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  1. I have the Oregon 650, my first handheld GPSr, and have never done a Wherigo cache. I do have an Android smartphone so if anyone could suggest a nice Wherigo app to use, I'd like to give one of these caches a try someday. Sadly, no. Garmin and Groundspeak had a bit of a falling out a few years ago, and as far as I can tell the feud continues today. Probably for that reason, Garmin stopped supporting Wherigo caches (which are a Groundspeak invention) in their newer GPS units and there's no indication that will change any time soon. If you have a smart phone, there are Wherigo apps that you can use. I can't recommend one since I've never tried them. --Larry
  2. Lost 4 brand new ones at MOGA 2014 Never even got to use them. You want the low self discharge NiMH type batteries. The black Sanyos I mentioned above are exactly those type and they are fantastic batteries.
  3. I keep my cache list updated with GSAK. I can have thousands of them on there at any one time. Filter the list depending on what I want to look for, update the list, load it to the GPS and go.
  4. Right, I'd like to know if I'm closer to the .10 range or closer to it rolling over to .2 Helps to know how many more feet away the cache actually is, especially when you're in the thick of something. Is it right there .1 away(528'+), or is further down closer to .2 away but I can't tell because it's under 1,056' and my GPS has not rolled over to .2 yet.
  5. Right, but what about above .10 mile, is it possible?
  6. I have a Garmin Oregon 650 and maybe I have overlooked a setting but I cannot find where to change the units. I see where to change it to statute, metric, nautical, etc.. But I'd like my distance to the next waypoint or the cache to read in feet. Instead of .1 mile it would read 529' or 823' until next.
  7. Yep. I've learned a good bit from all this. Thanks for the replies.
  8. I will need to run the bookmark list into a PQ and load into GSAK. However, I still need something in a CSV format to run in the macro to update the coords. This is where my .loc file possibly helped? Opening this in excel provided me with the GC Code, Lat, and Long that just need updated with the new coord information and re-saved as a csv file. Or am I making this WAY to hard on myself? Either way it seems like a lot of copy/pasting but it's better than pushing a button, marking a way point, and changing the coords all on my GPS screen.
  9. I was able to pull a bookmark of the 125 original caches and open the .loc file in excel. From here I can update the data and follow the suggested steps, http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=19266&st=0entry156236
  10. Sounds like a plan, thanks for the advice.
  11. I recently solved 125 caches for a geoart and have all the correct coordinates. Are there simpler ways to enter these into my GPS, instead of keying them 1 by 1 as a waypoint? Example, importing into Excel, using Basecamp, Google Earth, GSAK, etc...anything to make the process easier and quicker?
  12. Looks like more than one could be right. Another reason why I too,hate them. Most of the time I take a few extra seconds to actually say thank you for the cache. In this instance the cacher was saying MTF=MORE TO FOLLOW. It was a temp log until he/she could edit it later. He/she is from Georgia so I'm not sure if it's a regional thing as to what your acronym means or what? I do like minute to find or moderately tacky find though too.
  13. Nope. I'm in West Virginia and it was just a simple cache in a cemetery.
  14. Yeah there are so many "MTF" meanings on he interwebs but none are relating back to geocaching. I've searched it and found the acronym dropped in other forums, logs, descriptions, and titles but no references what it actually means.
  15. OK, perhaps I have missed something but I have not come across it until now and I did do a few lazyish searches but did not come up with the answer. For geocaching, what does MTF stand for? I have seen caches with this in the title and in logs. Please ease my pain of not knowing what this stands for.
  16. I've been in a few very very busy places with people walking and driving by and I doubt that one person even noticed me. They are going about their business as they do day to day with their same old routines none probably turned their heads long enough to notice someone searching for a cache. I had an officer stop once, thanks to a cache near a local police station. He only asked if I was one of those "geo trekkers". He had an idea what it was and I explained it to him and he just gave me a good luck and pulled off. Now I've also grown accustomed to finding caches on private property and front porches, the hiders generally love to talk and if you get a good spot like an old bed n breakfast you can learn some nice history from the people. I get more strange looks from friends that I talk about my geocaching adventures with than those that are just passing by and care to look my way.
  17. Have you tried a different cable? Yes, I had a similar cable from a cell and it does the same. Slight wiggle, contact breaks and it switches modes.
  18. First major problem. I seem to have gotten a short in the unit where it plugs in. I plug it in, it goes into mass storage mode and a slight wiggle of the cord and the unit beeps, turns on and shows a plug in the corner like it's charging and I get an error message about how it's the wrong plug for the accessory? Looks like this will be getting exchanged already.
  19. Great, thanks for the update. The compass has been quite irritating and I'll be taking mine out into dense tree cover this weekend. Hope it all works well.
  20. Agreed with the PQ's. Then it's just a matter of clicking on "Pocket Queries" in the app, selecting the query you want, and in the upper right clicking on the "..." and selecting Save to Offline List. Hope this helps. Btw, make sure you're on a good wi fi connection if you're downloading a bunch. I've had troubles with it stopping the download if my phone goes idle and screen goes black.
  21. I'll give you a million $ if you take my wife, just bear in mind my 3 kids come with her.
  22. To me it's going to take time and effort to pull off a longer streak. I'm fairly newer to the hobby and for me it will be more of a challenge. Plus, I'm throwing in a week long vacation into the middle of it so I have to plan accordingly there.
  23. The above site posted by Gitchee-Gummee has worked well for me. Also, http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ for free routable maps are nice to have.
  24. You may type 1,000 max into the box. I usually set it to caches not found by me and maybe adjust the terrain to what I feel like doing that particular day. 500 is the default to have them emailed to you, any after 500 and you have to download the PQ from the site. You could also try running GSAK and downloading up to I think 8,000 caches and you further filter them from there. There are many possibilities you could do and ways to mix it up to get exactly what you're looking for.
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