is already stored for the logs anyway; it is just set to midnight right now. I am perplexed that such a simple and self-evidently valuable feature hasn't been added. To make it worse, the longer it goes without being implemented, the more logs there are out there without this valuable information. OK, now to ask what may be a really silly question - but how do change requests get put in front of The Powers That Be? In the few caches (12 in 21 days) that I have found, I've generally entered the time in the first line of the log. The time was noted in Cachemate on my Treo 650 EBA (Essential Business Accessory aka gadget). This has resulted in some clarity for me and it seems an obvious function to have as standard. As does the User specified locale settings. Who do we go begging to? Are there procedures and policies in place for this? I'd thought that this Forum would be a path to a resolution. Or do we just all talk to ourselves <he asks, tongue in cheek>?
  3. Thanks for the info there - I've changed my settings for these forums
  4. Good Morning (15 Feb in New Zealand Time but probably 14 Feb in Geocache Server Time). 1. Is it possible for the Date to be displayed in Local Date (eg: Use PC Regional Settings) instead of the Date on the Geocaching server when enter cache and TB logs? Reason: New Zealand (and other places) are a day ahead of the Geocaching Server. So (for example), today shows as 14 February when logging a cache/TB but it is actually 15 February here in New Zealand. Geocacher satisfaction level could be enhanced by not having to edit the post to change the date. 2. Is it possible to add a Time field to the cache/TB logs also? And - then sort the logs by Date then Time? Geocacher satisfaction level would again be increased by allowing logs on a cache/TB that have multiple 'hits' on the same day be displayed in the order the Geocacher visited the cache - not when the log was entered. Cheers.
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