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  1. NM logs do not automatically go to a Reviewer. Some Reviewers will do periodic sweeps of caches in their areas that have had a NM set for a long period of time and then they may decide to Disable the cache, depending on the nature of the problem. NA logs do automatically alert the Reviewer. I think a lot of the angst comes from the wording of the NA log. "Needs Archived" sounds very harsh and that's one of the reasons people don't like using it. People have campaigned for a long time to have it changed to something like "Needs Reviewer Attention" or something. Posting that you think a cache needs to be archived smacks of being a cache cop or control freak when that might not be what you really intend but that's what the log type says. I've never had a NA posted on one of my caches but I can imagine I would get worked up even though I know the intention of the log is simply to raise a question or concern to a reviewer. "How dare you say my cache needs to be archived? What gives you the right?" Sad, but true. I suspect they word it that way BECAUSE it sounds harsh and thus limits its abuse. I could see a lot more people using the "Needs Reviewer Attention" log willy-nilly, maybe even instead of the "Needs Maintenance" log. People are less likely to post a log asking for archiving than one just asking for someone else to look at it. Great point. I was thinking Needs Reviewer Attention would be a great name change; however, I see how that can quickly become abused.
  2. I am sure this has been debated for years but I am being lazy and not searching through mounds of threads. Why is there so much angst or negativity towards a NA or NM post. Isn't worst case that a reviewer looks at it and sends a message to the CO. If not warented then the NA or NM is removed. Am I missing something? Doesn't seem to me to have to be a big issue or cause a fight, bad blood etc.
  3. Sounds like I found my excuse to visit Brazil.
  4. My TB went missing. My Partner's is very close to final destination.
  5. Actions have consequences, not caring about the consequences it inconsiderate. This looks like the way it should happen to me. If you enjoy filling in your grid, completing fizzy chalenges. The change in D/T open a hole gives you the opertunity to hunt down another "rare" geocache D/T keeping the game fun for those who like the challenge? The cacher quoted above was successful in hunt 3 "rare" geocache D/Ts. I don't think I have been sucessful at 1.
  6. What about doing a reverse geocache? I believe you can purchase the box from Groundspeak. Place the engagement ring inside and set the coords for the restraunt?
  7. If you can find an office or room willing to allow an event, the Empire State Building or Burj Khalifa (would never make it there) would make a great high difficulty event.
  8. Don't forget to include lots of Geocaching:) I would build in something where they find a certain number of each type of cache, reflecting on its location, hide, how its made, impact to the environment etc. Then have a session where they go out and look for a "Spot" for a cache, create a proposal for a Cache design for that spot, potential impact on environment, wather or not to proceeed in construction. If proposal gets your approval you can have workshop days where they build the caches, hide the caches, then create a geo trail which the other summer school kids or your club can go out and find on one of the days.
  9. For the First Canoe/Kayak the Lower Colorado Event, you will be on your own for getting your vehicle from the launch site to the camping site. 1. The store keep at Wlaters Camp has been known shuttle vehicles to Picacho. Not sure on price. 2. I have a 7 person car and can drive people back to the launch area after the event if you pitch in for gas 3. If we get some volunteers we can have a group of local cachers that may not wish to canoe but are willing to come up to the take off point and drive vehicles to the camp site. I will start looking for some volunteers for that. You will need to take your camping gear with you in the canoe unless you have someone willing to drop you off and meet you at the camp site. I am ending the event at Pichacho but the avid canoer can make their way to west wetlands but there will be 2 or 3 portages needed. So far there is just a small group of us going so I will not be reserving a group camp site, not much competition for the group site if we need it during June. Individual spots are plenty and the group of use can just get a few sites together for the camp out. Dinner, I will bring some hamburgers and hot dogs, it would be nice if everyone brought a side dish or camp dish to share that night.
