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  1. The new guidelines seem to restrict Earth caches that are primarily based on air and water. Last we checked the “Earth” had more water, than land. There are many locations near our oceans, lakes and streams, where the interaction of water and the atmosphere plays important role in shaping the “Earth” For example the Gulfstream and the Labrador current intersect and cause many interesting options for earth caches. Not all will be directly related to the physical earth. There are tidal pools and various currents around islands and in large bodies of water that affect our planet. The flow of air, wind currents etc. caused by atmospheric phenomenon are some other examples. We wonder why you have restricted out two thirds (air and water) of the forces that shape our planet/earth? If you consider this category an “Earthcache”, why not let earth caches be representative of all the forces that shape our earth/planet? We are retired full time RVers who use geocaching as way to find interesting places, gain knowledge and meet folks with similar interests. For us it’s not the “game” of geocaching and trying to see how many geocaches we can find, but more what we learn when we go to a geocaching location. I know we are not alone in this view of geocaching. We meet folks every day that enjoy the activity and could care less how many geocaches they can find in a day, week or month. We see many moves by geocaching administration to cater more to the avid geocacher than the recreational geocacher like ourselves. For example, allowing geocaches to be placed along a narrow two lane road w/o shoulders or places to park to retrieve the caches. Last we checked not allowing new virtual caches to be placed. A particular problem for us wanting to get people to interesting places in ecologically sensitive locations (such as the 6.5 million acre Adirondack Park in NY for example) . We wonder why so much emphasis on making sure geocachers get “deserved credit” for their cache and not more emphasis on the quality of the location the cache resides. Chris & Edith – CTC42 PS: we know about Waymarking and Benchmarking but those locations are often restaurants and other commercial establishments and there are far fewer Waymarks than geocaches. Geocaching is generally more rural and w/o the commercial locations.
  2. There are many places it’s not appropriate to place a cache container. It’s not just National Parks, National Cemeteries and archeological sites. There are environmentally sensitive areas such as the largest park in the United States, the 6.5 million acre Adirondack State Park. There are some caches there with containers, but our view is that there are many interesting places that are environmentally sensitive and cache containers don’t belong there. By not making virtual caches available you are encouraging cacher’s to place actual cache containers that really do not belong there. We have enjoyed virtual caches more than many caches with cache containers. National cemeteries with plaques, and public cemeteries have lots of history that just don’t need containers. There are also high traffic areas that would be well suited to virtual caches. We’ve seen cache containers in some very inappropriate and dangerous places. For example on an open 440 volt electric box on a canal gate in FL. Those are the caches that should be policed and moved. We would like to see the return of virtual caches. We are RV’ers that travel throughout the USA. We’d like to place some caches, but feel that because we travel extensively we should not place caches with containers because we cannot maintain them for several months a year while we are traveling. For us it isn’t the thrill of finding the cache container, nor trading items, it’s the places geocaching takes us. By removing virtual caches, Geocaching is not allowing geocachers to share those great interesting places. Waymarks do not appear in the list of geocaches. I guess we just don’t get it, What is Groundspeak protecting? You can guess we are more than a little annoyed that virtual caches are no longer being allowed to be placed!
  3. I guess we must be in different computer worlds. I have a very slow internet connection it take 4-5 minutes to load each page I switch to on the web. I need a one click button to bring up a page to print. I'm using Internet Explorer ver.6 with XP SP3. When I bring up the print 5 logs page, I see the little arrows and collapse some of the stuff I don't want but there are still large spaces between the items. The hint is decripted because I did that before I sent it to the print page. The decript matrix is still there taking up space. If it's decripted what do I need the decript matrix for? After collapsing some of the items I don't want using the arrows, a window pops up and says Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and has to close and then it's over for another 10 minutes while I get back to the geocaching page I was on. This Internet Explorer closing does not happen on any other websites. Now on to your other comment. What and where is condensed HTML? What is GSAK? and what is a Blackjack? I use a Delorme PN-20GPS, a Lowrance Expedition and a Garmin Fortrex 101. The Delorme PN-20 does download some of the data, but not all, the info from the geocaching page. I really need a one click printed page with the same stuff that is on the 5 log print page. Often there is a lot of empty space on the print page and It would seem there would be room for the map on that old PDF format page too. Still seems to me that they had a good thing going with the PDF 5 log print page. It admittedly had some issues, but it is a lot better than what we have now that requires manipulation of the print page, crashing Internet Explorer, etc. Geocaching seems to be making the print page less friendly and a lot harder to use for those of us with slow Internet access and only average computer expertise. I'm all for change for the better, but this isn't it. I thank you for your reply and hope you can shed some light on how I can single click a single page and print it. Why make it hard. As Full time Rv'ers, for us it's the great places geocaching takes us not the hunt and definitely not the time I spend on the computer getting the cache info. Because of our mobility in our Motor Home our lack of income to buy an air card for the internet connection, we use our Sprint Phone as the internet connection tethered to our notebook computer. It runs at speeds from about 50-200kbs depending on how strong and clean the Cell phone signal is. I'd sure like to decrease the time I spend on the computer getting the cache info. When I sit down to get info for 4 or 5 caches it often takes about an hour. Now with the new print option I'm printing 3 pieces of paper instead of one. It takes a lot of the fun out of geocaching.
