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  1. Anyone interested in adopting GC3NYWY "pink heart"? Holyoke, MA http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC3NYWY_pink-heart?guid=97a7dd1e-d9bc-41d4-b84d-37936588997f If not I will be archiving it in a couple weeks.
  2. Maybe it's just me but the fact that the OP has been a member for 2 years, found 1 cache, and has over 20 trackables logged seems kind of funny...
  3. I have a HTC and this is the app I use for placements. No complaints so far...
  4. I was thinking of things like early notes and pictures of course. But also as mentioned, early gps units used would be cool. Perhaps included could be donations of some of the longest lived and most traveled bugs and coins. Historic caches and contents that have since been archived but held onto. Amazing logbooks and entries. Interesting stories and items found near cache gz. Etc...
  5. I could release one in Massachusetts.
  6. You can send it to me also. I will release it somewhere in Massachusetts or Connecticut. Are you wanting to send a TB here to America. If so, I can send you a private message with my postal address and you can send it to me. I'll place it in south Georgia or north Florida for you.
  7. Would you visit if one existed? What would you be interested in seeing in it?
  8. I think I moved that TB once
  9. Mine is at least one cache everyday.
  10. A favorite of mine was Rat Dog TBE481. I found him and a couple days later the cache I got him out of was stolen. Crazy. He has been around since Nov. 22, 2003. Checked today and he now has 30385.7miles on him. Long live the Rat Dog!
  11. I would be willing to pay shipping if he was willing to mail it back direct to me too.
  12. Do you think he could send mine back with yours and you could mail it to me? I'd be willing to pay shipping.
  13. This kind of intrigues me but I have a few questions. First, why mail it to you and you mail it to him? Why not just mail it directly to him from me? Second, is this just a visit for the bugs or are they getting dropped off? I could see bugs getting dropped off in a remote location like that and not getting picked up for years. Third, would I be able to get it back after it's visit?
  14. Totally agree. I buy stuff for swag all the time. If you're in a store and you see an amazing deal on toys or tools, pick them up for swag. On a side note, by your user name I'm guessing you own a boxer?
  15. HA! Look at these two in my area: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=fbfcafde-1b55-472f-b2a9-68a0c47a9068 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=54b74f84-b69b-4490-bf48-96c20f0a1af7
  16. I'd be happy to drop a tb in Springfield, MA or the surrounding area.
  17. Arrival will be on wednesday. Anyone in Barcelona interesting in swapping some bugs?
  18. Keep looking! Travel bugs are fun!
  19. My in-laws will be visiting Barcelona, Spain in the middle of September 2012. They don't really geocache but are willing to bring some travel bugs over with them. Would anyone want to meet them somewhere, a cafe or something, and swap some travel bugs to send back with them to the USA?
  20. I wouldn't leave trackables in a peanut butter jar in a playground/park. But that's just me. Some of the best TB hotels I've seen were close access to highways and interstates. Get a nice ammo can, they aren't that expensive and fit even the bigger trackables.
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