  10. Day 1-2: Go out and hike the area looking for nice geocache container locations. Day 3-4: Build a unique cache container that fits 1 location they scouted day 1-2. Day 5-6: Hide unique Cach/Make a Geo Trail GPS list. Day 7: Follow the Geo trail finding all the caches. (If parents are pickingt up scouts it could be a family adventure to end the camp)
  11. Thank you, S.P.D. 1 was an awsome cache. What a great police department.
  12. Hi, Taking my wife, my boys 4 and 7, and my exchange student to Sedona for camping and hiking this Sunday/Mon. I have a pocket querry running for regular to large caches. Does anyone recommend any must do caches in Sedona? Will be hitting Bell Rock and Cathedral rock for sure, not sure where else we will be going...yet. Thank you, Yuma4
  13. Haven't researched yet but since I got my new CPU with Windows 8.1 My PC doesn't event recognize my Garmin Etreck or whatever its called. DL all the latest drivers etc. My old pc that I mistakenly upgraded to the new windows no longer recognizes it either:(
  14. Hi all, Just wanted to let everyone know about a fun opertunity to see the southern part of the Colorado River as well as Camping at a wonderful Sate Park "Pichacho State Park. Event Canoe/Kayak Lower Colorado Event Event will take place on June 21/22nd. Feel free to look at the event page and make any suggestions for added activities.
  15. I have a "that's not geocaching" response to what goes on along numbers run trails like the ET Highway, but it isn't directed at the caches themselves. Rather, it's directed to some of the "shortcuts" that are used by many who are doing the ET Highway numbers run trail. For example, the three cache monte (aka cache shuffling aka swap-and-drop) breaks the fundamental "return the geocache to its original location" rule of geocaching, and leapfrogging (and other divide-and-conquer techniques) are just armchair logging by another name. +1
  16. I think it depends on the cache. I am very much in the camp "TFTC" log = poor cache. If I go out and find a cache and it is simply a pill bottle under a bush, guard rail, lamp post and is not unique in any way or bring me somewhere that "In my opinion" is nothing special then it will not get a decent log. It takes only seconds to place a LPC, guard rail, etc so it will only take sec for me to make a log. Now if the cache takes me somewhere with a view, unique container, some effort in the cache design then it deserves a good log. Just my opinion.
  17. Not sure on the area but its winter and any dangerous snakes are probably hibernating. Just take a stick and poke around carefully
  18. Couple Ideas off the top of my head: 1. Start going on Geocaching adventures (Take club members caching and find 4-5 caches) 2. After several Geocache adventures have a Geocach making session or sessions where the club finds a spot for a geocach and then builds a cache created for that spot. 3. Hold a Creative Geocache Container event where members bring in their own creatins based on a theme and have a vote or selection to see who makes the best 1 4. Set up temp geo trails at your meeting location and have the club find the caches, making them harder each meeting or so. Have the club create a Geo Event or Cito event. Possibly creating a multi-year plan to see if they can get it to Mega Event Status?
  19. I think the Desert Southwest (Arizona) needs to hold one I would love to hit one of these if they were slightly closer ...
  20. Easy Fix, Add disclaimer "Cache Placement Approved by Property Manager." Note in Guidlines " Do what you want on your own property!!
  21. Event Update: Confirmed for the event: Search and Rescue with their Hummer, ATVs, Airboat...and... ....HELICOPTER! This is going to be a great Mega Event!!!! Thank you Team 360 for making contacts and helping to get the Search and Rescue crew as well as the Marines to bring in a Heli. Can hardly wait..only 9 days till the Yuma Mega Event 11.
  22. This may not be the most ethical idea but would one consider this: The beloved Cache is abandoned by the cache owner. The reviewer archives it and the caching community is saddened. A local cacher goes to GZ fixes/maintains the cache and submits a new cache page using the container already at GZ. Now its active with a active owner. If the inactive owner comes back and says..hay thats my cache. You can always archive new listing and unarchive the old listing?
  23. Why the initial restriction? I am not saying right or wrong, but I am guessing they are premium members and want to give other premium members the chance for a FTF for supporting ground-speak with the meager $30 a year.
  24. I think I would have permanently encrypted the log, Either way you are backed by policy. The cacher can always re-log his find without the spoiler.
  25. I am getting excited for the Yuma Mega Event. Lots of cool stuff happening, including an appearance of Signal himself.Yuma Mega Event 11
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