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  1. Sorry if this topic has been covered before. I visit UK occasionally (from Switzerland), and use each opportunity to cache. I run my statistics in GSAK, whose macro FindStatGen3 does a great job in displaying my finds. However, irrespective of which UK country they are located in, they are all classified as "United Kingdom", as this is how Groundspeak classifies them.

    As the macro-produced maps are based on World 66, which recognises the differences between Scotland, Wales, England etc, I thought I could get all of them to display by just changing the country for each cache in GSAK, but this does not work - these countries are not recognised.

    I feel sure that someone resident in UK must have solved this ages ago - could you let me know how?

  2. Or, you can not load any waypoints and use POI's instead. The X's take as many POIs as you can fit on your memory card. I have over 2000, including 900 benchmarks. The beauty about POIs is you can fit 44 characters in the name and 88 characters in the description/hint field. GSAK comes in very handy for this feat so you don't have to do it by hand for each POI.


    I have been trying to upload a large number (about 2'000) waypoints using POI Loader. I'm in the stupid position that I don't know if it worked, because I can't read the microSD card on my 60CSx from my PC. I'm connected to the GPS, which is drawing power, but I can't access any folders or the card.


    Can anyone help?

  3. Thanks to Anders for the elegant workarounds for managing limited storage capacity.


    However, I'm following BaldEd's suggestion and upgrading to a CSx, so all my troubles will be over until Garmin come out with the next generation.

  4. Thanks for a very good explanation, Anders. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be travelling far in a straight line in the Himalayas. However I've just thought of another approach: say I trek for 25 days, and cover 20km each day, giving a total of 500km. I'm only interested in the time when I'm actually moving, so if I set the GPS to record every 10m (which I think is very high resolution for a track), then I have only used 5'000 of my available 10'000 points.


    So no problem! No expensive upgrade o 60CSX, or have I missed something?

  5. Thanks a lot Anders.

    Do you have any idea how often track points are saved in the Automatic - least often mode? Is it speed-dependent? I would really like to quantify (even as an estimate) how many points I'm going to generate in 4 weeks, but when I look at tracks I can't see much consistency in the time or disctance interval.

  6. Hi Joe,


    I misunderstood what you and norScot were wanting to do. Confusion between tracks and tracklogs. I now gather you want to store tracks (i.e. routes that you want to follow, possibly repeatedly) and not follow, or necessarily store, where you actually went previously (ie. tracklogs).


    This is not exactly what I'm looking for. I shall be trekking in the mountains for 4 weeks, and I want to record where I have been, so that I can review the tracks later (particularly in Google Earth) and add my photos. I won't ever reload these tracks to my GPS. My concern is that the 10'000 available track-points may not be sufficient.

  7. As I prepare for a 4-week trek in Nepal, I'm wondering if I have enough memory to record tracks for the whole trip. I don't have any maps installed, and will empty out all the waypoints and caches. I'm aware that I can set the frequency of recording track points, but I'd like to hear any other trips for optimising memory usage. I've heard that saving tracks is a bad idea, as each is allocated a fixed amount of memory, irrespective of length. Is this so? Should I never save enoute?

    Is there any way that I can see how much memory has been used, and how much remains? I am definitely not carrying a laptop in my rucksack!

    Thanks for any help.

  8. :):D:) I thought I had cracked this, but it seems not. I have created placemarkers based on a Pocket Query, and recoloured them - manually, because Google Earth Tweaker doesn't offer much choice.


    However, I now find that:

    1. Not all placemarkers coincide exactly with the geocache markers, although they are based on identical coordinates. Sometimes the discrepancy is quite large. Does anyone know why?

    2. Every time the geocaches are updated, they appear on top of my manual placemarkers, thus obscuring them. Eventually they slide underneath, only to re-appear later.


    What can I do to improve this? All I want is to distinguish between found and unfound caches. Surely there must be a way which really works?

  9. I use Google Earth to plan my weekend caching trips. The problem is that I can't distinguish visually between caches I have found and those I haven't. I could image manually placing a placemark over each found cache - this would work but is very hard work and so boring. I'm sure some of you clever Groundspeak people and GE experts out there have already thought of this one. Could you share it with me?

  10. I have just created a rather clever (at least I think so!) puzzle, the answer to which gives the final coordinates. The difficulty is that the clues are displayed in a graphic file, currently a jpg, which has to be displayed in the cache listing.

    I believe that this can be done by enabling html. This is fine for people who speak html, but I don't. Can someone help me?

  11. Thanks Olar - your suggestion and a bit of detective work have solved the problem (but not explained it)

    I have disabled GetRight, (the downloading utility I have used since time began) and lo and behold, I have a beautiful .loc file to download. Magic!


    Cheers from Switzerland

  12. Thanks for all your help, Team Cotati. Your links are far too geeky for me - I'm not into code.

    I didn't mention (because I don't think it's relevant) that I use GetRight to handle all my downloads. It has never caused any problems before.

    I'm wondering if my Norton Firewall could have anything to do with it, but it is set to permit Java to run.


    Hope someone else has some good ideas.

  13. I have just started a long and illustrious association with geocaching. Enormous fun! However, I have not been able to download waypoints. The problem makes itself known when I click the "download" button, after selecting the waypoints I'm interested in. The file which is downloaded is not a *.loc file, but one called "nearest.aspx", which I can't do anything with.

    What am I doing wrong?

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