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  1. OK, I give up, how do you: Added estimation of the number of remaining photos that the unit can take?
  2. I know the Garmin Oregon can use a 4 Gb Micro SD card because I have one in mine, but I was just wondering if this was the largest one it could utilize or if it could also use an 8 Gb? I assume you could use an 8 Gb in it, but can it only address the first 4 gigs?
  3. I was considering getting a Garmin Oregon 550, IF & only if, the display visibility has been vastly improved over the first units. Surely it's been fixed by now. I think the camera thing is kinda' hokey and unnecessary, and that certainly wouldn't be a selling point to me, because I'm sure its images are tiny .jpg files like a cell phone, but if they've actually made the display visible in lower light without having to use the backlight I'd be impressed!
  4. Oh, I'm not, believe you me. I've been there and done that. The only gripe I have with my Oregon is the display visibility issue.
  5. I was just wondering if Garmin ever does a non-beta firmware update anymore? Seems like all recent ones have been beta releases. What's going on here? By the way, what's this crap anyway: Date: April 1, 2009. Weather: Cool. Health: good. Food: 905 pounds. Next landmark: 190 miles. Miles traveled: 364 miles?
  6. All I have is all the image files and 1 (seusa) 1 Kb text file that just gives the program description and nothing else..no "installer". Am I missing something here?
  7. A friend sent me a link: http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/maps/view/99/ that supposedly offers free 1:24,000 topo maps fer almost the entire southeastern US. I've downloaded the zip file, unzipped it and tried everyway I know to get MapSource to recognize them but no cigar. I have all the un-zipped image files in their own directory, and that directory in the C:/ Garmin directory where all the other MapSource image files are located but apparently for some reason MapSource will not recognize them. What am I doing wrong here?
  8. Yep, that's what I'm doing, but after each attempt to submit, I just get an error message even though every field is filled out!
  9. I have now tried repeatedly to email Garmin's tech support team with the following message, but for some reason it apparently won't go through. Wonder if their being overwhelmed by similar comments. Maybe some of them will read it here: "After downloading your latest firmware update (2.70) to my Oregon 400t, the 3-D function is just a blank blue field. Almost everyone is seeing this according to online forums & discussion groups. Also, everyone is extremely aggrivated over the fact that the "Shaded Relief" dissapears every time the power is turned off & on and has to be reset with every power cycle. I thought the Oregon was a real solid unit, (after the total basket case Colorado), but with updates like this, I'm starting to lose faith in Garmin's credibility. Many forum folks online are really starting to consider changing teams after being hard core Garmin fans for many years. What's happening to Garmin's quality anyway?"
  10. This issue with version 2.70 totally knocking out the 3-D function is apparently pretty common. I updated 2 Oregon 300's and one 400t here in the store, and it killed this function on all of them! I called Garmin's Dealer Tech line and told them about this so hopefully a patch will be posted soon.
  11. The Oregon is a great unit, works like a charm. The Colorado is a real turkey that's probably being phased out because it is so problematic! Garmin is offering deep discounts to help dump their existing stock!
  12. The newest firmware update fixes this and makes it easy as pie!
  13. I notice that Garmin has posted an update, "GPS Chipset Type B software version 3.00", (available only thru their Web Updater). What I'm wondering though, is which units this works on and what it does for those units anyway?
  14. I own a 405 and as far as I know, it's not possible. Due to the 405's unusual wireless interface, it's a little tricky doing back & forth things with a computer.
  15. Yep, Garmin totally dropped the ball I'm afraid with the ill-fated Colorado. The 60CSx/Cx rode the wave for 3 years or so because they were solid, problem free units, for the most part. But the Colorado, which was touted as Garmin's great new top handheld units lasted about six months before being bumped by the Oregons. Does that tell you something about the Colorado's? My experiences with them as a dealer has been a total nightmare!
  16. I don't think you'll have any problem there. I have an Oregon 400t with a Transcend (Cheapo) 4 GB Micro SD card in it. Since the unit already had Topo installed, I've now loaded the entire City Nav NT disc, the entire Inland Lakes disc, and the entire Eastern 1:24,000 National Parks disc onto this card, and, by the way, it has functioned flawlessly. This card cost me all of $24.10 delivered to my door! I think the whole Topo 2008 program only sits on about 1 GB.
  17. That's right, just find the elevation of your home and re-calibrate every time you head out on an adventure. Barometric pressure is very dynamic and changes constantly (thus the weather!).
  18. Works for me... http://gpsinformation.info/penrod/oregon/oregon.html Oops, It finally decided to open for me just now for some reason.Wow, this is a wealth of information!
  19. What is this "Garmin Oregon Handheld Touchscreen Navigator" thing at: http://www.gpsinformation.org/allory/new.htm It might be interesting if it would ever open, at least it don't for me.
  20. It looks like they've really created a major limiting factor here that makes the unit far less usable to many folks. Wonder if they'll surely address this stumbling block with an udpate soon?
  21. Is anyone else finding it to be a total pain to go in and manually edit waypoints in the Oregons? I still haven't mastered it. It seemed to be easy with previous units. If there's a easy trick to it how do you do it ?
  22. Well, sometimes while wandering around on the internal mapping, I'll decide to save a waypoint somewhere in order to recall it later to view the map detail there, or show it to a customer because that particular point happens to show some interesting map features in a particular type of Map Source mapping. The problem is, I may have forgotten the exact name I've given it (Geezers occasionally are afflicted with this problem!). Thus, it would be very handy to just be able to call up the entire waypoint list, either alphabetically or in order of closest to farthest. If I see the names, I'll recognize it!
  23. Nor have I. No problem here either. I'm afraid this is not a battery related issue.
  24. So there's really no way, within the Oregon itself, to call up a listing of all saved waypoints at one time..that kinda'sucks!
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