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  1. Is there any way that I can enter co-ordinates into my gps (etrex legend) without using a computer? For arguments sake lets say that I am doing a multi cache and I've found the first clue and I need to enter the co-ordinates that it gives to find the second clue. Many thanks for any help.
  2. I'am not quite sure how to word this....but here goes. Up to now I've been useing grid numbers to find the caches that I'am interested in. But above the grid numbers on the cache details page I see another set of numbers along the lines of N23.324 W356.92 (you get the idea) I've also found wgs 84. Now I need your help I can program my gps with wgs 84 no problem but what do I use to program the other numbers in? I have a garmin etrex. One furter question which of the above is the more accurate? thanks for your help and advice in advance of a torrent of help as usual.
  3. Did as you suggested, but there doesn't seem to be a map it link on my account page!
  4. Can anybody point me in the right direction! I was looking on geocache.com and I saw a map of all the caches that I've found.... But now I cant find it anymore . Does anybody know where it is, did I really see it or has it been removed? thanks for any help.
  5. I recently posted a question about D/T on my stats page, And I got the answer to my question (thaks to all who helped) But now I've got another.....underneath my name on the question and answer page I see I have become A tadpole! I was just wondering if it is some kind of rating system? Thanks for any help you can offer me.
  6. Across the top of my stats page there are various colum titles one of which is D/T and in this colum there are numbers ie, 2/2, 1/2 ect can somebody please tell me what they mean? thanks.
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