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  1. dproven, in my original post I did not say that I "don't like the sequential ALs" and did not say that I would forbid them. I thought I stated logical reasons for "discouraging them" (as you stated), and "to please" me was not one of them. Creators can do as they please, and I did not suggest a prohibition on sequential ALs. Your point that "spread out ALs" are appropriate where they lead to the bonus cache is well taken.
  2. NLBokkie, your comment is well stated, perhaps better than my original. It seems to me that you agree not partly, but entirely. I agree that the sequential option should not be forbidden, but I have seldom (or never) seen the use being of any benefit.
  3. My wife and I have completed 68 Als in 11 states. We plan to view many more. We have seen many interesting natural and historic sites and visited many lovely downtown areas that we would have passed by. However, there is one common issue that has prevented us from doing more and caused needless driving on some we completed. That issue is that about a third (no record kept) of the Als required a sequence or order when there was no apparent reason other than the owner wanted to put bonus cache coordinates on the last location. I understand that many labbers desperately want a bonus cache. A bonus cache is fine, but portions of the bonus cache coordinates can be placed in the journal for each location without requiring a sequence. Only one AL that I visited warranted an order to the locations. In that case, the historic sites were chronological. Even that is a weak reason [I understand that 1889 came before 1901] to require the labber to drive here and there, sometimes zig-zagging around the area and sometimes even requiring the labber to drive to the far end then backtrack. These are not the days for needless driving. I recommend that a statement be placed in the guidelines that indicate that bonus cache coordinates are not sufficient reason to require an order to the locations and that requiring an order should only be specified if it is essential to the AL theme. A similar statement should be placed in the AL template and perhaps even require the preparer to specify the reason for requiring an order.
  4. Max and 99. thanks for the link on your post of May 16. I have been waiting for approval, but I have not received an e-mail. When I went to the link you provided and signed in, I saw that I have 1 credit. I think that allows me to create five ALs. I have three ready to go (as I told you offline), but unfortunately, I'll be traveling for a couple of weeks. I have 14 more ALs lined up to visit, so I'll have more experience. That'll be my priority in mid-July.
  5. Yes, thanks, Max and 99, that's what I was looking for. I found it. It's somewhat had to find. Dr.Scissortail (Larry)
  6. I have completed 46 ALs. Unfortunately, I did not keep al running list. Now that I go back to create a hand-list, I cannot find all 46. Perhaps some have been deleted after I completed them. However, it seems that a list of completed ALs generated by the app is essential. The profile list includes completed apps (if settings are correct), but some of my completed ALs are 1500 miles away and I cannot find them through all the uncompleted apps. Perhaps in settings you could add a "Hide uncompleted" switch in converse to the "Hide completed: switch. This would give the user a viewing of completed ALs. Thank you.
  7. I just drove this route. Some of the best Route 66 geocaching (and touring) is in Seligman, AZ, and Williams, AZ, even though the numbers are low. Kingman has lots of good caches. Also, just east of Flagstaff is a very fun power trail (or series) of letterbox caches. You can get 5-6 (or more) pretty quickly right off the interstate. I really enjoyed geocaching in Grants, NM. There are lots of caches and almost every cache is present and findable. I found 14 in a little over an hour and 5 more on the return trip (most are put out by the same person). I had terrible luck in Gallup, NM. Albuquerque has lots of caches but the traffic is a nightmare.
  8. I really like the "Antiquity" map. It will greatly help in completing the Jasmer Challenge.
  9. I'm sure that these forums do not reflect the vast majority of geocachers but rather the more "earnest" or "committed." That said, I wonder why so many of you care whether someone logs a find or not. It's just an activity or sport; it's not life or death. It's not even a competition. In the end, anyone can play the game any way they want without hurting others. It's their log and their list. I've been an avid birdwatcher for 40 years. Birders usually keep a "life list." It's the same, people decide their own standards and record accordingly. Who cares? If you want to police your caches and get all righteous over others "misdeeds," I suppose you can. Personally, I'd rather encourage than discourage others. Some of you relate this to "entitlement." I don't get the connection. Recording a geocaching find when you didn't actually sign it isn't a major social sin. I think some of you that go off on an "entitlement" rant mixing your other resentments with your ideas of geocaching. Get over it.
  10. Geocachers have to take special precautions all the time, but it seems that this year is especially bad for snake bites. Here in Central Oklahoma, we've already had about 44 inches of rain this year. That means lots of tall grass (sometimes over 6 ft high) and weeds. The result of all the vegetation is more insects and small animals. That spirals right up the food chain to rattlesnakes and copperheads. Hospitals here report a very high number of poisonous snake bite victims. Most of these were people doing yard work. Antivenin treatments run $15,000 and up per treatment. Locals also report a high number of venomous snakes in their yards. I'm being super cautious this summer, but mostly because of the heavy load of chigger bites I've had. In Oklahoma the roadside grasses are very high because livestock can't get there and the mowing crews are way behind. These roadsides are common places for caches. I sometimes find a stick to probe ahead where I'm walking, and I never stick my hand down where I can't see to grab a cache. I haven't seen any snakes, and I don't want to. Have any of you noticed more snakes?
  11. Personally I think giving a souvenir for any and every day in August cheapens the souvenirs. Most of them are not easy to get. You have to travel to another state or show up at an event on a specific date. I'll start on Aug. 1 and 2 and see what the souvenirs look like. I now have to drive quite a ways (>20 miles) to get a new cache. Two new ones did pop up in town, and of course I'm saving them. I hope some thoughtful cachers put some more out nearby. I plan to put at least one out myself.
  12. Yes, now I see. I took down what I was told without thinking about it. And of course all the stickers had the travel bug symbol on them. Thanks for the responses.
  13. Yes, now I see. I took down what I was told without thinking about it. And of course all the stickers had the travel bug symbol on them. Thanks for the responses.
  14. At a flash mob event today I saw and recorded the GC (?) numbers of 8 "geocaches." They were part of official-looking labels on the rear of the cars. Is there a way to log these finds? Is there a special name or category for this type of "geocache?" When I try to log them, it says "unpublished geocache."
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