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  1. Thanks, I just didn't want to do something that I shouldn't do.
  2. What do the attributes mean in the cache discription? Its the area on the right side of the screen under navigation with different pics. I can understand some of them, but is there a place on the web site that tells you specifically what they are? Thanks, sorry for all the posts...
  3. So I went to 3 caches today...And two of them had TB's. I only took one, but this brought up a question...how many TB's can your pick up in a day?
  4. The winter weather in Florida is too hot...I had to turn on my ac today
  5. Thanks Again! All of your replies helped me find my first cache! Couldn't stand that I didn't find it the first time, so I went back and used everyone's help. Even though it was 11pm.
  6. Thanks for everyones reply. I'm sure that I will get the hang of it eventually. For those of you that have the meridian gold...is there anyway to zoom in more than 100'?
  7. Hi, I am a newbie...I bought a Meridian gold and took it out to my fist cache. I'm still learning all the different tools that I can use on my gps to get to groud zero. It turned out as a dnf...although I went when the sun was almost gone. So, my question is this: What screen should I be using to get to ground zero. And what should I have in the data fields to utilize my gps. The cache I went to had 1 1/2 stars...so, even though it's an "easy" one, I want to get better at understanding the data my gps is spitting out at me. Thanks.
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