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  1. Congratulations Karma!!! Like Roddy said, you are another Very deserving recipient! I am sure Santa is watching this thread and enjoying all these stories just like we are...
  2. Congrats Lori!!! Glad to see you got one of these neat stockings!
  3. Congratulations LeslieDodson9!!! What a fantastic Christmas gift and sounds like it came at the perfect time.
  4. Tracy, you and Tony have both been great friends to me over this past year. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  5. Very nice coin, great job on the design!
  6. Dolfy, that is great! Thanks for the afternoon laughter!
  7. Woohoo, Christmas is almost here!!! Recently my group of caching friends and I made a trip to the North Pole to help out Santa and the elves this year. While there, something really strange happened which you can see here: http://tinyurl.com/2b838d
  8. That's awesome - 2 pots o' gold!!! Congrats!
  9. Woohoo!!! Another mystery coin! I have tried REALLY hard to be nice all year. Might have slipped just a FEW times, but all in all been pretty darn good. Looking forward to seeing the entire coin, I am sure the elves have created something SPECIAL!
  10. Congrats Anthus!!! What an awesome thing to have happen, especially this time of year. That G.O.Coin Bug sure is awesome.
  11. I am seeking a Brawny Bear geocoin (any metal). It is not for me, it is for a Christmas gift to a good friend. My trader list is in my signature line, but isnt fully up to date. If you have one available, email me and let's see if we can work out a trade.
  12. A day late in posting, but yesterday I received: 2007 Groundspeak Lackey coin! Woohoo!!!
  13. Twas a good day today: Set of CoinPals coins Tranquility Light Cache Buzzards BN OIFGA Silver (#57) #69 Team Everywhere jersey
  14. I would LOVE to see a second edition GSA coin. You made a quick pass through NC earlier this year, but missed the Triad. If you make it this way again, I will make sure your visit is worth the trip...
  15. I want one. Is he trading? Ditto! Would LOVE to add one of these to my collection... Hmmm, I wonder if that is how my Cacheasaurus looks as a fossil.
  16. It was "TEAM" jersey. On a team, all players wear the same colors.
  17. I AGREE!!!! lol Now, Great, sweet, fat, delectable Pumpkin, you NEED to come visit my side of Texas and make an appearance at our upcoming Event. I promise I will NOT make you into Pumpkin Pie!! Now as for pumpkin bread, that's a different story!! lol NO, NO, must not have those thoughts!!!! Mmmmmm, pumpkin bread...
  18. 369 - Was that really poison ivy?
  19. Another round of CONGRATULATIONS to all the recent recipients! That Great Geo-Pumpkin sure does know how to make folks smile!
  20. WOW, what an awesome story BigD! You just gotta love getting a mystery coin, but adding an adventure like that is something you will NEVER forget! Congratulations!!!
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