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  1. What about a particularly tricky puzzle, which the CO thinks is a 4.5, but then to provide a higher likelyhood of finds begins to release hints... We've found puzzles that were rated as 4's through decrypting some very difficult puzzles and found the chaches, then the CO decides thaT only a couple of people have found it, so releases a series of hints, and begins to downgrade the difficulty...poof goes the 4. OR A very difficult cache at the top of a tree is slowly lowered down the tree and terrain shifts accordingly, as the CO lowers the cache, he lowers the terrain, all previous finders have lost their terrain ratings. Right now the only way to preserve those ratings are to archive the original and re-publish... Perhaps if the CO could have the option of maintaining the previous finds as the old difficulty by having to do an official cache condition rating change like the co-ord change button, putting up a flag in the database or some such thing, that way early changes due to tweaking after getting feedback could be done one way, and a "major" change in the cache condition could be done in a different way that locks the ratings. Just a thought. NB
  2. What about a particularly tricky puzzle, which the CO thinks is a 4.5, but then to increase the finds begins to release hints... We've found some puzzles that were rated as 4's by decrypting some very difficult puzzles and found them, then the CO says, OK, only 2 people have found it, so I'm going to give you a hint, but that really makes it a 3...poof goes the 4. Maybe the CO should have the option of maintaining the previous finds as the old difficulty by having to do an official rating change like the co-ord change button, putting up a flag in the database or some such thing, that way early changes could be done one way, and a "major" change could be done a different way. Just a thought.
  3. It sure would be nice to get the WAP site up again. Especially since I just subscribed th' Wench to a data plan, just so she could use it!! NB
  4. Aye'm in fer any event: one boot + 1 peg! Great opportunity fer a most wurthy cause! the Wench
  5. Moind who yer draggin' inta the spotloight thar, matey: whoilst we surely dun henjoyed doin' summa yer caches, an' menny o' Nomad's, whot bin clos'rrr ta Pi Rat HQ, an' be's honoured ta 'ave played wiv ye bof, thar be's menny, menny foine Labrador legends whot's TRULY notewurvy, an' farrrr more deservin' o' wreck'onition than our crew, t'be sures! 't ain't about the numb'rrrs fer us--nev'rrr 'as bin. Friendly rivalry, yes, an' matchin' wit an' grit wiv ev'rybuddy with whom we're lucky 'nuff ta cross swords, but not countin' an' comparin' stat's. The most 'portant smiley fer us is the one ye gits when sumbuddy took'd the care ta brings ye sumwhars interrresting, ta share a nifty lit'l doo-dad ('specially summit they made), the time ta share their experiences in the logs, an--best of all--when ye meets sumbuddy on the trrrail! Bestest wishes ta ALL the wunn'rful cacherrrs in the Big Land, on-line, and out thar playin'! Cheers, the Wench
  6. Why? It wood'n 'ave nuffin' ta do wiv yer recent milestone, wood't, Gorrdie? tW
  7. P'raps ye might consider doin' whot most ev'rybuddy else (possibly 'cluding your reviewer) does on these luv'rrrly summer weekends, 'specially when they gots nuffin' better ta do than sit in fronta the complicatorrr waitin' fer the bell ta ring: go out and FIND a cache er sixty...! Mebee aye'll see ye out thar--if so, aye'll bouys ye summit ta cools ye down! Happy cachin', matey! the Wench
