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  1. I wonder if anyone from Groundspeak reads these posts every now and then?
  2. Thank you for the answer. It seems to me that for a mapping based hobby, they should update their maps more often, like once a month let's say.
  3. Hello. Do you know how often geocaching.com updates map trails. Also, is it necessary to use a certain type of line on OpenStreetMap that the path is visible in the geocaching maps? Tks.
  4. When I use the map and I zoom out more than 2 km, the caches I already found reappear on the map even if I checked the option not to show them. Why not let them invisible no matter what zoom level you choose. It will be easier to do a search for places to go to make caches. However, it works for the type of caches chosen no matter the zoom level, but not for our discovered caches. That will be a good improvement to change that. Tks.
  5. If we have many lists, it would be nice to be able to copy, or move, caches from one list to the other.
  6. Tks for the answers. I found the filter that mineral2 was talking about and I think that at least the DNF won't show up in the list of caches not found.
  7. I would like to find a way to have a symbol on the map of my Oregon 450 when I make a DNF. Presently I have a nice little treasure chest for a found but no symbol for a DNF. Is-that possible ? It happened to me a few times to return to a cache already done during the day. Tks.
  8. Hi everybody. I own an OREGON 450. I had a micro sd card of 2 G in it with two files for the maps of north america named : gmapprom.img of 117 428 ko gmapsupp.img of 1 458 336 ko I downloaded a map with more details for Canada from Open Street Map wich was in a zip folder named "Canada Garmin Map 2014.10.29" when I opened this folder the name of the file inside has the same "gmapsupp.img" name file but was 1 047 776 ko. (I can't change the name of that file). There is only one file in the folder. I put this new file (OSM), with the 2 other (old) files in a folder named GARMIN on a new micro sd card (16 G) because the previous one was too small (2 G). So now 3 maps are in that GARMIN folder. I have changed the name of my old gmpasupp.img file of 1.4 G for "gmapsupporiginal.img" because this file would permit me to change the name but the new one from OSM would not let me do it. Before, the map on the screen of my GPS was a traditional Garmin type of map with the names of all the streets, etc. Now, when I open my GPS, it goes directly on the OSM Canada. Even if I go in SETUP, MAPS, MAP INFO AND SELECTION and disable the OPEN STREET MAP and actived the GARMIN NORTH AMERICA, it still continue to show the OSM map on my GPS screen. Even so, the two different maps (OSM and GARMIN) appears in the list of maps available for selection. Sometimes, I would like to have less details and would like to go back to my old Garmin map of north america. My question, how can I have those maps seperatly and see only one at the time on my screen. I tried to rename the gmapsupp.img file comming from the OSM but it's lock. I have put all those 3 maps in the same GARMIN FOLDER. Should I create a new folder. Or a second "Garmin" folder, or put the whole unzip folder (Canada Garmin map) in the Garmin folder of my new micro sd card. Also, do I need to keep the "gmapprom.img" file on the sd card ? What is the best way to install new maps of different regions on the same sd card ? Thanks.
  9. The spell checker inside Firefox is working fine, that's the program that I bought to check also grammar errors which is not working. I used it for more than a year without any problem and suddenly, it stopped working. Like right now, I made a test and used it in this box on that forum and the program starts without any problem. It's only in the box when I log the caches that the program refuse to start. It's too bad, that's exacly for that purpose I bought this program.
  10. Hello, I speak French and I hope I can still explain my problem in English. Since a month, following what seemed like a new version of the geocaching.com web page, I have a problem with my spell checker. He does not want to correct my text when I log a cache. I use the french program "Antidote". I use the Firefox browser, but I have the same problem with Explorer. I wrote to the company Antidote and they tell me they only support large programs such as Word, Excel, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.. Since the problem is only with geocaching.com, and nowhere else, I think a change was made in the last update which prevents my software to start. My error message is "The software does not find the text, put the cursor in the text". I have the problem when I'm in the box to log my visit of a cache. Can you find a solution to this problem. I bought this program primarily to use it when I log caches and it no longer works. The link for Antidote software : My link TKS
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