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  1. I'm sick and tired of my geocaches getting trashed. I figure it's not being done by other cachers, just people who find them, don't understand what they are and trash the cache. So I want to make one that will be tamper-proof: A geocache disguised as a hornet's nest. And for an added attraction: I want to put a motion-activated buzzer on the inside. This will keep away the wrong sort of people. Of course, in the cache description, I'll let everyone know what they are supposed to find. And make sure there are no real hornet nests in the area. Does this concept violate any of the rules?
  2. He sent the complaint to me privately. I still need to check it out and do maintenance,
  3. I've received a complaint about a field puzzle I hid last May. It was one I spent a lot of time doing, but few people have bothered to trek out to where it is located. Now someone has sent me an angry letter describing how it was messed up when they found it. I'm thinking of moving it to my property where I can better take care of it. More people could find it. The problem is proximity. I would have to archive two other caches in the area to do this. Is there a regulation against this? Can you shift caches around if there seems to be a problem? Would I have to re-name the one I want to preserve?
  4. The puzzle with the record number of steps (however you define them) probably has at least a similar number of people ignoring it. Could be. But people are attracted to challenges.
  5. Over the past year I've discovered placing caches can be more fun than finding them. It's immensely satisfying to see people find them and log in comments. And I've made a few complicated puzzle caches, which seem to draw the more dedicated cacher. But is there a record for puzzle cache with the most steps to it? How would you find out?
  6. Bought a combination lock for $3.50. It should do the job.
  7. I know but I have this lock I am dying to use.
  8. I have a metal box with a clasp I want to use as a cache container. I also have a padlock I want to lock it with. My plan is to put the key in a separate container and list it as a multi-cache. Put there are some problems: 1) When the cacher finds the first stage (the key), they will need to travel to the second stage to unlock the box and sign the log. Between the first stage and the second stage, no one else will be able to find the cache. My solution is to- 2)Put the cache with the key in it within ten feet of the actual locked box. Thus, the down time will be minimal. I'm also assuming our local cachers have enough decency to return the key to the original cache. My questions are: 1)Would putting the key in a different stage of the multi create a problem? 2)Does putting the key stage within ten feet of the final stage create a proximity issue?
  9. Wow, that "Curse of the FTF" puzzle puts mine to shame.
  10. I worked the puzzle backwards to make sure it could be solved. This is not a standard "here's the secret code, now solve it" puzzle. You have to intuit your way through this one. I did it this way because(A)my previous "Junior crypt-analysis" ones were all cracked in a matter of hours and(B)I wanted something different that a computer couldn't do.
  11. Good review, except that you wrote: The book begins with Cliff Knowles geocaching in a Southern California state park. All the caches that were found and most of the story took place in the hills around Santa Clara valley, mostly in the Santa Cruz mountains. That's all considered part of northern California. One of the things I really enjoyed about the book is that lived in the area for 35 years and have been to almost all of the locations mentioned in the book. I think I've even been in the bar at the "Pruneyard" (a shopping center in Campbell) where an important meeting took place. Arg! I should check these things often...have to make a correction.....
  12. My "Satan Bug" cache has had 150 attempts at cracking it and not one right. I put it out a month ago. Does this seem excessive?
  13. According to the geochecker I put on the page for the cache, my last puzzle cache has had 50 attempts to crack it with 0 successes. Is there some kind of record for the most attempts at trying to crack a puzzle?
  14. Is there some general rule as to how long you should the puzzle cache go unsolved before tossing out another hint? One of mine hasn't been cracked and I've had it out for a week. From the geochecker I put on it, there have been about 35 attempt I know about.
  15. Just published my review of CACHED OUT: http://geocachecreation.com/geocaching-books-cached-out-by-russell-atkinson/ Great book! Was surprised there are other geocaching fiction books out there! I thought this was a first.
  16. I'd like to visit one. Just none in my area. On a sad note, a cache across the street from me was stolen by Enemy Agents. It had been active for at least 7 years.
  17. I just put a video on mine: http://geocachecreation.com/geocaching-pennsylvania-taking-trash-mountain-by-strategy/
  18. I'm sure I'll slow down at 100 finds. Right now I'm having more fun placing hides.
  19. I'm stuck at 75, but I find it more rewarding to place caches. The only ones I want to find now are the real hard to locate ones.
  20. My first four were done on a park trail with permission of the ranger. He even helped me place them. And I had to fill out four pages of paper work for each. I just did a blog entry about what happens when you place a cache in the wrong location. I'd post the link to it, but don't want to get accused of "self promotion".
  21. Anyone have an idea who holds the record for most caches placed? I've encountered many people who have "found" caches in the 100's, but no one seems to brag how many they've placed. I've placed 10 and plan to do more. Honestly, I think it's more fun than finding a cache.
  22. Some really good photographs to be found on Tumblr of geocaches.
  23. And they were found within the first hour! You can read about on my blog by going here.
  24. Nice to see this thread is still active. I too have started a geocaching blog: Geocachecreation Suggestions and comments welcome!
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