  8. If you can afford a computer, you can afford a spell checker so that people don't get so confused they just skip you babblings. I have no idea what you've been mumbling about, and don't have the energy to try and find out - maybe in Sept... Sorry ye don' 'preciates me 'um'rrr, any more'n aye 'preciates ye projectin' onta me yer rude himpatience at yer own 'parent hinability ta grarsp the play on wurds aye gits fan mail ov'rrr! Larst toime aye check'd, ye be's perfickly free ta skips anyfing aye wroites, jest as ye dinna 'asta do triksy puzzle caches if'n ye lacks the toime, patience, and/or hability ye needs ta figg'rrr them out, eith'rrr, an' ye needn't wurry yerself about it both'rrrin' me 't all, matey: to each 'is own! Lookin' forrrw'rrrd ta seein' the promisin' heffects ye wreck'ns Septemb'rrr'll 'ave on ye, meanwhoile, aye wish ye peace, good 'ealth, an' continued good cachin'! Rrrespectfully, tW
  9. Yarrr, SB29, welcome ta the game: since aye luvs ta gits outsoide ta play ev'rrry day, nay matt'rr the weath'rr, an' ev'n me crew (the Cap'n an' the Pi Rats) gots more sense 'n that, aye caches as often as thar be's caches nearbouy, an' oft'n aye caches solitaire. Gotsta 'fess aye couldna gives a sail'rrr's knot whot anybuddy helse moight think o' whot aye'm doin' but, as aye skis, snowshoes, ice 'n' roll'r skates, boikes, hoikes, swims, an' picks up litt'rrr, on me own ev'ry day anyways, an' me fave caches hinvolves a trek sumwhars int'rrrestin', prrrref'r'bly rural, aye guess aye'm jest doin' whot comes nat'r'lly, an' sumtoimes aye ev'n meets oth'rrr foine folks out 'n' about, sum of whom also be's cachin'. As a wench, (an' the crew's cook, bottle wash'rrr, helmsman, bosun, etc.,) aye prepares as necessary, an' keeps me perrrrson'l safety in moind, (as the crew couldna hafford ta replace me, an' no one helse knows whar ev'rryfing be's on board the ship) an' 'ave forgone searchin' fer a cache (as rrrrecently as this week) on accounta not loikin' the looksa sum situations, but aye've dun'd a 4.5 star, 20+ km wint'rrr snowshoe trek in Labrador, an' 1/1 urrrban caches on Vancouv'rrr Island; Portland, Oregon; an' aroun' the GTA bouy me lonesome, an' menny diff'r'nt types o' cache in between, w/out any mishaps er 'barassment, an' 'opes ye will 'ave at least as much fun as aye dun'd, wiv er wivout comp'ny! Summa ourrr crew's bestest toimes wuz 'ad crrrrossin' pavs wiv ov'rrr play'rrrs, an' attendin' He-vent caches guarantees ye'll meet oth'rrr foine folks whot shares yer hint'rrrest in the game, an' moight become yer bestest geo-buddies on future cache runs! Happy trrrrails to you, an' rrrrest hassurrr'd, YOU are not the strrrrrangest figure out thar, nor is cachin' the weirdest activity goin' on in this crazy ole wurld we lives an' plays in--as ye'll no doubt discov'rrr; that's whot gives us all sech colourful bruises, an' stories ta share! Cheers, the Wench
  10. Yarrr! Ourr crew also bin thrill'd when we 'app'n'd ta foller Tungst'n Jihad ta caches, an' we trrreasures the sig. one oz. pure silv'rrr doll'r--SINGULAR--we trrrrad'd fer. If'n T. J. stills be's active, its a wund'rrr ye didna puts 'im outta biz, hoardin' so menny o' the foine pieces o' silv'rrr! The Big Pi Rat be's lookin' ye up on google earf, as 'e sez 'e pref'rrrs a boardin' raid ta diggin' fer buried treasure! Yer idear ta rrrrelease sum back inta cirrrculation, be's a swell plan, but moinds ye doesna gits too disappoint'd when sum scurrrrvy knave pinches yer tb(s) fer 'is er 'er collection! On-topic, the crew counts (regularly, as we dinna trusts each uv'rrr) amongst our most cherish'd sig items (in no parrrrticul'rr orrrd'r): Plantman's pet rock, an' 'is pom-pom collect'r series; X-Stitch'r's X'stitchin'; Marin'rrr BC's rubber ducky; Cache Runn'rr's cache cow; Labradorrrr Rrrretriever's wood'n puck; Badge 77's badge; Grouchy Grandma and Grandpa Rocks token; Fractal's radioactive marble; Bazzle's "namaste" wood'n tokens ( one hand carv'd, one stamped); Arctic Nomad an' Avalanche's $1, 000, 000 bill, an' fabulous fridge magnets an' buttons; Labrador Wildman's keyfob; VO2WW's stamp'd coins o' the realm, an' 'is Pathtag, as well as bc rockcrawler, x-stitcher, an' bmxer's geocoin; Cache Tech and Cache Agent's geocoin; Labrador Wildman's geocoin. Thanks fer the mem'ries, and good health an' cachin' to ye's all! th Wench, fer NB an' crew
