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  1. Dear all, In the old (payed) app the pictures were visible, also in off-line use. Pictures on the main listing (in the description) and all the other pictures, linked to the logs. Pictures on the main listing page are necessary to get the full and correct description of the cache, the pictures in the log(s) can be usefull as an extra hint... In the new app I can not found how/where the find these pictures, specially in off-line use. Can some one help? Tx Kripau
  2. Pictures in the new iPhone app... Are they available? - pictures in the listing - pictures in the log(s) If yes: how/where/... I don't see them Kris
  3. Pictures in the iPhone app: Is this handled by the development team, or am I missing something....
  4. Dear all, Start using the new app (as the old one is going soon ), I can not see any pictures. Eg: https://coord.info/GC5CCQ3 -> pictures in the main cache page -> pictures in the gallery -> and important: also in off-line mode Thanks for any help Kris
  5. I fully agree. Showing this 'old' page to new candidates was showing the world caching - in real time! Fantastic!!
  6. The last info on release notes is from ... (see title of this Forum. Will there be an official statement from Groundspeak on new versions? Or is it really try-and-error?
  7. Amazing what's happening. This forum sounds like an advertising blog for the other (3th party) apps....
  8. As above mentioned, and in a lot of other threads, a lot of users were, and are, quit happy with the 'old' app. GC should ask: - is there a need to create a (read 'the') new app? - can there be a poll organise to get feedback if users are in prefference of the old or the new app? - clear information on what will happen after 'june 16', when the old app will not longer be available? Regards Kris (A pleased 'old'app user)
  9. How many times would you do that? If so, what would be the added value of a (new) search which doesn't offer any routing capabilities? The only way to achieve that is to do some homework and look at a regular map in order to know which places to visit for visiting 10 countries. It's only after that has been done, you can look which caches to do in these cities. Thus nothing different from the past. I don't see the issue with this 'Global search'. If you don't like a large region to be in the results, set a max distance...
  10. Remark on the 'new' search page on the web site: Starting a search I am always ticking these boxes - You haven't found - You don't own - Are enalbled to limite the caches still available to find. Is there no possbility to get these boxes (or others depending on) ticked by default? Saved as a kind of user-standard? Of course this is not a blocking issue, but a very nice to have...
  11. I am trying for a few days/times the new app. I managed to put the map on swiffel, so it turn into the direction of the cache to find. But every time I touch the map on my iPhone 4S (eg to zoom in/out), the map is going back to the 'fix' position (Nord on top; instead of keeping on the 'swiffel' status. Is this the behaviour as foreseen, or something that will corrected in the near future? TX for reply
  12. Hi Tim, I have seen the green circle, but clicking this only lights up the icon, but the map is not reacting. (for info: i'm using an iphone 4S) Kris
  13. -- Saving lists on the phone for off-line use. Very often we are looking for nearby caches, eg in a hotel abraod, downloading the list to use off-line, getting out caching. As we have no internet access all over the world the saving of caches offline on the iphone is a must. -- Turning map in direction of the cache In the old app the map could show you the direction of the cache.. I do not find this functionality in the new app. -- Performance The new app is a lot slower. Is the map with caches updated on-line ?? -- Design A cell phone screen is not so big. Why the D/T indication are so massive designed. I do not think this is added value. Just D/T 1/5 (eg) is enough. Also the space for the map is half the screen. Are we expected to get out with ipad's? ...... Not(yet) in favor of the new app Kris
  14. I know but making the lists on the app was a great feature in the paid app, so this is a drawback for sure. Still can't narrow this down to one app, they keep missing to many features.
  15. After migrating / upgrading ti IE8, I have the same issue. At first glance it looks that no tracing is visible (no connection lines between the numbers), only the spot where a TB was dropped/dipped. Any idea how this can be solved? Kris
  16. Dear all, Problem solved. After quit a long search I have founded a nice guy who would give me an authorization to place the cache on the Infrabel space. Regards kripau
  17. Dear all, Placing a cache at/near a railroad station in Belgium requires an authourization of NMBS / INFRABEL (Railroad BE). Does anyone has experience with this? - contactpersoon / service at NMBS / INFRABEL? - are instructions / limitation available? Thanks a lot for feedback. Kripau --- Hallo beste collega's, Ik ben een cache aan het plaatsen aan/in een station/stopplaats van de NMBS. Dit is dus op INFRABEL terrein. Voor de reviewer de cache wil releasen moet ik toelating vragen/hebben van INFRABEL. Vraag: - heeft hier iemand ervaring mee? - is er een dienst binnen INFRABEL die zich hiermee bezig houdt? - contactpersonen? - zijn er richtlijnen vanuit NMBS / INFRABEL? Alvast bedankt voor een antwoord. Kripau ---
  18. Thanks for the info. This was exactly the function I was looking for! Distances are now back OK again! Kris
  19. Dear all, By mistake I logged a trackable on the wrong cache. After deleting the log (and creating the correct one) I notice this: In the log-files the deleted entry is removed: OK On the map the deteled entry is not longer showing: OK But: the listed distance travelled is not 'updated' correctly. The distance linked to the deleted entry is still in the calculated result: Not OK Question: - are these 'total distances' recalculated on a regualar base? - if not: how can I correct the distance value? Kind GC-regards Kripau PS: TB concerned: http://coord.info/TB2B9XH http://coord.info/TB4XYV0
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