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  1. Changes made from version 2.50 to 2.60: Improve compatibility with nRoute PC application. Add compass hold level indicator. Improve elevation level display to show maximum values. Increase loadable maps to 2025. Improve anchor drag alarm tone so that it stays on until the user clears it with the appropriate key press. Improve stability of unit when user has selected a customized color scheme and is viewing tide station information. Improve the autozoom feature when viewing an active autoroute on the Map page. When momentarily going to the Turn Preview page and then returning to the Map page, the autozoom distance is maintained instead of defaulting to the manual zoom distance. Improve review of address and intersection on Map page to have full text instead of just first street. Enhance visibility of paths in map Topo Great Britain v2. [color=#FF6666]This does not address a single item that has been asked for and discussed as serious issues over & over here on the forum. Are these guys smoking CRACK!!![/color]
  2. Makes a lot of sense to me not to block the viewing of the screen while pushing buttons or making adjustments. Isn't that pretty logical?
  3. Makes a lot of sense to me not block the viewing of the screen while pushing buttons or making adjustments. Isn't that pretty logical?
  4. That's pathetic! Do you really need to find your way around the house with a GPS?! I think you're missing the point here!
  5. Actually, I have been told by several knowledgable people that the SiRF chip is cheaper than the previous one Garmin was using.
  6. Sounds like the "Cheap Battery Syndrome" to me. I'd use reputable brands like Copper Tops or Rabbit Batteries. Better yet, use 2500 mHA NiMH rechargables.
  7. Probably not until major new models (or technology) supercede these new units which may be anywhere from 6 month to 18 months. This is what I usually see being a Garmin dealer for 15 years now.
  8. Has anyone out there gotten any inside scoop of exactly when Garmin is going to post a firmware update on the 60CSx to deal with it's multiple shortcomings? About the only issue that I've gotten Garmin tech weenies to 'fess up to, and say they're addressing with an update, is the "wandering" issue. I can't believe they're been this long about fixing some of these problems! Maybe this means they're actually tackling some of the trickier issues like the alarm clock function and the barometric graphing also?
  9. The "X" unit definitely has far superior ability to pick up and hold signal in previously impossible situations and the luxury of finally having expandable memory. I guess it's all a matter of how much value one puts on things like plotting barometric pressure with the unit off, an alarm clock function etc. Hopefully, these things wil/can be addressed via firmware updates soon.
  10. I've sold Garmin handhelds for 15 years now at a large outdoor outfitter here in western North Carolina and over the years seen units that have been dropped off moving vehicles, dropped down rock faces by climbers and generally been rode hard and put up wet literally. I've yet to see a single unit develop a water/moisture issue. Obviously though, if the case or display window actually gets cracked, it's going to take on water. Otherwise they're (Garmins at least) pretty darned tight!
  11. Good question, I wonder myself. I don't recall any, but I think the issue here is that we now are comparing the 60CSx against its predecessor expecting at least everything it had plus more, not less in the new supposedly "improved" model. Shouldn't it be even better with more functions, not less? Do we have to make sacrifices here for the SiRF technology?
  12. Well, they've hade the menu icons rather "cartoonish" and not nearly as nice as those in the 60CS. There's no icon or menu item concerning the removable memory card whatsoever. Still no multiple lap memory for the stopwatch and there's the irritating straying-about of position that I never noticed on my previous CS.
  13. Here's my latest grip that I emailed to Garmin concerning the 60CSx. It could have already been touched on here but I'm still hoping everbody with a new 60CSx will bitch at Garmin enough, and maybe, as a result, some fixes will actually come to pass: Along with several issues I've now discovered and emailed Garmin concerning, such as loss of the alarm clock function, no memory card icon or menu item, no multiple lap memory with the stopwatch function and no lithium battery selection, now I'm noticing to my dismay that the new "improved" 60CSx seems to no longer have the ability to record and graph barometric pressure with the unit turned off! Hopefully I'm wrong here and just don't understand how to do it. Is there a way. Please don't tell me that's no longer possible since that's one of my prime uses for it. I think somehow I didn't make too smart of a choice by "upgrading" to the 60CSx from my previous 60CS! Please give me some detailed replies to these issues, not the standard "canned" reply and a promise to pass this on to the design guys, at which point I never hear another word and nothing ever gets fixed. I've had this happen over & over with past problems over the years. I am a Garmin dealer, & would like to be able to reccomend Garmin's tech support, but my past few experiences is about to make me change my mind once and for all!
  14. This ad is for an SD card, not the microSD that you need! We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
  15. Does anyone in the forum know the email addresses of any top dogs at Garmin International. I would just like to let them know what kind of useless "tech help" Garmin users often get by their 800 technical help line. As a Garmin dealer what I usually receive is a "canned" response, that avoids the real issue, from a person that seems on the defensive and assumes everyons calling is a GPS idiot. I'd just like to let some of Garmin's higher-ups know of this situation.
  16. Just wondering how many Garmin 60CSx owners/users have actually went as far as complaining to Garmin via either email or phone concerning: 1. "Wandering" position problem 2. Dorky icons 3. No memory card icon or utility 4. Loss of alarm clock function 5. No lithium battery option Hopefully, if enough users complain enough, they'll actually fix these issues!
  17. Yeah, actually a friend and I both loaded the program so both its "loads" were used up!
  18. The Lithium Eveready cells work fine in my 60CSx. There should be no problen whatsoever. Garmin has even confirmed this to me as well. Unfortunately, the battery type menu doesn't have a specific "lithium" choice, so the way lithium cells discharge may not be shown accurately by the unit's "gas guage".
  19. Well, for what it's worth, Garmin just posted an update for the 60CSx. Unfortunately, there's no fix for the issues that's been being discussed here on the forum, like wandering, alarm clock, dumb icons, TransFlash icon, etc. All it does, to quote Garmin is: Fixed compatibility issues with preprogrammed data cards. Some cards may not unlock properly with software version 2.40 I guess they want to get those expensive pre-progamed data cards selling first thing. To heck with the real issues that really need addressing?
  20. In a word, yes, you're out of luck, I just went through this exact thing. I tried every way I could to get Garmin to let me "re-load' one more time to my new 60CSx especially since I sell Garmin GPS at a large local outdoor center and really needed it to also demonstrate the software to customers. They're hard nosed as hell about the "two shots and you're out" policy I'm afraid!
  21. Concerning this, #5 item,: 5. Add Ability To Load Maps And Wayppoints To Transflash Memory Card I was able to download MapSource City Navigator maps directly to a Sandisk 512 TF card that was placed directly into my computer's SD reader slot (using an adapter). I don't know about the waypoint issue, I assumed those are stored directly in the GPS unit's internal memory only?
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