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  1. Congrats to all the recipients - a VERY deserving bunch! I showed my son this thread and the picture of the coin last night. He must have sat there for a good 10 to 15 minutes looking at the coin and talking about it. Then of course he went off to play Lego Star Wars!
  2. I was wondering how long it would take someone to find that thread. It was certainly very heated back then Wow, was it ever! Didn't mean to ignite that all over again. That's why you got a personal email from me, instead of a forum post link. No offense, Mr. Can edit for grammar
  3. I was wondering how long it would take someone to find that thread. It was certainly very heated back then Wow, was it ever! Didn't mean to ignite that all over again.
  4. Ooh, seems the first of these mystery coins has surfaced. Geocaching Jedi thread Cant wait to see where else they turn up...
  5. Oh my, that coin is awesome!!! My son (SneakySnake, seen in my mystery coin posts) would totally flip out over this one. Legos AND Star Wars are his two favorite things in life! Congrats to BW on such a fantastic coin!
  6. Anyone have any idea how one might obtain this coin: It seems there are VERY few out there...
  7. Like wwflover, this coin is one of my most desired:
  8. There were only 40 of this version produced.
  9. That is a very limited edition of Team Alamo's coin. The coin was produced (and sold) by Coins and Pins. This version was exclusive to Team Alamo and I think the only way to get one is directly from him. I got mine while caching with him after GW5. I will try and find out how many of them were made...
  10. I am planning on doing a personal '08 coin and have it ready around the time of Geobash. More than likely it will be non-trackable and trade/cache only.
  11. Ooh, he is back on US soil! Perhaps a trip down to NC will be on his agenda...
  12. Yes, these coins are awesome! Much better up close than in the picture.
  13. Yeah, I thought being a "registered member" carried the benefit of items staying in your cart once selected... At least that is what it says when you sign up... Oh well, it's only a geocoin. And I have a few extras of some to trade...
  14. Fantastic design!!! Can't wait to see one of these in my own hands.
  15. I agree with the others, great message! Order sent...
  16. Congrats TMA and all the other recent recipients!!! Never too late for a little Christmas cheer eh?
  17. The back of the coin is pretty much the same with different employees pictured. You cannot see it real well from this photo, but the name of each employee is directly under them.
  18. Wow! I guess they're taking the scenic route! Dang hippies I hired to drive that bus stopped FAR too long at one of those coffee shops in Amsterdam! At least that puzzle cache seems to get hit about once a month, so I can HOPE that it will get hit this month and the coin retrieved...
  19. Today was a GREAT day for me. Serial Kacher coins TN Jed 2008 (love the dancing bear!) Moun10Bike v3
  20. Neat design, looking forward to seeing the finished coins. Email sent...
  21. Thank you Geo-Leprechaun for sharing your gold during 2007! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2008...
  22. What an amazing last few days... I just KNEW I was on the Naughty List this year, however, On Christmas Eve, I received the cutest little Santa Hat coin from HogwildStuff, then just yesterday I received a cute "Smoochies" coin from MJ and Hedge Hopper and I received a beautiful snowglobe coin from Chris & Helen at LandSharkz. Now today, I received a small mailer with a cute little elf on it. I rushed in the house to share it with my son. His first reaction was "Hey Dad, why did you send a coin to yourself?!" LOL We hurriedly opened it up and out came a fantastic stocking coin from SCC! Thank you SCC!!! I guess I was on the NICE list after all!
  23. Wow, a lot of new recipients today - CONGRATS to everyone!!!
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