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  1. Congrats fairyhoney!!! Welcome to the Jedi Council!
  2. Those Stars & Stripes guitars are AWESOME!! Anyone got an extra for trade for our event coin...or a Nerds (trackable)?? Ditto that! What a great looking guitar coin!!! I too would love to trade for one of these if anyone has an extra...
  3. My bus says it is still in a GSAK event in the Netherlands since February, however there are 9 pages of "Discoveries" on it over the last 2 months! Bad part is that a cacher over there emailed me indicating they were going to Woodstock and would take the coin but never logged it. Doh!
  4. Congrats cainrcc!!! LOL, I can feel your enthusiasm all the way down here in NC. It is always nice to see folks get coins they have really wanted!!!
  5. On April 3rd, I was told "about 3 weeks"... An update on the v1 coins would be nice.
  6. Congrats BigD and welcome to the Jedi Council!
  7. Good to see the G. O. Coin Bug traveling the globe and biting folks along the way! Congrats to those recently bitten...
  8. Woohoo! How cool is it that 2 of us Triad folks get chosen to join the Jedi ranks within the same week?!!! Congrats slyvulpe, I have no doubt that you are still smiling just as my son and I are. Use the force wisely.
  9. http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/ I think that is what you are looking for.
  10. LOL, dardevle, you are so right! What I really would love to have seen was that wookie in his/her USPS uniform and driving that little truck down my street!
  11. Wow, I am still in shock over this, but my son and I were the recipient of the Geocaching Jedi coin!!! We had been working hard over the last few months, honing our light saber skills and spending hours each week learning to control the force. Apparently our practice was noticed by the Jedi Council and our efforts rewarded. W00T! The coin arrived last Thursday, a seemingly normal day. Once at home, I sent my son out to get the mail. He returned with the usual assortment of bills and made the comment that for some reason the mail smelled like a wet dog. I thought nothing of it at first, and began sifting through everything, then I found the source of the odor. I called out to my son and held out the padded mailer, "I think it wasnt a wet dog, but a wet wookie!" He looked at me puzzled at first, then his eyes got big as he realized what I meant. Quickly the mailer was ripped from my hand and torn open. Inside was the Geocaching Jedi coin #42! He immediately began to do the happy dance (OK, I joined in a little too ), and raced off to play with his Legos (of course). Both of us are VERY happy and honored to have received such a gift of this magnitude. Thank you Luke Skywalker! Will post some pics later, my son wanted to construct something to include with the coin.
  12. What is the name of this coin with the aliens on it? It is fantastic!
  13. Congrats to the many new Jedi recruits. Nice to see so many deserving folks being granted the power of the force. I was trying to organize some old photos today and ran across this one of my son and the neighbor playing in our yard last summer. As you can see, my son was clearly on the "good" side of the force, battling the evil Darth Vader.
  14. Congrats Cache Maine! Good to see folks are still being bitten.
  15. The last week has been excellent for coinage! Got these from an event and in the mail...
  16. This was sort of answered previously, but to clarify based on what was on the Hogwild site: the tracking number is on the scabbard. The sword is what is being redone and sent. So the complete LE will consist of 1 scabbard and 2 swords. Thanks for the answer, it all makes sense now...
  17. Can I get a quick point of clarity? Will the remade LEs with the proper finish have the same tracking number as the first ones we get? Reason I care is, I've seen at least one LE on Ebay so far, and I'd hate to split the pair with someone else and have Dup. tracking codes. I don't have my package yet, so maybe that's all spelled out in there. TMA TMA, did you ever get a clarifcation on this?
  18. My desire would be to obtain this coin for a good friend. He is not really a coin collector, but has admired this one for a long time. I thought it would be a really nice gesture to be able to surprise him with one...
  19. I am currently seeking this coin for a friend: If you have one available for trade, please let me know so we can work out the details. I have several coins available that are not on my trading list...
  20. creacher


    Is it cold blooded?
  21. creacher


    Does it have fur?
  22. My heart's desire would be either one of these two: I would even give up some of my "keeper" coins for one of these.
  23. Congrats to Steinwalzer on that shiny new Jedi coin! The mail lady didnt bring me one of those yesterday, but she did bring plenty of other goodies: Leap Year (AC & AS) Moab Kokopelli (BN & AS) Cachers 4 Christ Kache Kids Seventh Son © Fire Elemental (S)
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