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  1. coolest-literally-was a bottle of water--still sealed. was under some moss in a damp area so was cool and wet when i was hot and dry. i loved it!! 70vw
  2. just to help move the average up, i'm responding to tell you i'm 60 for another month. 70vw
  3. thanks to all of you for your input. i found it interesting. makes the subject all that more appealing. will follow up with many of your suggestions. 70vw
  4. Some of the benchmarks listed are courthouse or church steeples or antennas, etc. How do we deal with these in logging? I'm certainly not about to do any climbing and know they are used for siting. Help please!! 70vw
  5. thanks for responding. i have a new garmin now and have used it a bit. haven't had time to get out and find another cache--but i'm ready. connie 70vw
  6. I have a Garmin 45 XL which I used on my first cache hunt today. The unit is 5 yrs. old. I seemed to have trouble with tree canopy and the speed of the unit to compute my actions. Is the unit the problem or am I too impatient? A thunder storm rolled in and I lost the signal completely. I intend to go out again in a few days and try again. I appreciate any words of wisdom. 70vw
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