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  1. Hire a driver when you get there. Outside the port there are plenty of companies and drivers offering a tour of the island. Tell them you don't want the tour, bring out your geocaching map and say "These are the places we want to go". The driver often takes a gradual interest and sometimes they help search before the day is over. Stay near the ship when hiring someone and you are less likely to get ripped off they do a good job of keeping the crooks further out. We rented a car and drove ourselves once, it wasn't worth it we spent half the time navigating, plus the hassle of picking up and returning the car and getting gas. You're not in port very long and you don't want to waste that much time.
  2. I drove 40 miles and hiked another mile to get to a new 5-part multi-cache that was getting rave reviews from the locals. What I found was not a multi- but a series of 4 difficult puzzle caches. Not only that, the COs puzzles had a unique style known to the locals and were nearly impossible for clueless out-of-towners to solve. I wrote a nasty log about wasting my time I didn't come here to do puzzle caches. I got a reply saying it was the reviewers decision to call it a multi because stage 1 had real coordinates. OK, but shouldn't you warn people in the description?
  3. a couple observations for the mathematically inclined. 1. Planets moves relative to the placement of GPS satellites.So would'nt we have moving caches with no stable GPS coordinates? unless published in an different matrix. 2. GPS mesurements for geocaches are 2-dimensional with no coordinate for altitude. If another planet is at a particular spot in it's orbit, the cache could violate the saturation rule by being within 528 feet of a cache on Earth when measured in 2 dimensions.
  4. I've had logs deleted for pointing out wrong information. "The hint is wrong" and "coordinates 20 feet off" were both considered spoilers by one CO because the wrong info was intentional and I wasn't supposed to give it away.
  5. Was your account a gmail account? Several people have had this same problem with them.
  6. I've had that problem for a couple weeks. Not just new listings, all contact from Groundspeak stopped. When I emailed support they told me my server was probably misclassifying their emails as spam since they do bulk mailings. I use gmail and I see you do too. On the left column click on See More, then click on Categories, or All Mail. That worked for me but I'm still not sure why or how to fix it. Edit: Problem solved. Next to the Compose bar it says Primary then a list of other categories, then a + sign. Click on the + then uncheck whatever category you don't want filtered out. In my case it was the category Social. Gmail has taken upon itself to pre-sort our email by guessing what category it belongs to and making us select that category before seeing it.
  7. I wouldn't put it in somebody else's cache. If you want to put it in your own cache that would be fine. If it's meant to scare people and then amuse them it sounds like it should be part of the hide, more than just ordinary swag. It's not cool to change other people's hides.
  8. I'm having the same problem. Email notifications stopped about a week ago. No co-owner, it's just me. I've been looking at Last Date Found so I know which cache pages to read. If somebody logs a Note or DNF I won't see it.
  9. I have a cache that is always migrating. I've had to search for and find it 3 times in 3 different places.
  10. I'll vote for for. Both are correct grammar. The difference is in the meaning conveyed (Calling all meaning Nazis?). Again either one is reasonable. If this were one of those SAT questions where you need to pick the word that most exactly fits I'll vote for for. Yes, I know I made several grammatical errors in this post.
  11. I live in florida where it's hot most of the year so I cache in shorts. unless thick brush is invlolved, then I'll save it for a chilly day and wear long pants. so if it's published now I might find it in November. Snakes are considered normal around here and veteran cachers consider it a bonus to see snakes. Double bonus for seeing an alligator.
  12. I recently hid a cache called Curse Of The Intro App. All the description said was "That's another hide for me. Thanks for finding this geocache."
  13. This works both ways. On my next hide the cache page will simply read "That's one more hide for me. Thanks for finding my geocache."
  14. It's the latest scam, based on the idea that everybody in the group takes credit for a find. People declare themselves to be a group, then they go their separate ways and find different caches, then reassemble at the end of the day and each person claims they found every cache. sounds absurd to me but some people call that geocaching. Do you like movies? Here's an idea. Get 16 people together, then split up each person going to a different movie. reassemble at the end of the day, then claim you saw 16 movies today!
