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  1. Fantastic mission! Count me in for a donation. I have no doubt that with the generosity of this community, the soldiers will be totally amazed at what they receive.
  2. While caching in eastern TN with a group of friends, I decided to show them what it was would be like to cache with George Jones.
  3. Way to go TMA - you deserved one dude... Congratulations to ALL of the new Jedi recruits this week!!!
  4. Like others have said, so many GREAT folks in this community... 3Doxies - An amazing and fantastic couple. Very kind, generous, and caring in every aspect of our hobby. AtlantaGal - Truly a GREAT person. She is another reason this community is so fantastic, and she is always willing to answer my personal coin questions. Avroair - When is he NOT giving something back to the geocoin community? The Moop Along - Awesome person, fun to be around, and another source of coin info for me... dflye - Another kind and generous person. My favorite person to trade coins with, and also my partner in crime for the Geocoinfest Multi-Event in NC.
  5. Over the last couple of days I received: Redwing Dave Dutchboy Fire Elemental (bronze) Plan-B (gold) Florida Geocachers Assoc 2007
  6. What an awesome design! Will be watching (and waiting) for these...
  7. Wow, even more new Jedi. The force continues to grow... Congratulations to all of the newest members of the Jedi Council. --- TN Jed, I can just see that HUGE smile on your face when you got that coin!
  8. Congratulations to all the recent recipients! Check THIS out to see a true Jedi kid in the making...
  9. Great design, these look fantastic!
  10. Congrats to the newest Jedi recruits. We must continue to grow the GOOD side of the force as the DARK side is strong and has new methods of transportation... You can read all about the "Darth Vader Balloon" and see more pictures and a video.
  11. After a long wait, these finally arrived today: Trez Pirate Treasure 1701eh (Ontario version) 1701eh (standard version) Exploring Minnesota XLE (copper) Twin Peaks LE (gold) Joelmart Wildwood Bob & The Moose
  12. Congrats Rod and all the recent finders and recipients! The Jedi army continues to grow strong...
  13. To delete a route you previously created, go into your list of routes (Your Created Routes). Once there, just click on one of the routes in the list. When it opens up, within the left-hand section should be a DELETE button. Click it and it will ask if you really want to delete the route.
  14. Yep, the problem is definitely back. Yesterday afternoon the file would upload, but would show as only having 1 point and 0 miles. Last night and today, I have tried to upload a GPX file and a KML file with both returning an empty preview window with no routes to save although the upload process appears to be working.
  15. Status update would be great, nothing received here either... Mine arrived today...
  16. I was out of town most of last week celebrating my birthday with 4 days of caching (3 states and 327 finds!). When I returned home yesterday I had a stack of mailers from coins I had bought and/or traded for and one unexpected one. It was the best of all and contained a GeoNerd coin and wooden nickel from Solan109!!! Thank you SO much for the birthday surprise - I love it!
  17. Wow, these look great. Congrats on your first coin! Will be watching for the order process to start...
  18. Congrats to all the latest Jedi recipients! The force grows stronger by the day...
  19. [url=http://yourtradingsitehere.com]My Trading List[/url] That should get you fixed up...
  20. Woohoo! More new Jedi's!!! Congrats to those brought to the good side of the force!
  21. Ah, the good side of the force continues to grow strong! Congrats to the newest receivers...
  22. Congrats to all the recent recipients! Nice to see that the Bug is still biting folks!!!
  23. Congrats to the latest round of those touched by the FORCE!
  24. Wow, they all look awesome! Cannot wait to see these up close!!!
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