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  1. ooopsss! I missed it....I was out caching....imagine that! What a new idea....stop talking about it and do it!
  2. The movie should be a travel bug....That would be cool!
  3. ....be the winner! Flood control made me make fewer posts....
  4. I was just thinking about doing one like that....darn it, I thought it was original, now what am I going to do?
  5. Sorry...it's a lumber mill. Can you change the name after it was published? It was published surprisingly fast GCTH7G If I can't change it, then oh well...."Burn the mill down" it is. Mill Alight is a good name! I wish I could think like that.
  6. I placed a cache and it's under review right now. I was trying to think of a cachy name for it. It's at an old mill that was burned during the civil war. A confederate general was ordered to burn all the mills around. I came up with the name "burn the mill down! cache"...sort of like the orders. Is this a bad name? Any other good ideas for a name that's cachy?
  7. I have to admit...the smiley code confuses me...haha
  8. This one has never been found...just now put temporarily unavailable. Been there since 6/25/2004 Find'a Fish'n Hole # 1 & # 2! GCJTAX
  9. Yeah, that's what I was thinking...I figured I would ask here and see what kind of response I would get. It just seems like a good idea, but if it doesn't work out, than oh well! Besides obtaining permission, I'm haveing a hard time brainstoming ideas of how to combine the two...even if I never got permission, it's fun to think up of ideas, and what better way than on this forum.
  10. So, I'm thinking about setting up a cache that supports St. Jude's...but I can't think of a way to benifit St. Judes and combine geocaching, let alone if it's allowed. So what are some ideas? And, would it be allowed? http://www.stjude.org/
  11. I didn't see old cheroot...but I read the log from geowyz... That works in a smoking zone. Do most of you just stand around and watch for the perfect opportunity? Example...there's this cache in a rest area. It's in or around one of those free hotel guide stands. Next to the security guard's "shack". So, I got the security guard(looking for suspiscious activity), trucker guys, kids, tourists, and many more. I have to admit I'm a bit nervous. What would be your best to this cache?
  12. who knows if it was on a right of way...I asked and they said no. I wouldn't want someone walking around my property or near my property if I told them to not be there. There were no trespassing signs and was not fenced in. They were standing outside, so I asked. I logged found it, because I did find it, but just didn't take a picture. I find it interesting that the NGS has to get permission to do whatever with thier benchmarks. The electic company sure doesn't ask permission to read my meter box every month(which is next to my house, actually mounted on my house), and other utility companys... HEHE, but I'm happy ...I might actually go back later and get permission and take the picture(squeeky wheel gets the grease )
  13. I worked with some illegal aliens a few years ago and they called me Kemo Sabe...
  14. This Friday (Feb. 3rd) will be my second week...wow time flies! I have many more caches to do...16 so far and 2 benchmarks...
  15. oops...sorry, I didn't even realize that there was a benchmark forum....sorry. Needless to say I'm new...
  16. So, I found my second benchmark, and the owner was out, so I told him that I wanted to document the benchmark. He said no, so I explained a little more about what I was doing and he still said no. So I said that's cool....and left. So, what should I do in a situation like that? Isn't the benchmark public property? Background info: The benchmark is about 10 feet from a main road, on a corner lot.
  17. I'm sorry that many have problems with TB's. I try to get them closer to thier goals when I pick one up. Right now I have a misfit elephant that's going to Ga. It was left in a TB hotel for a while. It was trying to get up to GA. by Christmas....I felt bad that it was already late to it's meeting. I'm taking it a bit closer to GA., but I can't take it all the way...I wish I could.
  18. aaaa...no wonder why it only worked at home!
  19. Went out yesterday to do some caching. Had plenty of muggle's out there. But I didn't panic...using everyone's suggestions, I just hit my invisable button and............for some reason it only works at home while I'm reading the forums. So, I just acted and went ! On one cache a mail man said "what are you doing?" I said "my wife lost her earring(the only thing I could think of) last weekend and she wanted me to go find it. The guy said "good luck, that's like looking for a needle in a hay stack!" Which it was, because the cache was hard and I logged a DNF.....my first one ! On another cache a walking muggle said "what drugs are you on?" At first I didn't understand what he said, before I could answer he was already down the street a bit. But before he was totally gone he said "do you even have a job?" aaaaa....that was fun! It kinda made me and made me , because the guy was such a jerk and was so quick to judge, but I blew it off and found the cache!
  20. Wow! What a response...and a lot of great ideas! Thanks! Time to go ! Oh....I just found my invisable button on my gpsr! Now that's ultimate stealth!
  21. So, I've encountered muggles in my humble beginning. I was hoping to get some tips on how to be stealth in a "high" muggle area! Also, what to say to muggle's if your found? I NEED TO BE ! or, ! Please?
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