  4. This is my first time at this forum and I don't understand exactly how to do it. I've just spent over an hour trying to find out what happened to the PDF one page 5 log print outs we used to print and take with us to the geocaches. We really liked them. They were compact and saved lots of paper and one page I can fit in my pocket. Now the same info often takes 3 or more pages of paper. I'd like to see you go back to the PDF format!!!!!. The new system is taking more time and is a disaster for those of us that have a slow internet connection. It takes a lot of the fun out of geocaching. Give us back the 5 log PDF printing option.
  5. We have Garmin Legend (non-Color) and a Garmin Yellow and need a cable for downloading way points from a notebook computer that does not have a serial port. We were amazed that Garmin does not offer one. Serial ports have not been available on computers in years, and were removed from computers about the same time floppy disks were. Looking on E-bay we only find the Garmin data cable with the serial end and an adapter cable. We have several serial to USB adapter cables and they do not work. Why should we expect the ones on e-bay to work. Is there a single cable with the Garmin slide in connector on one end and a USB connector on the other? Does anyone have a source? Price?
  6. My guess is you did not transfer the data from the PC to the card, thru the Lowrance card reader. You must do this the first time because Lowrance marks the Sd card thru the reader and allows only 5 cards to be marked. It appears that once the card is marked the first time, you then can load the card with maps via any card reader. I am waiting for my Expedition to be delivered so can't confirm this till mine arrives.
  7. If you buy it with a Visa card, most Visa contracts double the warranty on new products, up to 3 years. A friend got a new computer from Visa 9 months after the manufacturers warranty expired. Reeds Sporting Goods in Walker MN (reedssports.com) is a huge provider of GPS units for marine, avaiation and handhelds. Look at their site but don't pay attention to the prices. Carries Magellan, Garman Lowrance etc. They will match or beat any price you find including those less than reliable companies on the WWW that advertize products they don't have and hold you up for weeks, and even months, while they look to get what you ordered. There is a guy named Jeff Arnold at Reed's that does the price match. To survey the lowest prices just type your model into either Pricegrabber.com or Nextag.com. Low prices seemed to come from thenerds.net and computerhq.com. Reeds matched and beat the prices and I was dealing with a real store with real reliable people. I have been looking for a good hand held with good resolution and color screen, topo maps with 20' contour lines, large enough to see with solid antenna connection. The Lowrance Expedition C (color) Plus (topo Map set with SD card and required propritary card reader), $325 including shipping. This product just came out a couple weeks ago but similar products that have been out awhile so no new beta product testing, I hope.
  8. I am also looking at the Lowrance Explorer and just spent about 2 hours hands on at the Quartzite RV show. Where did you find it for $254.00. I would buy the Plus package with the topo Cd's as they are only about $64 more. Hint you can only load 4 SD cards so if you buy, be sure to use at least a 1GB SD card. The one in the set is only 16mb.
  9. I am new to geocaching but not new to maping and hiking. We are full time RV'ers and want a gps unit for: hiking with topo info, geocaching, and auto travel. We use Delorme Topo USA and Street Atlas 6 when traveling in our Motor Home. We have never owned a hand held gps unit. We would like color, a good resolution large bright screen, good reception, and good manufacturers support. I'd like to hear from folks that have used the Lorance Expedition (color with the topo maps) . Also those that have used the equivalent Garmin and Magellan. What are the pro's and cons, and what should I be looking for in models and specifications. I see the Lowrance Expedition with the topo maps and SD card at about $309. I think that is the Max price we are willing to spend. Thanks in advance for your posts.
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