  15. Encrypting logs make no sense to me. private stuff should be handled by email. logs are for everyone, if there's something inappropriate then edit it or delete it. It's ironic that some people are so determined to share something they have to encrypt it, guaranteeing most people won't bother to read it.
  16. I've had a few logs deleted for some odd reasons. I once mentioned that the hint was wrong and it got deleted as a spoiler, apparently the hint was supposed to be misleading and I'm not supposed to give that away. Another time I said I fell for the decoy, I thought that was a tribute to the COs cleverness but it got deleted for hinting that their might be a decoy. and I've had a DNF deleted because I said quick search it's too cold for a long search and the CO thought I hadn't put in enough effort to justify a DNF. Bottom line, each CO has their own ideas of what they want revealed. no reason to argue, just let them manage their hides as they see fit. At least they are active CO's, that's a good thing.
  17. Groundspeak stopped publishing temporary caches a few years ago because it was too much work for the reviewers. Some regions liked to host events with temporary caches and they were not happy when this practice was discontinued. Posting multiple logs for the event was their loophole to get credit for all of their finds associated with the event. Groundspeak allowed this loophole to continue, possibly as a compromise for not supporting temporary caches. But some opportunists saw how easy it was and started posting multiple logs to pad their numbers when they didn't actually find anything.
  18. I've attempted several Multi-caches that turned out to be mystery/puzzle caches after stage 1. I felt very annoyed the when I drove or hiked some distance to do a multi- only to find a puzzle. The local reviewers believe if stage 1 coordinates are good then the whole thing is a Multi, no matter what comes next. I disagree and don't think it's fair to people who don't want to do mystery caches. nothing in the writeup mentioned it either.
  19. My personal best of 160 was a solo caching day. When I cache with others we chat, we linger, we try a few difficult hides, and sometimes make other stops. I always find at a faster pace when caching solo, I map out a route ahead of time skipping the hard ones and move at a brisk pace.
  20. I grabbed a film can from the base of a sign and there was a scorpion under it. I was on a hiking trail and saw a whole family of wild pigs. I got quiet and they wandered to within 30 feet, I took out my camera trying to get a picture when they noticed me and ran off. Who knew pigs were camera shy? On a bike trail crossing a stream there were two huge alligators less than 10 feet below. We stopped to gawk, they totally ignored us. In the woods I got stung by a nest of wasps and posted it in my log. Three more people posted the same thing as if they were the first person it ever happened to. Read the logs first and you might avoid getting sting. I've seen llamas in fenced areas, obviously somebody's pets. I've also seen a zebra and a camel (uh oh, guess what day it is).
  21. The county I live in allows us to place geocaches in county parks without asking their permission each time. In exchange we do CITO events at county parks. I'ts kind of an unwritten agreement between us and them. It helps to have a good relation with whoever is in charge. Bureaucrats would rather not deal with it. The town I live in does not allow geocaches in neighborhood parks because they are paid for with local moneys and not intended for non-residents. no Cito's for them. Other managed areas require written permission for each cache which are generally allowed with more stringent saturation limits. Bottom line, every type of park is different.
  22. roll up some sandwich wraps. They take up less space and they don't get mangled in your backpack as much as sandwiches on bread. If your not going to be away from the car for more than a few hours at a time just bring a cooler and remove whatever you need for each hike.
  23. Opinions seem to be divided 50-50. My preference would be to post a note explaining why you couldn't get there. DNF only if you actually searched. When I see DNF's logged I assume the cache may be hard to find, not necessarily the case here. A Note would cover anything else relevant including why you couldn't get there.
  24. find a way to insert a bison tube into a Christmas tree ornament then hang it on a tree.
  25. There is a CO whose coordinates often point at nothing. In the middle of the street, in an open field, etc. The cache is generally on the nearest searchable object. I think he does it on purpose, not to make it more difficult as much as to force people to use their geosenses. There are a couple other people I suspect offset their coordinates. I'm suspicious because there is a pattern to it, always the same style of offset. If equipment error were the culprit then the errors would be more random. Oldtime geocachers seem to be less concerned about accuracy, possibly because the technology was worse when they started.
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