  11. AVAST! Bucko, All good salts knows Septemb'rrrr 19, be's fer lily-liv'rrr'd Lubb'rs: on our ship, EV'RY DAY be's "Talk Loike a Pi Rat Day", er the crew'd gits no grub, clean pantaloons, rum rations, er dingy roides! Hinglish be's a fur'in tongue, whot's spok'd honly when we 'count'rrrs sumbuddy whot's not bin teach'd the prop'rrr way ta speaks, savvy? Watch them postings 'n' broadsoides, matey, er it'll be the blarck spot, 'n' a quick splarsh ta Davey Jones' Lock'rrr fer ye! Cheers, the Wench, fer No Beard 'n' crew
  12. What? Translation fer lubb'rs: As there are several caches near us that have not had any posts suggesting or confirming that the cache is good to go, many of which have had multiple DNF's over time, including some posts asking the cache owner to check either specific stages of a multi, or the cache itself (which should give owners and potential searchers pause for concern, given the low incidence of DNF logging --as evidenced by many folks' "got it on the Xth visit" when, more often than not, they have not previously posted a DNF or a note on the cache page), the quoted statement that cache owners are not obligated to notify those interested (who may be "watching" their cache, or who may be reading the cache page and previous logs, for the first time) that they "know" the cache is "still there" prompted me to express my skepticism that a responsible cache owner would not check such a cache (or ask someone else to do so) and then post an appropriate reply to previous visitors' questions and/or concerns, confirming their cache is as and where it should be, as well as to question HOW ELSE cache owners can "know" the cache is "still there," retrievable, and in good condition, as well as my frustration that such seems to be increasingly the case in our crew's experience and observation, these days, and hereabouts. Polly-gize fer the run-on sentence, but Hinglish ain't me furst language, doncha knows? ;-) As fer dinner: aye suggests we ord'rrr fish 'n' chips 'n' kegsa beer, an' we'll stick 'em on the Cap'n's tab! Rrrregards, the Wench
  13. What? wot ye meen wot?? lard luva dock, ye ne'er spoked poirate beefer?? Oi no me wench mayn't be th' mos' reloyable o' wytnesses on the seen, bot we luvs 'er an' whot wiv she be'en th' mos' learn'd uv th' crew; that be whoy she do mos' th' postin'... If'n yer 'avvin trubble hunderstand'n er (gawd nose oi av trubble alls th' toime) jus' read 'er logs 'n' posts aloud, ye'll gettem... NB
  14. But, just because you, and even six of eight other people, cannot find it, that doesn't mean that it isn't there. If the cache owner knows that it's still there, s/he does not have to post a note to that effect. As thar be's sev'r'l nearbouy caches whot 's 'ad no "found it," "tb drop," or "own'rrr's maint'n'nce" notes post'd in ages, sum wiv sev'r'l DNF's ('tho' it seems menny, menny more folks is reluct'nt ta admit they tried 'n' fail'd than actually posts DNFs) yer statement prompts me to voice a question aye've bin pond'rrin' rarth'rrr frequently of late, namely: 'ow the own'rr can "know" the cache is "still there"--wivout goin' out an' checkin' it (er 'avin' sumbuddy whot's foind'd it do so