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  1. Since last evening, many geocachers in my area have been getting the screen of death in the app - "Could not fetch your Adventures at this time. Please try again". It appears that the older labs that were preloaded prior to yesterday will open, but nothing new will load. Even went as far as deleting the app, reinstalling etc. Except, now no labs at all. As luck would have it, the New Brunswick Labs were released yesterday as well, and the race to find them is in full stop until this issue is fixed.
  2. Is this the link you refer to? http://geopets.club/suspicious-activity-at-gchq-47 Its the only email link out of the three that I have, that still works.
  3. Have you been able to copy a gpx file to your gps? Don't really have to use the "Send to GPS" function if we can save to internal memory / copy over....
  4. Visiting Ontario and I saw the Acer Iconia A500 today, and it doesn't have a file manager... just a media manager which basically is pix and music. In an other store I saw the Thrive, and it did indeed have the Toshiba file manager, which is a Toshiba proprietary software not a part of the Android os, it had icons for sd card slot, internal memory and usb port. This so far looks promising! The next time I get to a store, I am taking my gps and cable and giving it a "go" to see if it works (as long as staff lets me, LOL) Hopefully a Thrive owner / cacher will update us, or when I do my experiment, I will let you all know! Otherwise, the Thrive changed programs fast, and had great clarity.
  5. Should be able to. The Thrive comes with a File Manager as mentionned in a write-up I read: Anyone try it yet? I have yet to actually see one in the stores, but I will be keeping my eye out!
  6. So, do these "accepted" challenges, that are archived ever disappear from our list???? I accepted the "Kiss a Frog" challenge just to see what the procedure was, but thought it too stupid to complete... so now, it is going to sit there annoying me and reminding me of my mistake... forever?????
  7. Thanx for that tidbit! I didn't realize there was another Tablet on the market with USB capability!
  8. I was thinking of this as more of a tool to take away from home, like weekend getaways, becuz of the usb port, it can upload gpx files to my gps, or upload fieldnotes to gc.com versus having a laptop. It wouldn't be used as a gps, just an added addition to my caching toolkit
  9. Anyone check out this tablet yet? It looks like it just might be what a geocacher could use! The Toshiba Thrive Thrive Link Pros Full-size USB port, HDMI port, and SD-card slot; removable battery; quick to boot; wifi Cons Bulky and relatively heavy; no 3G/4G (but you can tether a phone to it to gain this if required since it has usb) Definitely going to keep my eye on this for geocaching! Android has the software, this tablet appears to have everything else for "hitting the road" with it.
  10. Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia has a couple of geocaching challenges! Centennial Geocache Challenge - locate 5 caches, punch a "passport", and receive an untrackable geocoin Keji Challenge - this takes part over a 4 year period, which started in 2010. Details are here: ACGA The challenges are 5 caches of increasing difficulty: hiking / kayaking / bicycling - both short and long distances. Completion of the 2010 caches gets you a trackable patch and pin, with subsequent years gaining the remaining 3 pins to fill in the patch.
  11. The hamster has been replaced All is once again normal!
  12. Tried yesterday and today, but can't add attibutes to my cache listing. Get an error after waiting for 30 - 60 seconds. Tried on two different computers, two different days... anyone else notice this?
  13. Thank you for the fast reply!!! This forum and its participants ROCK !!!
  14. I am getting close to publishing my first cartridge. Just have to test my .gwz file. The next question that comes to mind, is: When I do publish to Wherigo, can the listing be "hidden" for a couple of days prior to actually being published? My thoughts are that I don't want it visible until the geocaching.com cache listing gets approved and that can take anywhere from 1 - 5 days.... Don't want anyone "jumping the gun".... I don't want to publish the cartridge until I have all my "ducks in a row" Thanx for any input from those who have "been there, done that"
  15. Thank you very much!!! I figured it had to be something easy, but was getting extremely frustrated. Sure wish they had a manual for this program! Again, thanks for the quick reply. Now onto my tasks!
