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  1. Yes, this is true for me, too. No, there is no pattern to which caches are missing. Since I often hunt for puzzles, for me I notice the puzzle caches are missing, but are readily available through the website. It's really frustrating, too, because it requires a lot of flipping back and forth between the app and the website. I have checked every possible setting, turned off certain filters, ie. turned off all caches except puzzles (in case there is a capacity algorithm), and the ones I'm looking for still don't show. So irritating. I may have a bunch of solved puzzles before taking off to find them, collect all the ones I find on the app, only to find a lot of them I passed right by because they didn't show up in the app. They don't show on the map and they don't show on the list view.
  2. The message center page doesn't work in Chrome. Period. It needs to be fixed. Just like in the other thread, I get a mostly blank page, whether the ad blocker is running or not. But now, my OCD is really kicking in because the dang message tag doesn't clear even when I can get the page to work somewhat normally. No matter how many times I've clicked on and read the yellow dotted message, the tag won't clear!
  3. Not fixed in Chrome! I'm still getting "Your browser is not supported."
  4. Just wanted to report that I'm not having any functional issues with the site anymore, for what I've been doing, which is basically just locate caches, download the .gpx files and write logs. Still don't like the change from "mine" to "yours" but I can adapt. The rest of it, visually, I'm gradually adjusting to. Carry on. And thanks for taking the time to work through all of this with us.
  5. Things are looking a little better now. I can adjust. I looked at my cache pages, edited one. Everything looks OK on Chrome so far. I don't understand the switch from "my/mine" to "your/yours," though. It changes the tone of things. When it was "mine" it was like it was just me and my pages and I have all the control. Changing it to "yours" makes it seem like there's a third party over my shoulder.
  6. geocaching.com google maps now working fine for me on Chrome.
  7. After reading through this thread, it seems to me there are TWO basic issues here in the new site. The first issue seems to be that there were some upgrades that NEEDED to take place, which created some design issues and scripting problems. I can wait for adjustments to be made on those. BUT - then there were changes that didn't NEED to be made (changing MINE to YOURS, etc.), that someone apparently said, "well, why don't we change this to that while we're doing this." All I can say is that it's generally not a good idea to implement new designs where they are not wanted in your customer base. New customers won't care, but old customers may start beefing up the competition. GC.com is like Bandaids and Velcro - it's the brand name that lets people understand what you're talking about. If you want to keep ahead of the generic brands, your redesigns should make the current customer base smile, not look elsewhere. Go ahead with the stuff that HAS to be changed, but please put things back that were arbitrarily changed for no reason other than someone thought it might be a good idea. It wasn't.
  8. geocaching.com google maps don't work. They just say "loading caches" with a spinning wheel and that's all. Both Chrome and Firefox are affected. As for the colors and contrast, I'm very visually impaired in the area of contrast and this will really take some adjustment. I can't even imagine someone suggesting to "change my monitor" when every other website I visit regularly has lovely contrast that doesn't need altering so I can see it. I'm probably going to have to stay away from the site for a while, and see if I can deal with it later. Ugh. This is the most horrible visual change this site has done so far. Seems to me that all this change just to add some longer words was entirely unnecessary. FAIL.
  9. Oh, GOD, no!! Change it back!!! It looks TERRIBLE in Chrome and takes up WAY more room with lots of "dead space" on the page. Change it back, please, please, please!!! I don't think any change to the website has ever inspired me to complain, but this is HIDEOUS!!
  10. I'll bet the cell phone companies would LOVE this idea.
  11. I usually go caching alone, even though I really like caching with other folks. But I have a weird schedule that doesn't fit with most folks in my area. I work all weekend and have only mornings and early afternoons during the week to go caching. So, I mostly cache alone. It definitely isn't as much fun as caching with a buddy, plus it limits the caches I can get because I won't do any difficult hikes alone, nor drive in any questionable neighborhoods. But it sure gives me the opportunity to practice my ninja skills!
  12. Someone else will have to do the math, but our local legend is now into his sixth consecutive year of at least one cache per day.
  13. Frivlas is correct. The cacher in question is a personal friend of mine whom I've cached with many times. He would absolutely not behave confrontationally, and if asked to leave an area, he would do so. I suspect he made the find and put the cache back and was stopped as he was returning to his car, but I've yet to hear from him as he's out of town (obviously). It is the nature of the cacher to hunt for FTFs, especially out in those areas and especially in the wee hours. It just fits in with his schedule to do so. He very rarely ever posts in forums. I suspect that frivlas' suggestion that it was someone else who is actually in question here as the confrontational cacher, and who chose not to log it. The person who destroyed the cache and emailed the nasty letter to you is probably off his meds. If my friend wishes to weigh in on this, he will do so. Otherwise, it might be a good idea to lock this thread and let it fade away to avoid any more embarassment to anyone.
  14. No professional herpetologist here, just a fan of snakes. That thar snake is a type of rattlesnake common to Arizona, but I forget the name of it at the moment, although it was recently featured on an episode of "Untold Stories of the ER" on TLC if you get that channel. The reason it looks a little fake is that, if you notice the eye that you can see, it looks like it has sort of an opaque blue cover. That is the sign of an imminent skin shed for most snakes. This guy's skin was getting ready to come off, and a lot of snakes go kind of torpid around that time. They won't even move if you poke 'em with a stick, which is really not a good idea, btw. Once that skin starts to crack a little, the snake will start moving around, push its head against rocks and such to start a "peel" going. Then he slithers off, leaving an inside out reminder of his former hide. Even his "eyes" peel. Not actually the eyes, but a layer of cells (the blue cover) that grow over the eyes just before the shed. Snakes are pretty cool, but they need to be respected, even the non-venomous ones. I've been bitten by non-venomous snakes, 'cause I'm too dumb to leave those alone. LOL But, I've rescued snakes from danger that way. Once, I rescued a GORGEOUS California King Snake from certain death as he slithered into my horse's stall. Actually, it was a she snake. And she was an albino! Had beautiful soft gray rings instead of black, and white rings instead of yellow. I wish I could have kept her, but I was living with my parents, then, and my dad is deathly afraid of all snakes, having grown up in the South. Anyway, just some info from a snake fan. I reserve the right to be horrendously mistaken.
  15. Frustrated with the bicycle he bought off eBay, Fred is once again stymied by his eBay cell phone with no number buttons as he attempts to log a complaint.
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