an' rrreport back, as it seems ta me sumbuddy wuz enquoiring about the best way of doing)-- an, 'avin' done so (er 'avin' anoth'rr way o' "knowin" all is well, ) why (s)he wouldn't post a note ta respond ta fell'rr cach'rrrs' questions and concerrrns, as is the case with sev'ral caches aye've bin watchin? Whoilst "s/he does not have to post a note to that effect" aye wund'rrr whoy an own'rrr wood not wish to ensure all is right with his or her cache, and reassure cachers with an interest in the hides in question that the caches be's reddy an' waitin' fer their visits? the Wench
  15. We'd knock 'em out at the comedy club, Tramountanas! Aye didna means fer ye ta change the title o' yer thread, matey, whot wood be's terr'bly rude an' presumptuous, ev'n fer a Pi Rat, an' nev'rrr crrrross'd me moind, but that AYE 'adsta edit me own post arft'rrr aye send'd it, as AYE realois'd aye'd mis-spell'd yer name, an' want'd ta pays ye prop'rrrr trrrribute! Fer the rec'rrrrd, 'tis aye, the Cap'n's Wench, not No Beard himself, whot's bin playin' wiv ye, so if'n ye plans on sendin' sumbuddy the blarck spot, ye should wroites "tW", not "NB" on it, er the Cap'n won't know whot 'it 'im er whoy! Let's make it a dubble-dubble Rum (an' we'll stick it on the Cap'n's tab!) RRRRegards, the Wench (tW)
  16. Yarrr, it be's nev'rrr too earrrly, er late fer a wee droppa summit 'freshin, Tramountanas, thank 'e most koindly, indeedy! Aye'll stands ev'rybuddy the next round, ok? Henglish ain't me furst language, neiv'rrr, as ye prob'ly gath'rrr'd, but be's too poloite ta mentions--me Pi Rat surely does confuse an' confound menny folks! 'preciates the nod frum Pyrate Wench, too, 'o aye 'opes be's 'avin' (at least) as much fun cachin' as the Pi Rats 'as! If'n we's hev'rr in the same porrrt, we gotsta gits t'gith'rr 'n' swap tales 'n' tips fer keepin' the crew in loine! As fer the prrrrospect o' raidin' parrrties, 'mountanas, when thar be's Pi Rats abouts, aye suggests ye breaks out the rrrrum an' prepares ta be boarrrrrd'd! Cheers, tW Edit: fer ta gits Taramountanas' name c'rrrect
  17. RRRoight on, matey! The crew has find'd lotsa used safes whoilst cachin', but nev'rrr a safe box in use! We prrref'rrrs them "good dids" ta good didn'ts, indeedy! Continued good cachin' to ye. the Wench
  18. Sorry ta read 'bout the OP's (anybuddy else foind it funny the "original" poster is Eve"?) suff'rin' (if ye weren't pullin' ourrr pegs !) an' aye 'opes ye've wurk'd out a satisfact'ry solution to ye an' yer mate's diverg'nt approaches the sporrrt. It's a grrreat big whirrl'd o' cachin', an thar surely be's summit fer ev'rybuddy wiv an int'rrrest in 'splorin' 'er, whev'rrr frum the comf'rrrt 'n' ease o' one's arrrrmchair, the droiv'rrr's seat o' the geo-mobile (rollin' the wind'rrr down jest long 'nuff ta grab the micro' 'n' jot down yer initials) ta sum pleasant strolls through neighbourhood parrrks, little jaunts 'n' hikes, ta sum challenging caches whot requoires hextreme eff'rts, an' ev'ryfing in between; yer limit'd only by yer 'magination, aye do believe, an' each of us be's free ta tackle whotev'rr tickles our fancy (as well as ta stops anytoime, 'tho' me perrrs'n'l favourites always hinvolve the triumph of determination ov'rr comf'rrrt, an' it's the hexperience o' playin' outsoide aye relishes more 'n the smoiley.) Guess aye be's in the hestimat'd 1% o' Wenches that preferrrs more physically demandin' challenges than me mate (if thar ain't mud, sweat, bugs, er deep snow, yer not troyin', sez aye, whereas the Cap'n wood luv nuffin' more 'n ta falls off a bar stool, an' foinds a cache starin' down at 'im frum und'rr the swiv'l seat!) but we bof 'joys each uv'rrrs cump'ny, an' the game, enuff ta keep punchin' in