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  1. Congrats Bev! Your story was a great one and you will make an awesome Secret Agent. I have to admit that after being chosen yesterday as the Agent for Mission #4, I had that song in my head ALL day long and was grinning from ear to ear. Looking forward to the new missions and seeing who the GSA chooses as his/her accomplices!
  2. WOW, I am honored to have been chosen as the agent for MISSION #4! Thank you GSA!!! Secret Agent Creacher Reporting for duty!
  3. I thought V1 Earth Turtles were all the same except for the metals... in the gallery the 2008 Earth Turtles are listed as v1, and last years are just listed as Earth Turtle. Thanks for the clarification. I guess there are a couple of versions of the '08 turtles?
  4. Congratulations Liz and to the others that have recently received this beautiful coin!!! Wow, this mystery coin giver really knows the community and is choosing some VERY worthy recipients!
  5. I thought V1 Earth Turtles were all the same except for the metals...
  6. I had been to find a cache at a local park and turned away when I realized it was on the playground which was FULL of kids. A few days later I was back in the area and decided I would try again. Like before, the playground was crowded with kids and their parents all sitting on the benches looking over them. Knowing that a grown man climbing on playground equipment would look rather strange to the parents, I had to come up with a cover to accomplish my mission. I quickly reached for my clipboard, put some misc papers on it, grabbed a tape measure and headed towards the playground. I began my search immediately, walking around and under the equipment looking at the likely hiding spots and pretending to make notes. I spotted the cache, retrieved it, and signed the log. When I was about to return it, I was confronted by one of the Moms wanting to know exactly what I was doing. I introduced myself as Robert Price - County Playground Inspector and told her that it was my job to check all of the equipment and make sure that the nuts and bolts were not coming loose and that everything was safe. She was actually thrilled that the county had such a position and thanked me for doing my job. She returned to her bench and I returned the cache to it's hiding spot, continued to take a few more notes and then headed on my way. Another mission accomplished!
  7. Myself and 2 others were finishing up a huge multi-cache about midnight one night. The final led us to a drainage area (rock pile) off a parking lot for a 24 hour convenience store. The establishment was PACKED at the midnight hour. We arrived, surveyed the area and waited for our chance. Finally the muggle traffic in the immediate area of the rock pile subsided a little and I was designated as the "agent" to make the find so I snuck in for the search. As I approached the area I knew I was being watched by folks, so I just shook my head as if to be disgusted/upset about something. Once at the area, I went to climbing over rocks, flipping them over and looking all around, paying no attention to the muggles. Sure enough, within 10 minutes of my search I heard - "Hey buddy, whatcha lookin' for?" and I just grinned as I began my reply, the conversation went like this: Me: "Oh, just looking for my keys." Muggle: "Your keys? Down there?" Me: "Yeah, guess I learned a good lesson though." Muggle: "What would that be?" Me: "Don't make your girlfriend mad!" Muggle: "Oh man, I can surely feel your pain - you want some help? My buddy's got REAL good eyesight!" Me: "Thanks, but no. I got myself into this, guess I better get myself out." Muggle: "OK, good luck. Dont irritate your girl no more." By this time, I had found the cache, so as soon as he turned, I grabbed it and dashed for the truck. We signed the log, waited for another moment of very little muggle activity and I raced back out and replaced the cache. No one ever knew exactly what we were doing...
  8. Congrats to all, but especially to jAY miLLS as this coin is perfectly suited for someone like him. If you have never taken the time to read the story behind his personal coin, do so and I think you will agree! Congratulations my friend.
  9. WOW, what a handsome coin! Certainly one befitting a Secret Agent.
  10. Wow, great to see such deserving folks receiving this beautiful coin! Congrats to all!
  11. Ditto. Trade list is in my signature line... Trade made - woohoo!!!
  12. Ditto. Trade list is in my signature line...
  13. This is my entire team at Geowoodstock 5. Of course that is me in the tiedye.
  14. This is myself (on the right) and two of my caching team at last year's National Trail Days event in Greensboro, NC.
  15. WOW, that will be awesome. Should make for one helluva great event!
  16. Very nice ... very nice indeed! Thanks for the info Moop!
  17. Very cool way to look at it TMA ... very cool. Congratulations to everyone that has been lucky enough to receive this coin!
  18. Wow, lots of new Dark Knight recruits! Congrats to all the recipients of this fantastic coin!!!
  19. Didn't make it to Woodstock this year, but did attend a local event and got to see, touch, and hold one of these beauties in person. This is a goofy GREAT coin! Congratulations to all of the goofy recipients so far!
  20. Absolutely awesome! Email sent...
  21. After numerous e-mails, PM's and this particular post I WILL reconsider making the V2. Thank you for at least thinking about making a V2 coin. When I first started collecting geocoins and stumbled into the forums, the GSA geocoin was the very first "mystery" coin I had ever heard of. Even though I never obtained one, I absolutely LOVED checking in each day to read about the adventures of those that had found them. At times this thread would read like a good mystery novel with folks going out in the middle of the night in search of a recently dropped GSA coin, detailing their adventures along the way. I think Hula Bum's suggestion was spot-on! Again - thank you for reconsidering.
  22. Was totally surprised to find this in my mailbox today! W00T! Thank you Dark Knight!
  23. Wow, what a story and what an amazing coin! Checked out the Col's profile and he has never logged a find on a cache - interesting...
  24. Wow, as Eartha says, "step away from the forums for a little while and look what happens!" I wasn't even aware that there was a new mystery coin floating around until I picked up my mail today. As always, I did the quick check of the return addresses and noticed a few expected trades arriving, and then noticed the bat wings and my own return address on one! Sure enough, the Dark Knight had paid me a visit ... coin #004 is safe inside the Creacher's Lair now. Thank you Dark Knight - you have certainly made my day!!! And after finding and reading through this thread - CONGRATS to all of the "detective" recruits that have also received this mysterious coin!
  25. Wow, what a stunning design! Will definitely be watching for this one...
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