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  1. Fantastic! Thank you, Keystone!
  2. I also did the same search that HHL did and found the same result. I did notice that several of the caches were achieved. Keystone, yes, I am referring to the oldest active cache in each county. Is there a way you can send me a list of those or attach a link to this post?
  3. I am wanting to find the oldest cache in each county of my home state of Ohio. Is there a way to search or filter for each county's oldest cache?
  4. For some reason my app started opening it's navigation in Uber as well. This post came in very helpful! Thanks!
  5. Hello all. I also have the whereyougo app and have an Android Samsung S10. I am also having the same problem downloading the wherigos into my phone. I have found a work around but takes a little extra work. I download the cartridge from my home computer and place the file on my desktop. I then plug in my phone to the computer and open up the phone's files until I find the whereyougo app. Then simply drag and paste the file from your desktop into the whereyougo file on your phone. Then the cartridge will appear in your whereyougo app when you press start. I know this takes a little more effort, but there's really no other choice unless you use an older GPS that supports wherigos. After you do it a few times you can do it in a matter of seconds. Hope this helps!
  6. This is happening to me as well. Moreover, when I try to view my stats the different categories just have the loading circle spinning and they never load. This is happening when I access my project-gc stats from my geocaching.com profile. Anyone else having this issue?
  7. Very good information. Thanks for all the help!
  8. I just did a test using a pocket query for the month of Nov. 2000 and made my distance of 3000 mi. The only cache that came back was Turkey Run. Seems like there should have been more results but at least I got that response.
  9. I see that option on there but I am not a paying member, so I can't use that. Is there another way?
  10. I have just recently completed my Jasmer and using the hidden month tool on Project-GC really helped me to locate those caches needed to fulfill that challenge. I now want to go after my double Jasmer. How can I isolate those caches needed to fill in those months? I tried using the same tool but it says there are no caches found since I have already filled that month.
  11. I have never downloaded a pocket query to my app and was wondering how to go about doing it. I have a buddy who has solved all of the puzzles for a Geoart and has emailed me the pocket query (gpx file). How do I go about importing that into my Galaxy 8 phone so that I hale all of the solved coords on my phone?
  12. As soon as I started caching I knew I would be doing this for a long time. So I invested in a Garmin 550t GPS. It is paperless and very easy to use once you get used to it. I find the phone not as accurate as the GPS.
  13. I have managed to download PQ's on my Windows 8.1 but it has always been trial and error and takes a very long tome to get them to work out. Can anyone give me detailed step-by-step instructions on the proper way for doing PQ's with Windows 8.1? I could do them with ease when I had Vista but Windows 8.1 is a different beast. Thanks!
  14. I just published a new cache hide and have placed a TB that I received as a gift in it. How do I drop that TB in that cache so that it shows up in the cache's inventory?
  15. That did the trick! Just did a crash course in HTML and got it! Thanks for the help!!
  16. When you create a new cache page you get the options to use bold or italics or different font sizes and colors. But if/when you need to edit the page it doesn't seem to give you those options. Is this correct or am I missing something?
  17. Nevermind...I just figured it out!
  18. I have changed my email and I want to update it in my account. I have added my new email into my account but my old email still shows as primary. How do I delete my old email?
  19. Thanks for all the feedback! I'm gonna take a look at it tonight and run a couple of PQ's to see how it goes. I work approx. 25 miles from my home and a typical PQ will only take me about 6-8 miles away. Thanks again, all!
  20. I use GSAK for downloading my pocket queries to my GPS. I usually do a PQ using my home as my center point but now I want to also do a PQ using my work place as a center point. Can I put both PQ files into GSAK or do I need to delete one PQ to place the other in GSAK?
  21. I played around with this a little last night and seems to be exactly what I was looking for. I am anxious to try it out. I have a solved puzzle si I will be using ti soon. Thanks again!
  22. It's for this very reason that I don't use the Geocaching dashboard. Instead, I use 4 data fields, which I set to: -Distance to next -Pointer (an arrow that points in the direction of the waypoint/cache you're currently navigating to) -Time of day -GPS accuracy You could also get away with using just 2 data fields and set them to "distance to next" and "pointer". This way you have a representation of how far you still have to go, and in which direction. None of that automatic "I think you want to navigate to this location" to worry about. Of course, the data fields can be set to a wide variety of parameters, so you might find you prefer others than I do, but I think you'll find you like data fields better than the dashboard. Thanks, A-Team. I've seen that option on my GPS but never used it. I might give it a try and see if I like it.
  23. Thank you both for your replies. To JBnW: Your thought is partially correct. Let me give you an example. Say you solve a puzzle and then get the coordinates to the cache. I select "Where to" on my GPS and manually enter in the cords as a waypoint. I then select "Go" and it draws the line direct to the cache. However, the compass heading and distance remaining refers to the next closest traditional cache. There's no navigation to stop because I haven't selected a cache. The GPS automatically thinks I'm heading to the closest cache, even though the line on the map shows the correct path to the manually-entered cords. I hope I'm explaining this well enough. I was wondering what others did when entering and following manually-entered cords.
  24. I have an Oregon 550t and I have selected the geocaching dashboard to search for caches. It gives me the compass with the heading, the distance remaining to GZ and draws a line from my location straight to the cache site. However, when ever I manually enter coordinates it draws the line to the cache but displays the closest geocache information, such as compass heading and remaining distance, not the information for the maually-entered coordinates. I have tried changing the dashboard to give me the correct compass heading and distance for the manual-entered coordinates but nothing seems to work. What does everyone else do when you have to enter cords maually?
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