co-ord's an' givin' 'er a go when toime an' circumstances perrrrmits, an' we troys ta 'elp an' supporrrrt each uv'rr (an' anybuddy helse we meets) along the way. Sumtoimes we gits a smoiley, sumtoimes we DNF, but we ALWAYS have a 'venture, an' a tale ta share, which is all we're really lookin' fer, hanyways! Gotsa defend the flip flop 'ere, too, as it be's me ultimate fave cachin' footware! Spend'd me furst foive years cachin' in me Birk's, purty much year round, an; sum o' the crews' most cherish'd darrrrft mem'ries 'appen'd whoilst aye were wearin' em, but aye nev'rrr let 'em stop me, ev'n if they us'd ta slow us down frequently, when aye'd kick one off whoilst runnin' ov'rr unev'n terrain an' the Pi Rats'd 'ave ta 'elps me search the bush, er 'atween the rocks on the beach fer 'em, er 'wade back inta a creek er stream an' pull one outta the mud where I lost it in crossin'. Bin stung'd bouy red ants at one cache, whot couldn't leave me nearly bare feets alone, ay've slipp'd and fall'd on sharp, barnacle-encrusted rocks on beaches as well as on soft, wet grass, suff'r'd innum'r'ble pokes frum brambles, branches, thorns, pine and fir needles, etc., but aye've nev'rrr 'ad so much fun, nor larf'd so 'arrrd, an' aye were verry sad, indeedy, the day the crew declar'd they couldna stands the soight er smell o' them naymore, an' aye 'adsta dispose of them as the 'az'rdous waste they wuz. Lookin' forrrrward ta gittin' a brrrrand new pair soon, though, an' ta breakin' 'em in on the cache trrrail. 'joy'd rrreadin' yer posts, an' aye wishes ev'rybuddy a fun spring an' summ'r o' cachin', whotev'rr that is fer each o' ye's! Cheers, the Wench
  19. Avast ye mateys, No Beard 'n crew will do whats we cans t' be abard this 'ere barge wen she sets sayle. Thanks fer yer dek swabbin' t' git's it tagevver. NB an' Crew
  20. Menny thanks, indeedy, ta Labradorrr's cache reviewers, Cache tech and Cache Agent--a dynamic duo whose dedication the crew wishes ta salutes! tW, fer NB 'n' crew
  21. Congrat's to Erik and to all the nominees--you're all winn'rrrs! [insert blarck eye hemoticon 'ere] tW
  22. Cache Tech, an' more rec'ntly, Cache Agent keeps us all on the same page 'ere on the Labrrradorr, an' the Pi Rats wood loikes ta wreck'inoize their dedicashun ta the game, an' 'spress ourrr 'preciation ta them fer moindin' the ship whoilst we searches fer treasure on shore, as 'twere! Aye 'spects a staff be's 'zac'ly whot any volunteer review'rr dreams 'bout, an' yer a roight swell soul, E.D., fer off'rin' yer fell'r cach'rrrs the chance ta 'knowledge a job well dun bouy their loc'l navvies, an' reviw'rrrs a chance ta win a most luv'rly addition to their geo-kit! Durrrn foine wurk, mateys, all o' ye's! [insert black-eye/pi rat patch emoticon here] the Wench
  23. The blarrst'rrrrds! If'n the Cap'n 'n' crew still sail'd them wart'rrs, we'd gits a gang t'gith'rr, 'n' 'aves us a good ole' keel 'aulin' er two! So sorry ta 'ears 'bout the smash 'n' grab--whot a rott'n turrrn bin dun to ye's--'specially consid'rrrin' all the grrreat caches ye wuz d'nied the pleasure o' doin'. Glad ye made the best o' things, an' wishes ye nuffin' but warrrm welcomes 'n' cold caches frum 'ere on hin! Cheers! the Wench, fer No Beard an' the Pi Rats
  24. That be's a F.T.F. nobuddy'd wanta log! Poor lit'l chaps whot find'd sech! 'opes the remains will soon be hidentified an' return'd to rest wiv dignity. Glad the boys resum'd their searrrch fer the cache artf'r the 'citme'nt subsid'd an' the cake bin et--whot a mem'rable birfday that musta bin! Many happier returns on future hunts, I sez! the Wench, fer Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats
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