  16. I am creating an 8 zone cartridge, and I have a question about zone distance's. Using the emulator for all devices: When in Zone 1, the nearest zones are less than 1/3 mile and so show up in my list as they should. Further away zones do not show up in the list. This works fine from zone to zone, until the user enters zone 6. Zone 7 is approx 1 mile from zone 6, and does not show up UNTIL I walk my little man within that 1/3 mile range... Is this normal? Is this an emulator issue, or would it also act this way in the gps? My alternative, would be to include waypoints to each location, but the order would have to be adhered to for the cartridge to successfully do the tasks of going to each location in order. Any idea's, advice, suggestions would be helpful. Thanx!
  17. Some puzzles I have done, have embedded info in the image. Had to download S-tools and usually the cache page would have a key word to use as the password. Hope this helps someone...
  18. I too had a distance from cache variance with v3.6... I was 25 ft from the cache when my spouse yelled "Found it" - prior version I always got down to within about 10 feet or less to a cache. As stated earlier, I downgraded back to Ver 3.2 (v3.15) and re-verifed my gps, and it was back to its old self. It still seems to me that Oregon 400 / 500 series seem to take the upgrade well, while us with Oregon 200 / 300's have less luck... PS Your welcome, Yalcis!
  19. The same thing happened to us yesterday after upgrading my Oregon 200- if we went a different way from the suggested, it just didn't give any values for 'distance to destination', and if we went past the cache, it also went blank. Also it seemed to be more inaccurate than it had been. I will try to downgrade, and hope that does the trick. I am new to all this, so getting a bit confused and frustrated, especially as it was working well before. (Or could this have happened as I have loaded a lot of new Pocket Queries onto it?) No the PQ shouldn't have had any effect. Seems to me, that the higher the Oregon model number, the better the results as per others feedback. Interesting! Use the link I provided and its easy to downgrade, just remember to remove your memory card if you are using one, prior to doing the downgrade. Just follow the directions for the GCD Base Upgrade (it also downgrades).
  20. Where can I get those *.gcd files I used to use for upgrading? Thx, Haferle http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Versions I had severe issues with my upgrade on my Oregon 300, and reverted back. The auto routing gave me a dead screen after I went past a "suggested" road, and wouldn't choose a new path, like it should. Then after attempting to cache, using the compass, all was good as I got closer, but had to go past the cache to approach properly from the opposite direction, and after the compass got down to zero, wouldn't start climbing again in numbers... had to re-set the go to a cache... So, for those that it works, wish I had your gps, LOL Oh, the dashboards were nice, but I also had a problem with one of them, the map, I had selected to have zero info, and it still showed 2 info blocks, plus the name of the cache I was heading for. To me that wasted space that the map could have been using. So will wait for another version to come out... or not... may just keep what I have, cuz it works
  21. OKay, after some nervous moments, I am now a happy cacher once again! I took my GPS outside and searched for a nearby cache, and all worked GREAT! This forum and everyone here are soooo helpful! Thanks again!
  22. I had read about removing the memory card. And I had also seen a reference to the "GCD", but that's all. Thanks very much for the link!!! Much appreciated!!!
  23. Upgraded the firmware to 3.6 from 3.2 and am not happy with the results. Autorouting doesn't autocorrect after going past "wrong" street, drive past a cache and my gps goes straight to zero, doesn't start the distance climbing etc Could someone point me in the right direction, or provide easy steps for downgrading back to version 3.2? Thanx in advance for the help!
  24. I think having the limit to the 35 PQ's run per week is okay. But it would be nice to be able to save more PQ's in our list. An even 100 would be nice Alot of power trails have there own PQ's already created that we can all add to our list vs having a PQ for the whole area around the trail. This adds to the list qty for future possible caching weekend runs, yet, may not be used in the immediate time frame. So while it sits there, it takes up one of the 40. Alot of us pre-plan our cache runs, upwards of weeks / months ahead, so having a larger limit would be beneficial for storing them.
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