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  1. thank you Max and 99.... I plan to place the trackable this coming week when I head to Southern Ontario..... sadly the caches I know of in Northern Ontario where I am now are not accessible due to weather 

  2. Question..... I know people put out "proxies" of the trackables they purchase just in case it goes missing so they can replace it easily..... can we do this with the TMNT trackables as well???? just curious as I would like to know if we can avoid having them disappear forever

  3. On 9/30/2019 at 10:48 AM, driveby said:

    No email so i guess i wasn't chosen.  I have yet to place my smokey trackable because i want to put it on a smokey the bear figure that i have yet to secure.  I might have screwed myself out of this one because of that.  I figured that since it was such an icon trackable, it should have something of equal value to send it off with.  Hopefully once i get it out there, i will be taken off the black list.  is there a map for the Smokey trackable like the TMNT map?

    Not necessarily..... I had not recieved an email but just found a TMNT trackable in my mail today..... gonna have to find a place to put it out soon :)

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